July 2016

Hi Guys,

     Well it’s that time again!

     End of one month and about to go into another and, in my case, head off to Australia on the 8th of July for 10 days of “meetings and greetings” in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with a great bunch of K&C collectors and dealers in each city.

     So, let’s get down to basics before we go ....



Quite an eclectic and colourful mix of figures, an armoured vehicle, a great looking “Warbird” and some very useful diorama / display accessories to liven up any collection.


A.     DD289 “A Taste of Real Chocolate”

A charming little vignette showing a young French girl clutching a small “Stars’n

   Stripes” in her tiny hands and greeting one of her U.S. Airborne “liberators”. As you can see this “Mohawk” Paratrooper belongs to the 101st. “ScreaminEaglesDivision (the only unit that had some guys adopt the Mohican hair style). Grateful for the welcome, this GI is offering some chocolate from his ‘C’ Rations to the young girl ... probably the first time she has ever tasted “Real American Chocolate”!




EA117 “The Humber MK II Armoured Car”

After the success of the “Normandy” version of this British Armoured Car we had quite a few requests to produce an 8th Army Humber... and here it is!

  This one has the normal ‘desert sand’ colour oversprayed with a ‘stone grey’ camouflage pattern.  The vehicle includes a commander in the open turret hatch.  Our model is in 7th Armoured Division, “The Desert Rats” markings.

AVAILABLE : Mid-Late July



MK159 “The Veteran”

This standing Crusader Warrior Knight was inspired by an illustration by the late, great Angus McBride (1931-2007), one of the finest historical illustrators in the UK.

In a long and distinguished career his work featured in many fine Childrens’ magazines in Britain such as “Look and Learn” and “Finding Out”.  To most toy soldier collectors he is best known as the illustrator behind dozens of Osprey’s “Men-at-Arms” series of uniform books.

Our K&C interpretation portrays a veteran knight of The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem.  Quite a mouthful ... They were more commonly called ... “The Teutonic Knights”.



D.     “PIKE & MUSKET”

Although this series began with “The English Civil Warit has grown and expanded to include “The Thirty Years Warand even the classic novel by Alexander Dumas “The Three Musketeers”.  Here are the latest four releases ... Two for “The English Civil War” and Two for the “Three Musketeers”.

   PnM059  “Royalist Mounted Flagbearer”

   This bold and colourful flagbearer belongs to the Royalists’ most famous cavalry regiment ... Prince Rupert’s Regiment of Horse, raised and led by the King’s own nephew Prince Rupert of the Rhine (1619-1682).

   The different troops of horse within the Regiment carried a number of different standards and guidons. Our figure carries Rupert’s personal colours comprising two golden yellow lions in opposite quarters on a black ground alongside the traditional blue and white diamonds of Bavaria in the remaining two quarters.

   PnM060  “The Cardinal’s Guard w/Shouldered Musket”

Just after Louis XIII raised his own personal guard company, “The Musketeers” he raised a second company to be the bodyguards of his most trusted Cardinal ... Richelieu.

A great rivalry grew up between these two bodies of fighting men ... resulting in almost ‘open-warfare’ whenever (and wherever) their separate paths crossed.

One simple way to recognize each group is by their ‘casques’ (or cassocks)... the Musketeers wore blue ... the Cardinal’s men adopted their master’s preference ... RED!

Our figure stands holding his musket rest in one hand and his musket over the shoulder.

PnM061  The Cardinal’s Guard w/Musket At The Ready”

This second member of the Cardinal’s men prepares to discharge his loaded musket.  The purpose of the rest was to ‘steady’ the very heavy weapon and make it slightly easier to aim.

PnM062  “Sergeant-At-Arms”

A senior non commissioned officer, promoted from the ranks stands with his halberd.  He can accompany either Royalist or Parliamentary forces.





Three more additions to the Nottingham Garrison ....

RH009  “The Sheriff’s Man-at-Arms”

A standing well-armed Man-at-Arms in the Sheriff’s livery of black and golden yellow.  He carries a sword as well as his own lance and shield.

RH010  The Sheriff’s Crossbowman”

Another of the Sheriff’s ‘lackeys’ ... This one carrying a crossbow more favored by Continental armies and soldiers ... less so by the English ... they preferred the Longbow.

RH011  “The Sheriff’s Sergeant-at-Arms”

This professional soldier has the long ‘Norman’ -style shield and wears the ‘Norman’ helmet complete with metal nose guard.




Several years back we produced our first multi-story building “The Berlin Tenement”.

For some time now this has been another of those K&C projects that has been much requested to be reissued by collectors and dealers alike.

Rather that make some more of the original version, we resculpted a ‘second edition’ that incorporates some collectors’ suggestions ... more battle damage ... taller than the original ... and more space to fit figures into, onto and next to it.

SP071  The Ruined Building”

This 2-piece 3 x dimensional diorama building can be used in any urban, European wartime setting.

Dimension: 30cm(L) * 23cm(W) * 33(H)cm

AVAILABLE : Early July



Another selection of fine bronze statues together with their accompanying stone plinths.

SP085 “Brown Shirt Hitler 1933”

A standing bronze of “Der Fuhrer.”

SP085-GR  “Brown Shirt Hitler w/Grey Stone Plinth”

SP085-SA  “Brown Shirt Hitler w/Sand Stone Plinth”

SP086     “King Philip of France”

A magnificent equestrian bronze of Philip and his favorite horse.

SP086-GR  “King Philip of France w/Grey Stone Plinth”

SP086-SA  “King Philip of France w/Sand Stone Plinth”

SP090  “General Lasalle

One of Napoleon’s favorites and a very brave general… Lasalle points the way forward.

SP090-GR  “General Lasalle w/Grey Stone Plinth”

SP090-SA  “General Lasalle w/Sand Stone Plinth”

AVAILABLE : Early July



Following the success of “Pappy” Boyington’s F4U Corsair and USMC figures we recognized it was about time we went to sea and joined the Navy!

USN014  “Lt. Cdr. J.T. Blackburn”

Tom Blackburn was the U.S. Navy’s top-scoring Corsair “ace” with 11 “kills” to his credit.  A born leader, he came from a family of Naval officers.

His most famous command was VF-17 The Jolly Rogers”.  He led the squadron from January 1943 until May 1944.  During this time they shot down 154 Japanese aircraft, sank 5 transport ships and produced 12 other F4U “aces”.

USN015  “Lt. D.C. Freeman”

Lieut “Chico” Freeman flew Corsairs first with VF-17 and then transferred over to VF84 on the USS Bunker Hill. While there he upped his final score to 9 “Kills”.

USN016  “Lt. jg. John Gilder”

While flying with VF-84 Lieut Gilder racked up 7 “Kills” in just over 6months.  Sadly, he was killed in the “Kamikaze” attack on the Bunker Hill in May 1945.

USN017  US Navy Flight Deck Officer”

A Flight Deck Officer assists the aircraft handing officer in supervision of all flight deck operations ... He plans ‘plane spotting’ on the deck of the carrier and also trains and controls crash crews and fire crews during plane recovery and general deck maintenance.

USN018  “US Navy Armourer

An enlisted sailor who works with all the ordinance necessary for flight operations ... bombs, rockets, depth charges, flares, and ammunition.

Easily recognized by his bright red cloth helmet.

USN019  “US Navy Fireman”

Just one of the carrier’sFire Crew” and in this case, equipped with a portable fire extinguisher.

In addition to the red helmet he wears the red jersey.

USN020  “US Navy Medic”

Although usually present in the ship’s medical bay these sailors would also be on duty on the flight deck to assist in the care of any returning wounded flight crew from operations.

USN021  Deck Crew Set #1”

These two sailors would assist the Flight Deck Officer to signal by hand to the pilots and aircrew waiting in their aircraft to take off or move to a new position on the deck.

USN022  “Deck Crew Set #2”

Two more flight deck crew ... “plane handlers” ... Their duties would include helping to position the aircraft either for parking or preparing to launch.

USN023  U.S. Navy F4U Corsair”

K&C’s second “Corsair” and this time , it’s US Navy ... One of VF-84’s aircraft when they operated from the USS Bunker Hill towards the latter part of the Pacific War.

Wearing the all-over Navy-Blue paint scheme and sporting the distinctive “White Arrows” that denotes a “Bunker Hill” aircraft #122 awaits its pilot and its next mission.

Notice: Just 250 of this U.S. Navy F4U Corsair are being released.

AVAILABLE : Mid to Late July



It’s a long way from the pale blue skies over the Pacific to the grey smoke-stained streets of Olde London but here we are ... With the latest “World of Dickens on the Streets of Olde London”.

WoD 040  “MUTINY IN INDIA!” Newspaper Seller

When in May 1857 a mutiny broke out among the “Sepoys” (Native Indian Troops) of the British East India Company it took several weeks for the news to reach back to London.

When it did it sent shockwaves throughout the entire country.  This brand-new “Newspaper Seller” spreads the latest report to all and sundry.


Another dramatic headline from Victorian times.

This time it’s the blood-curdling events surrounding the activities of the notorious “Jack The Ripper” on the streets and alley ways of London’s fog-bound Whitechapel.

WoD 041  “The Town Crier”

Before newspapers became widely available the local “Town Crier” called out the latest news or public announcements.


Traditionally, their costume belonged more to the late 18th Century than the mid Victorian Era.  They announced their presence with a hand-bell.

WoD 042  “Miss Eliza Doolittle”

London’s most famous fictional flower girl created by George Bernard Show in his play “Pygmalionand immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1964 musical film, “My Fair Lady”.  Our little flower girl is a tribute to a great fictional character, a superb actress and a fantastic movie!

WoD043  “Mrs. Hudson”

Another fictional character from the pen of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle ... and a memorable one tooMrs. Hudson is the landlady of 221 B Baker Street and its two most famous occupants, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the Consulting Detective and his assistant, Dr. John Watson.

Although insisting that “She is not their housekeeper” ... Mrs. Hudson fusses and frets over both gentlemen in a somewhat motherly-fashion.  As can be seen in our figure the lady herself is very prim and proper but also a figure of some authority.



J.        “The AGE OF NAPOLEON”

NA350X  Hussar At Ease”

This standing 7th Hussar with shako in hand awaits orders for his next assignment.

*Only available direct from King & Country.

NA351X  Hussar With Sabre Drawn”

Another 7th Hussar going about his duties.

*Only available direct from King & Country.

NA352  7th Hussar Guidon Bearer”

A mounted subaltern carrying the Regimental Guidon.

NA353  7th Hussar w/Standing Horse”

One of the mounted escort party for the guidon .... Usually two Hussars made up the escort.




HK255  “Royal Navy Sailor-At-Ease”

Dressed in tropical ‘whites’ this bearded matelot is about to go on shore leave.

HK259  “The Fisherman”

Being close to the sea, fish and fishing, have always played an important part of Hong Kong’s daily life.

HK262  “The Clown”

   The little figure with the giant head is usually featured alongside the ceremonial Lion in and Lion Dance performance.

LOA014  “Lieut T.E. Lawrence”

   Later to become much more memorable as “Lawrence of Arabia”.  This is how he first appeared as a lowly junior office attached to the British Army’s “Arab Bureau” and sent into the desert to liaise with Crown Prince Feisal who was leading the uprising against the Ottoman Turks.

   AVAILABLE : Early July



TRW049  The Last Bullet”

WH014      “At attention”

WH016      “Marching Rifleman”


And that is that for approximately 30 more days ... Until we meet again.

Best wishes to one and all and ...

Happy Collecting!             

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country