JULY 2015


WELCOME to this month’s “DISPATCHES” and again, a very busy month all round...In a couple of days’ time my brother Gordon and myself head “down under” for the “Annual Ozfest” which seems to get bigger and better each year...This time we’ll be going to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide (for the first time) and finishing up in Melbourne before heading back to Hong Kong.

        Over 11 days (and nights) we’ll be meeting K&C collectors from all over Australia and some more coming over from New Zealand.  We’ll also be working with our 3 great Aussie dealers, Brett, Peter and Howard and previewing some of our recent and upcoming releases.

        As this is Gordon’s first trip to the “Land of Oz” he’s looking forward to “talking dioramas” with many of the collectors and sharing some of his experience and expertise with them as well as picking up advice and helpful hints from them.

        For all of us at K&C these overseas visits are a great way to connect with our collectors and not only give them some advance info on future K&C plans but also, most importantly, get to hear what they like and want to see and even, sometimes, what they don’t like!!!

        However, before all of that...There is all of this...Read on!


1.      Appearing in July!

A.     “Pike & Musket To The Fore”

“Pike & Musket” as a series has only been in existence for less than a year but already it’s found a place in many K&C collections around the world...For colour, variety and future potential this range of mid-17th Century soldiers has plenty of room for expansion and development...both military and civilian.


PnM025           “Prince Rupert of the Rhine”

Rupert was a noted German soldier and nephew of King Charles I of England.  He followed a military career from an early age fighting against Spain in the Netherlands and opposite the Holy Roman Empire during the Thirty Years War.  Moving to England in 1642, at the beginning of the Civil War, he was appointed, by his uncle, commander of all Royalist Cavalry.

He became the archetypal “Cavalier” of the period brave, dashing...impetuous!

Here we see him on one of his favourite mounts, hat held aloft and greeting his men.


PnM026           “Kneeling Make Ready”

A kneeling Parliamentary Musketeer makes ready his weapon.


PnM027           “Kneeling Firing”

                                 Another Parliamentary Musketeer takes careful aim.


PnM028           “The Laughing Cavalier”

One of King Charles’ own Staff Officers, Sir Richard Pembroke posing in typical, confident “Cavalier” fashion.


PnM029           “The Pikemen Set”

                         Two sturdy Parliamentary pikemen await the approach of the enemy.


PnM031           “Parliamentary Cavalryman”

More familiarly referred to as “Cromwell’s Ironsides” this is the first single mounted Parliamentary trooper we’ve produced (another six are in the works).  Well-armed and horsed with his raised pistol and broad sword this soldier also carries a carbine and another sheathed pistol in its horse holster...Note the armoured forearm protection on the left arm.


AVAILABLE:      Mid-July


B.      “JUNE 5, 1944...NIGHT of NIGHTS”

The afternoon and early evening before D.Day.  All over Southern Britain thousands of airborne forces, British and American, prepare to go into action many hours ahead of the seaborne invasion troops hit the beaches.

On dozens of airfields these paratroopers gather about to board their C47 transports bound for France.  Weapons are packed... parachutes attached... Extra ammunition and supplies stowed away as the men stand and sit around the designated aircraft.


SPECIAL NOTE:       All of these new and future U.S. Paratroopers come with a choice of either 82nd or 101st shoulder patches on their sleeves.




Only Set# DD269     “War Paint” appears with the 101st patch only as this unit had a subgroup that painted their faces and cut their hair in traditional “Mohican” style!


DD263-1                   “Standing Ready w/Tommy Gun

                                         Fully loaded, with all his gear attached this “Tommy-Guntoting 82nd. Trooper is ready to mount up.


DD263-2                   “Standing Ready w/Tommy Gun”

                                         As above but with the 101st shoulder patch.


DD265-1                   “Walking Paras Set”

                                         Three 82nd. Airborne troopers humping all their gear and weapons move towards their C47...Destination: Normandy!


DD265-2                   “Walking Paras Set”

                                         As above but with 101st shoulder patch.


DD268-1                   “Final Check” (82)

                                         One 82nd trooper checks the main parachute harness of his buddy.


DD268-2                   “Final Check” (101)

                                         As above but with 101st shoulder patch.


DD269                      “War Paint”

                                         One of the most iconic photos of the pre D.Day operation was the 101st Paratroopers who having shaved their hair into “Mohawk” style now painted their faces in a similar manner...Only some guys in the 101 did this!


AVAILALBLE:            Early to Mid July


SPECIAL NOTE:        Additional 82nd and 101st troopers preparing for D.Day are being released in the coming months.






From one part of France in 1944 to a different part of France in 1916/1917...The Western Front!


FW188              “Ford Model ‘T’ Vickers Machine Gun Carrier”

The Ford Model ‘T’ was one of the most used motor vehicles the Great War...They were used as transport... ambulances... and in this instance – Machine Gun Carriers.

Here, our Model ‘T’ has the standard British machine gun of the First World War...the Vickers.  While a seated gunner “mans” the weapon, his driver is behind the wheel...The Vickers folded tripod sits separately in the back of the vehicle as well as the driver’s own Lee Enfield ‘303 rifle.


First War Germans in Action!


A couple of years ago after we “retired” our last fighting German infantry...we received a fair number of requests to reissue some of these pieces for collectors who had “missed-out” on that earlier release.  And here they are with amended and revised painting.


FW212              “Maxim Machine Gun Set”

The standard heavy machine gun of the Kaiser’s Army in action with its kneeling gunner and a loader bringing up extra ammunition.


FW213              “Kneeling Firing Rifleman”


FW214              “Standing Firing Rifleman”


FW215              “Advancing w/Rifle”


FW216              “Standing Sniper”


FW219              “Captured Mk. IV Tank” (German Version)

When the first British tanks appeared on the battlefields of France the opposing Germans had, quite literally, nothing to oppose them with.


However, always ever resourceful it did not take long to capture and reuse British tanks, such as this one, against their former owners!

This mud-covered, multi-coloured monster is typical of the unique camouflage paint-scheme adopted by the Germans at this late stage of the War.


AVAILABLE:     Mid-July


D.     “Hussars...Prepare to Mount!”

Over the years, K&C has produced a fair number of Napoleon’s cavalry... Cuirassiers... Chasseurs... Dragoons... even Grenadiers a Cheval... But never, strangely enough, Hussars”, probably the most colourful of the Emperor’s mounted troops...Until now that is.

May we introduce our newest French cavalry regiment...The 7th Hussars!

Over several months we will release the men and horses of this fine regiment at play, rest and... work.

This first small group offers collectors a “taste” of what is to come...


NA302                     “Mounted Hussar w/Carbine”

A classic mounted pose inspired by the work of one of France’s most famous military artists of the 20th Century...”Lucien Russelot”.


NA303                      “Mounted Hussar Petting his Mount”


NA309                      “The Conversation”

Two seated Hussars discussing the events of the day... This set includes the chair and table.


NA310                      “The Letter”

                                         An older officer enjoys his pipe as he reads a letter.


NA314                      “Guard Duty”

This standing Hussar, carbine held in the crook of the arm, and dressed in “Campaign Dress” on guard and on duty.


NA316                      “Napoleonic Guard Box”

A handsome companion piece to NA314 provides useful shelter both from the pouring rain and the scorching sun.


AVAILABLE:              Mid to Late July


SPECIAL NOTE:        More 7th Hussars, both mounted and on foot and... off duty and on duty... will be available over the next two to three months.


E.      “A Different kind of Halftrack”

WH023                      “Sd.KFz.2 Kettenkrad and Trailer”

It’s been quite a while since we featured this little vehicle in our inventory but here it is...the “Kettenkrad”, together with its trailer.

These vehicles appeared everywhere German forces fought and continued in use well into the 1950’s...Our new “Wehrmacht” “field grey” model fits perfectly alongside all of our other “feld grautransport and armour.


AVAILABLE:              Mid-July


F.       “ANIMAL FARM”

No, not the George Orwell classic but a different kind of classic...


SP070                       “The Animal Collection”

Always useful in any toy soldier scene or diorama...a pair of cows, a donkey and an assortment of sheep and goats.

You build the scene we will provide the livestock!!!


AVAILABLE:              Mid-July


2.      Being Retired

Alas, as one new group arrives...something older has to give way.  And here it is... just two this month!


DD179     The M4A3E8 Easy-Eight SHERMAN

        LAH195   Hitler Lives!

         And that’s us for another 30 days or so...Very much looking forward to meeting lots of old friends in Australia...and making a few more.  In the meantime best wishes to one and all and...Happy Collecting and Great Sales!




                                                                                                Andy C. Neilson

                                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                                         King & Country