JULY 2013



JULY is a big month for K&C with lots of great releases…especially for World War Two fans and…for American Civil War enthusiasts.  So, without further ado, let’s get the show on the road!


1.          “The War Between The States…”

It’s been quite a while between now and our last ACW release…and for that we apologize.  And so to make at least a little amends for that we’re releasing these Civil War “personalities” that we’ve been asked for on many occasions both in our retail stores in San Antonio and Hong Kong and at different events and shows around the world…We’re also making them available as single pieces or collectively in small sets with their own special box.

CW083    “General Robt. E .Lee’ 

        The South’s military “supremo” and a legendary figure in the history of the Civil War.  Although we have produced him before I believe this is our best “Lee” yet!


CW084    “General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson”        

        Lee’s right hand man and his confidant.  His death was a mighty blow for the Confederacy.  Here he stands, deep in thought.


CW085    “General J.E.B. Stuart”

        Lee’s flamboyant and bold cavalry leader…and his “eyes and ears”.


CW086    “Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett”      

        One of Lee’s most colourful and brave generals…He led the bloody but ultimately futile assault at the Battle of Gettysburg that bears his name…”Pickett’s Charge”.


CW087    “President Abraham Lincoln”

        “Honest Abe” in a typical Lincoln pose…one hand behind his back the other holding his coat lapel.  A towering figure, even without his stove-pipe hat, Lincoln held the Union together through its worst times and helped lead it to victory…eventually.


CW088    “General Grant at the Table”

        General U.S. Grant closely studies a map to better plan his next move.


CW090    “General George Meade”

        One of Lincoln’s key commanders…He led the Union forces that defeated Lee at Gettsburg.


CW091    Brig.General George A. Custer”

        Promoted to Brigadier General just 3 days before the Gettysburg battle, Custer was a highly effective although rash and impetuous cavalry leader throughout the Civil War…he paid for his faults 13 years later at the Little Big Horn.


CW101    Robt.E.Lee & His Generals”

        The combined set of Lee and 3 of his generals together with a map table…in a specially designed box.


CW102    “Abraham Lincoln & His Generals”

        The president together with Generals Grant, Meade and Custer…all in one special box.




2.          “The War in Europe”…

Almost 80 years after the “War Between The States” the military action has moved across the Atlantic to Europe during the Second World War.  American armour and British field artillery dominate this section of DISPATCHES…


        DD179    “M4A3E8 ‘Easy-Eight’ Sherman”

This is K&C’s second version of this iconic U.S. tank…We released a “winter” camouflaged “Easy-Eight” to accompany our last Battle of the Bulge GI’s in late 2012.

At the time many collectors also asked for a “standard” olive drab version and here it is!

The “Easy-Eight” was faster, better armoured and, of course, mounted the impressive 76mm main gun.  Our K&C model is all “buttoned-up” and ready for action but also has a half-body tank commander in the open top turret hatch on the lookout for the enemy.

DD202      “Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor & Limber”

          Commonly known as the “Quad” this was the British and Empire’s primary vehicle to haul the 25 pounder gun howitzer and its limber.

          Originally designed in the late 1930’s as war with Germany approached the Morris C8 Quad came into operational service with the Royal Artillery in October 1939…It stayed in production throughout the war until 1945.

          During the war (and for many years afterwards) they saw action wherever and whenever British and Empire Forces were engaged.

          Our K&C model sports typical “Mickey Mouse” camouflage and comes complete with a seated R.A. driver and the artillery limber for the ammunition.


  DD204    “British 25 Pounder Field Gun”

          If the Sherman tank was an American military “icon” of WW2 then the “25 Pounder” must be a British one!!!

          For generations of British guys (of a certain age) and that includes me…we all had models of 25 pounders in among our toy soldiers…Different versions and scales of this gun were manufactured by Britains, Lone Star and, of course, DINKY.  I love this little field gun and I hope you will too…

          Over 13,000 were built (of the real gun) in Britain, Canada and Australia and remained in service with different overseas armies until the late 1970’s.

          The K&C “25 Pounder” is in plain olive drab and comes with a removable seated gunner so that collectors can have the gun “in action” with other crew members or being towed behind the Quad and Limber.


DD205    “Gun Commander”

         A single, standing officer about to give the order to commence fire!


DD206    “Kneeling Bombardier”

         A kneeling corporal complete with “rammer”.


DD207    “Shell and Charge Loaders”

Two “gunners”, one holding an H.E. (High Explosive) shell and the other holding the charge… ready for battle.




3.          “Behind The Lines”

Recently we released our latest French Café/Restaurant (SP054) building. Well, what’s a typical café without a couple of surly staff!


FOB092  “French Waiter w/Vichy Water”

        Dressed in the “classic” black and white French waiter’s costume our waiter carries a metal tray upon which sits a large bottle of Vichy Water and two glasses.


FOB093  “French Waiter Pouring Coffee”

        Another waiter pouring a cup of coffee…Is it “real” or “ersatz”…you decide.

Special Note: Of course you might be asking…who are they serving? Here’s a “sneak peek”!

        The Germans will arrive shortly together with café tables and chairs.




4.          “COMMANDO ATTACK”

Shortly after Dunkirk when the British Army had just escaped, by the skin of its teeth, from the Germans, Prime Minister Winston Churchill was already planning to strike back at the enemy.

        Although he knew that Britain was incapable of any large-scale offensives against the all-conquering Nazi hordes he did recognize that they were vulnerable to surprise raids and attacks on their now vastly expanded European “Empire”…

        But he was going to need some special men with special skills who could think and act “outside of the box” militarily.  Thus was born “The Commandos”. Small, highly trained, independently minded units of crack fighting soldiers who could “hit and run” where the enemy least expected it and disappear before the enemy could effectively react.

        K&C’s new “Commandos” portray the all-volunteer unit as they would have appeared in action in mid war 1942/43.

        No less than 12 face-blackened Commandos take part in this, our first raid on enemy territory.  An officer and two sergeants lead a crew of cut throats on a mission to take out an enemy position somewhere in occupied Europe…


DD190    “Shooting Officer”

        Binos in one hand, .455 Webley Service revolver in the other this officer leads his men into the attack.


DD191    “Sergeant firing ‘Tommy’ Gun”

        In the early days of the Commandos, the Thompson sub machine gun was one of the main weapons of choice…This NCO takes careful aim with his.


DD192    “Lance Corporal Bren Gunner”

        Classic action pose with the classic Light Machine Gun…providing covering fire.


DD193    “Standing Firing Rifle”

        This Commando is using the Second World War version of the great Lee Enfield rifle…The No.4 Mk.I, began to be issued in 1941 and the Commandos were among the first units to receive the new revised weapon.


DD194    “Kneeling Firing Rifle”

        As above but in the kneeling firing position.


DD195    “Radio Operator”          

        Carrying the large British back-pack field radio most operators also carried a side arm…In this case a Browing 9mm Automatic.


DD196    “Crouching w/’Tommy’ Gun”

        Another senior NCO in a typical Commando pose…’Tommy’ gun at the ready.


DD197    “Advancing Rifleman”

        Cautiously edging forward expecting trouble at any time.


DD198    “Taking out the Guard”

        This great fighting double…is a little one-sided…the poor German guard never knew what hit him!

        A Commando dagger thrust in the side of the back was reckoned to be so painful you couldn’t even scream!!!


DD199    “Grenadier”

        This Commando is just about to throw his “Mills” bomb at the enemy.


DD200    “Knife To The Neck”

        Another knifing technique is the stab to the side of the neck…Extremely painful but the victim will bleed to death in seconds…a bit messy though!


DD201    “Crawling Commando”

        Knife in one hand this Commando is about to take care of the third unfortunate guard…


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late July


5.          And Now For Something a Wee Bit More Peaceful…”

From all kinds of violent WW2 mayhem to a gentle garden or park somewhere in China…

HK217    “New Chinese Pagoda”

        A new upgraded version of an old favorite and perfect for any “Streets of Old Hong Kong” display or “Imperial Collection” diorama.




6.          “Seriously Heavy Metal”

For our final release it’s back to WW2 with a vengeance…

WS228    Jagdpanther Ausf.GI”

        The Jadpanther (or Hunting Panther) was a German tank destroyer built on the chassis of the already successful Panther tank. It combined the powerful 88mm gun of the Tiger tank with the excellent armour and suspension of the Panther.

        This all-new Jagdpanther (K&C’s last version goes back to 2004) is a battle weary one from the summer of 1944 covered in “zimmerit” paste that has been “chipped-away” in combat revealing the original rust-brown undercoat applied at the factory. Although most Jagdpanthers appeared on the Eastern Front they also fought in small numbers in the Battle of Normandy.

        The K&C model comes with two tank-crew figures who can be seen in the open hatches.

        A “winter” version will be released later in the year.




7.          “And Now For The Retirements…”

As you will see there’s quite a large and varied number to peruse and grab while you can.

        Great stuff and still at the old prices…Don’t delay!





Rifle Support


Winter Rifleman


Advancing Rifleman


Covering Fire


Officer's Tent


Winston Churchill


Duke Boris of Saxony


Sir Roger De Tolkinghorn


Kneeling Saracen Archer


Loading Saracen Archer


Sir Arthur De Mountford


Wounded Templar Set


Standing Saracen Archer


Coldstream Guards" Mounted Officer"


CG Officer w/ Regimental Colour (Flag)


CG Officer w/ King's Colour (Flag)


CG Standing Firing Rifle


CG Standing to Repel


CG Kneeling to Repel


CG Sergeant w/ Pike


CG Kneeling Firing Rifle


CG Standing Ready


Scots Greys Officer


Flight Lieutenant Sandy Johnstone


Flying Officer & Trophy


Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC


Flight Lieutenant Les Munro


Flight Lieutenant Harold "Mickey" Martin


Mounted Indian w/Bow & Arrow


Mounted Indian w/Shield & Lance


Warrior Firing Musket


Warrior Running


Warrior Charging


Warrior Firing Bow


German Guard Box


        And that Ladies & Gentlemen, boys and girls is that for another 30 days or so.

        Thank you once more for reading this far and best wishes and wonderful collections to one and all…





                                                                        Andy C. Neilson

                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                        King & Country