JULY 2011

AS SOME OF YOU KNOW, Helen (K&C’s Managing Director) and yours truly got back from a 9 day trip to Australia in mid-June. This annual event (our third) gives us the opportunity to meet and talk with many Aussie collectors and our two main dealers in Australia. During these visits we get to preview our upcoming Australia Light Horse releases but even more importantly we get the chance to hear what both collectors and dealers would like to see for their particular market. The ideas and suggestions are extremely helpful while at the same time bringing collector, dealer and manufacturer closer together.

We’ve found the same experience when we go to the States twice a year… to Chicago, Irvine and San Antonio. Add in our December trip to Italy, France and the U.K., and you begin to get a broader appreciation of the international appeal of toy soldiers… and the different national tastes in each country.

All of this information (plus a lot more) goes into what K&C does… when we do it… and how. So, having said all that… here’s this and next month’s releases…



A. “Belgium 1815… Marching to Waterloo.”

Our new “French Line Infantry Regt.” are wearing the updated “1812” pattern tunic and the more relaxed (or practical) style of military dress adopted by the Emperor’s army during the “100 Days” campaign following his escape from Elba.

NA228 “French Line Infantry Mtd. Officer”

NA229 “French Line Marching Officer”

NA230 “French Line Flagbearer

NA231 “French Line Drummer Boy”

NA232 “French Line Marching Rifleman (right shoulder)”

NA233 “French Line Marching Rifleman (left shoulder)”

NA234 “French Line Marching Rifleman (w/ beard)”

NA235 “French Line Make Ready”

NA236 “French Line Advancing Forward”




B. “Afrika Korps Add-Ons

AK074 Afrika Korps Volkswagen”

This is the third and final “Series 250” Volkswagen. This version has, again, a roofrack of extra supplies of ammunition, fuel and water. In addition a swastika emblazoned flag has been attached to the roof for easy aircraft recognition.


AK076 Afrika Korps Feldgendarme

The ubiquitous “chained dogs” get everywhere… even North Africa!

K&C’s single figure is dressed in typical AK attire topped off with German-style “Solar Topee(sun helmet).




C. “Beersheba 1917”

Our newest addition to the very popular Australia Light Horse series of Aussie and Turkish soldiers battling it out at the Palestinian town of Beersheba


AL021 “Standing Lighthorseman

While most of the Brigade were charging the Turkish defenses in and around Beersheba some men had to be left behind to guard the supplies and the headquarters. Our “digger” is one of them.


AL022 “Turkish Casualty”

As he runs toward the Australian horseman this unfortunate “Johnny Turk” takes a bullet in the neck!


AL023 “Surrender or Die!”

A wounded Turk is given a dramatic option by a dismounted Light Horseman.


AL024 “Collapsing Horseman”

The Turks were not the only casualties of the battle… Here a fallen Lighthorseman is almost trampled to death by his wounded charger.


AL025 “General Kemal Attaturk

Although the founder of modern, progressive Turkey was not at Beersheba here is how he might have looked had he been!!!

This Turkish senior officer fears for the worst as the Australians get nearer and nearer… pistol in one hand… binos in the other.




D. “Royal Air Force Support Vehicles”

From the deserts of the Middle East in 1917 to airfields in Britain and France during the Second World War…


RAF027 “RAF Bedford QL Fuel Bowser(Series 250) UK version

This is the iconic fuel truck of WW2 and for many years after the war… Painted in the distinctive blue and yellow colour scheme for easy recognition in UK airfields these vehicles remained on active service for many years after 1945.




RAF029 “RAF Bedford QL Fuel Bowser” (Series 250) Normandy version

This alternative fuel bowser is in the “Mickey Mouse” pattern (black and olive drab) camouflage typical of RAF and British Army vehicles used on the continent after the D.Day landings.




SPECIAL NOTE: These particular models have additional fine detail and some delicate parts. EXTRA CARE should be taken when opening, removing and handling them out of their packaging. PLEASE DO NOT GRIP THEM by their extension arms… fuel lines or side walkways. A special photo instruction leaflet is included in each box. Thanks!



A. “Napoleon in Egypt… Part 2”

Many thanks to all the collectors who welcomed this new series into the “Age of Napoleon”. We’re proud to announce the next five pieces…


NE004 “Soldier Pointing”

Another of Bonaparte’s men pointing out the ancient wonders of the Land of the Nile.


NE005 “Soldier with Sun Canopy”

This infantryman has rigged up an ingenious way to shade himself from the blazing desert sun…


NE007 “Chef de Musique

This colourful Napoleonic musician has definitely “gone native”… In addition to his baggy Mameluke-style pantaloons he has also equipped himself with a Mameluke sabre.


NE009 “The Monument”

Soldiers the world over, have, for centuries sought to leave their mark… On these ancient stones one of Bonaparte’s men has already carved the General’s name.


NE014 “The Graffiti Artist”

One more French infantryman cannot resist the impulse to leave his name on the “Ancient World”


NOTE: Look out for more “Napoleon in Egypt” releases later this year!


AVAILABLE: Early August


B. “Ancient Egypt again… A little earlier.”

Many centuries before Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt another ruler made her name there… Cleopatra!


AE039 “Cleopatra and Her Handmaidens”

Egypt’s fabled Queen enhances her natural attractions with a little cosmetic assistance. Three figure set.


AE040 “Court Official”

While the Queen beautiful herself one her high officials makes a report…

From the goings-on at court we move to a more humble duty…


AE043 “Woman carrying Water”

A classic pose for an everyday occurrence and… a useful figure in any Middle Eastern scenario.


AVAILABLE: Early August





In Scotland in 1314, the nation was still under English rule… the times however were about to change and the Scots were about to challenge the might of the English Crown…

During my schooldays (many moons ago) every Scottish school boy knew the story of the Battle of Bannockburn when King Robert the Bruce won Scotland’s freedom from England and the rule of Edward II.

One of the most famous events of the battle actually happened the day before…

Robert the Bruce was in front of his small Scottish Army when on English Knight… Sir Henry de Bohun detached himself from the much larger English Army and charged his heavy war horse across the heath that separated both forces and headed straight for The Bruce.

De Bohun, lowered his lance and prepared to “spear” the lightly armed Bruce from his saddle… At the last minute Bruce neatly sidestepped his own mount and brought down his battle axe on de Bohun’s helmet, cleaving it and its owner’s head in two! A great cheer went up from the Scots… a loud collective groan from the English…

One nil for Scotland and a terrific omen for the battle the following day…


MK083(SL) “THE DUEL” (Robert the Bruce and Henry de Bohun)

This great two-piece vignette captures the moment when the Scottish King is about to bring his battle axe down on de Bohun’s head!


A “Strictly Limited” Edition of 750 sets





Moving on from a time when English and Scots were fighting each other to a time when together they were fighting a much more dangerous and deadly foe…



Widely recognized as the best and toughest ground /attack fighter bomber of WW2 the HAWKER TYPHOON is K&C’s most detailed warbird yet! Our version of this powerful aircraft carries 8 underwing, anti- tank rockets and has 4 hard- hitting Hispano cannon. A seated pilot is in the cockpit of this Typhoon from 257 squadron, Royal Air Force. It also bears the bold black and white “invasion stripes” of all Allied aircraft flying over the Normandy landing beaches on and after June 6, 1944.


NOTE: Just 500 are being manufactured.


Supporting this Typhoon on the ground are a selection of RAF ground crew…


RAF031 “Rocket Primers”

Two RAF Aircraftsmen assemble one of the tank-busting rockets.


RAF032 “Rocket Handler”

A single RAF ground crew member “shoulders” one of the rockets to the aircraft.


RAF033 “Sitting Airman”

Many wartime photos show airmen “perched” on the wing of an aircraft… including Typhoons.


RAF034 “Airman Radio Operator”

Equipped with a back pack radio this airman is in touch with other RAF ground / air units in the area.


RAF035 “Typhoon Pilot”

Enjoying a welcome “smoke” and a cup of “Char” this pilot is taking a welcome breather between ops!


RAF036 “Flight Sergeant”

A “new” version of an old favourite… from our Battle of Britain set of RAF Ground Crew dating back almost 20 years!


UNIFORM NOTE: By mid-war many RAF pilots and ground crew could be seen wearing British Army battledress (with relevant RAF rank badges) while on active duty.


As these releases go with our new Hawker Typhoon as it might be seen in forward battle airfields in Normandy after the invasion it is appropriate that some of them are in army Khaki as well as RAF blue.


AVAILABLE: Late August



And you thought we had finished with our adventures in the Middle East…


AK078 “AK Officer with Schmeisser

Wearing his AK greatcoat to fend off the desert chill this officer is about to fire a burst from his machine pistol…


AK079 “AK Rifle Section”

Two more greatcoat-clad infantrymen with rifles.


AK080 “AK Grenadier”


AK081 “AK Machine Gunner”

Difficult but not impossible… this gunner fires his magazine- fed MG34 from the hip.


AK082 “AK Observation Team”

This two-man set of officer and NCO… One observes the enemy position… the other uses the field telephone to call in an artillery or mortar strike.


AK083 “British Prisoner”

For this dejected Tommy a POW cage looms up!


AK084 Panzerjager 1”

Based on a Panzer 1 tank chassis this self-propelled gun mounts a 4.7 cm Czech-made Skoda gun and was the first German tank destroyer of WW2.

Our model comes with a standing crewman.

SPECIAL NOTE: A field-grey version will be released later in the year.


AVAILABLE: Late August



AK077 “AK Captured Morris CS8 15cwt. Truck” (Series 250)

As virtually everyone knows the German Army made much use of “captured” enemy vehicles throughout the war… Rommel’s Afrika Korps were no exception!

Here, complete with driver, is one of the “liberated” vehicles, the classic British Morris 15cwt. Truck still in its 8th Army colour scheme but with prominently displayed German crosses on the sides and on top of the engine.


Special Note: This little 15cwt truck is a “Series 250” release, three other versions will be available…

i) RAF (blue) with WRAF driver.

ii) 8th Army (desert splinter camo) with Aussie Driver

iii) British Army (black /Olive drab Mickey Mouse camo) with British Army driver.


Price / Release dates to be announced.



And here are the latest retirements…


“Ancient Egypt”

AE029 “The Gift Givers”



MK027 “Mounted Saladin”


“Age of Napoleon”

NA100 “French Line Infantry Sergeant Advancing”

NA101 “FLI Charging w/ Bayonet”

NA102FLI Advancing w/Rifle”

NA103FLI Advancing Loading

NA104 “FLI Advancing Firing”

NA105FLI Advancing Casualty”
NA106FLI Advancing Pointing”

NA107FLI Kneeling Firing

NA108 “FLI Kneeling Helping

NA109FLI Lying Casualty”

NA110FLI Standing Firing Rifleman”


“Remember the Alamo!”

RTA038James McGee, Ireland -- Fighting Duo #1”

RTA041Andrew Kent, KY -- Fighting Duo #2”


“World War Two”

WS107German War Correspondent Set”

WS116Wehrmacht Officer Pointing”

WS131Sd. Kfz. 251/22 “PakwagenAusf. D (Summer)”


And so friends, that’s the story so far… I hope you find something that you can add to your collections.

Many thanks again for your support and advice.

All the best and… adios for now!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-Founder & Creative Director

King & Country