JULY ‘09

Devising… designing… and manufacturing toy soldiers or military miniatures (you decide) is a fascinating business. Perhaps that’s why, even in these difficult times, new companies are continuing to come into the market place and competition has never been so keen as it is today.

Some of our competitors I am sure have looked at K&C’s success and thought “I could do that” or even “I could do that better!”

Well, that’s the beauty of the free market… all or any of us can put our money where our mouth is and come up with products that may or may not sell… Ultimately the collector makes the final decision and I’ve always welcomed that. Where I sometimes get amused is when any of the new competitors promote their own product by either denigrating K&C or underestimating our market appeal and competitiveness.

The toy soldier/military miniature battlefield contains more than a few casualties who have made that little mistake…

And now… read one…



As promised in the June “DISPATCHES” here are our Canadian releases as part of our two-fold D. Day assault…

On D. Day Canadian troops were assigned JUNO BEACH in the British sector as their principal landing area. From then on our Canadian cousins fought heroically through Normandy and France into Belgium and Holland and finally into the black heart of the Third Reich. K&C is both proud and humble to honour and portray these brave soldiers… in miniature.


DD112 “Command Set”

A Canadian officer, revolver in hand, assesses under fire, his position. Next to him his radio-man relays a message. Covering them both is a kneeling rifleman.


DD113 “Attack!”

A standing Canadian NCO fires off a burst from his Sten Gun while another rifleman takes aim.


DD114 “Casualty of War”

A lone Canadian soldier caught by a burst of enemy machine gun fire.


DD115 “Road Sign”

A typical stone French Road sign bearing a place name British and Canadian soldiers would get to know only too well in the following days and weeks in NormandyCAEN.


DD117 “Piper in action”

Many Canadian regiments had strong Scottish connections. This brave piper, regardless of enemy fire, pipes his comrades forward.


DD118 “Dismounted Military Policeman”

This MP is from the Canadian Provost Corps and points the way ahead for his fellow soldiers.


DD120 “Grenadier”

Our final Canadian soldier of this release is a dynamic figure throwing a “Mills” bomb grenade at an enemy position.


SPECIAL NOTE: All our Canadian troops are from the “Canadian Scottish Regiment” of the 3rd. Canadian Infantry Division.


In addition to our Canadian troops we have two other special releases…


DD119 “Monty in Normandy

In the middle of our Canadian releases is this brand-new figure of Gen. Bernard Montgomery, D. Day’s Ground Forces Commander.

“Monty” is typically dressed and wearing his double-badged black beret and an RAF leather flying jerkin.


DD116 “Cromwell Mk IV Tank”

Providing some of the armour support during the Normandy campaign was one of Britain’s best tanks and finest armoured divisions.

Our latest fighting vehicle is a Cromwell Mk IV of the Welsh Guards of the Guards Armoured Division. Although this division did not land until D. Day +11 it took part in some of the heaviest fighting in the Normandy bocageand saw almost continuous action until the German surrender in May 1945.

Our model comes with two crew figures and a detachable “back pack” of extra supplies.


Available NOW!



“The Plot to kill Hitler!”

On July 20, 1944, in the midst of the fighting in France and Russia a group of brave German officers attempted to kill Hitler…

Unfortunately they failed…


WS135(SL) “The July Bomb Plot”

King & Country’s latest “Strictly Limited” set is being released to mark the 65th. Anniversary of what might have been the most momentous day of the Second World War.

We have chosen to portray the moment when Col. Claus von Stauffenberg placed his bomb-laden briefcase close to Hitler as he studied the operational maps at his headquarters in the “Wolf’s Lair” in East Prussia on July 20, 1944.

Among the figures gathered around Hitler are General Gunther Korten , Luftwaffe chief of staff, Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel and a senior Waffen SS officer. In front of the group is large table spread over with two printed Eastern Front maps. Colonel von Stauffenberg completes this historic “SL” set.

Just 888 are being produced.



In addition to these “Strictly Limited” figures K&C is also releasing two sets of 2 figures each to enlarge the scene.


WS136General & Adjutant”

A standing, arms folded, Wehrmacht General confers with his Army adjutant.


WS137 “Discussing the War”

An East Prussian Party official from the local Gauleiter’s officer listens to a highly decorated Panzer officer.

Both of these “add-on” sets make for a superb small-scale diorama worthy of any serious WW2 collection.





When the Civil War broke out in 1861 thousands of young men flocked to the colours looking for adventure… and glory. Many of them believed that the cavalry offered all of that and more. Hard campaigning and harsh-military realities soon put them right on that score!

K&C’s latest American Civil War release prepares to mount up and ride off in search of battle with eight new figures… All of them Confederates and proud of it!


CW040Officer with Pistol!”


CW041 “Mounted Bugler”


CW042 “Cavalry Flagbearer”


CW043 “Mount-up”


CW044 “Prepare to Mount”


CW045 “Firing Carbine”


CW046 “Sergeant holding Carbine”


CW047 “Loading Carbine”




D. “Streets of Old Hong Kong

HK153 “Tailor Shop Façade”


Available NOW!


E. “Normandy Defenders”

During June and July most of our World War Two focus has been on the British and Canadian soldiers taking part in D. Day. Now, it’s about time to show some of the bruised and battered defenders…


WS076 “Bunker Defenders”(3 figures and a dog)

A wounded Wehrmacht officer tries to let his superiors know the position is coming under fire…A kneeling soldier aims his Schmeisser Machine Pistol at advancing Allied troops…A German rifleman cautiously moves forward…And the officer’s German shepherd nervously crouches near his master…The Invasion has begun!


WS078 “Atlantic Wall” (bunker plus 2 1/2 figures)

This very useful diorama piece is cast in sturdy polystone and is typical of hundreds of similar reinforced concrete machine gun positions up and down Hitler's "Festung Europa" (Fortress Europe).

Accompanying this piece are a new crouching 2-man MG42 gun team and…a turban-clad volunteer from the "Free India Legion" firing his MG34 machine gun from the "Tobruk" style turret on the side of the bunker.





August promises to be another bumper month for both dealers and collectors with a varied batch of releases… and a couple of surprises…


A. “Luftwaffe In Action”

After seeing this headline you might be forgiven for thinking there’s more German aircraft appearing… Well, not just yet… but we’re still talking fighting airmen in battle.

This time, it’s the men of the Luftwaffe Field Divisions. By 1942 the huge losses in the Army’s manpower meant that the Wehrmacht had to seek out additional troops. One huge potential source was Goering’s Luftwaffe.

Already over-manned and under utilized the Luftwaffe appeared to have “men-to-spare”. Goering insisted however that he would only allow these airmen to be trained and used as ground forces if they could be retained under his overall command and they could then be designated as “Luftwaffe Field Divisions”. Eventually some 21 divisions were raised and 5 fought in France during the Normandy campaign. Our latest “in-action” figures contain 14 fighting airmen in 9 different small sets and individuals.


LW018 “Section Leader”

Utilizing his camouflaged tent cover as a smock this feldwebel observes enemy positions.


LW019 “Machine Gun Team”


LW020 Panzerschrek Team”

This weapon was one of the “scourges” of Allied armour in Normandy and afterwards. Here, our “gunner” takes careful aim at an approaching Allied tank while a rifleman looks on.


LW021 “Kneeling Officer”


LW022 “Attack Set”

Three assorted Luftwaffe riflemen.


LW023 “Advancing Set”

A young NCO, pistol in hand, and a rifleman advance cautiously.


LW024 “Lying Firing Rifleman”


LW026 “Searchlight”

A seated Luftwaffe airmen manning a portable searchlight.


LW027 “Spotter”





Providing some much need heavier support are two adaptations of a very useful half-track…


WS131 Sd. Kfz. 251/22 “PakwagenAusf. D (Summer)

This camouflaged half-track mounts the well-known and deadly Pak.40 anti tank gun.

Our model is very representative of those taking part in the Normandy campaign and beyond.

In Wehrmacht markings our 251/22 has a 3-man crew to man the gun.


BBG022 Sd. Kfz. 251/22 “PakwagenAusf. D (Winter)

After we made the first summer version we thought “this could look equally good as a Battle of the Bulge vehicle”. And so, we designed three new figures, made a few changes and did a completely different winter/snow paint scheme. Here it is… a wee bit early for BoB but a great add-on!!!


AVAILABILITY:   Summer Version—Early August

                                Winter Version—Mid August



As mentioned in last month’s DISPATCHES our Confederate releases in 2009 would be in two halves… Here’s the second…


CW048 “Helping A Friend”

A trooper dismounts to examine a fallen comrade… “Is he alive or dead?” His forlorn horse looks on.


CW049 “Battlefield Surgeon”

A Confederate Army doctor tends a seriously wounded cavalryman propped up against his dead mount.


CW050 “Carried Off”

Two Cavalrymen carry this wounded officer to the nearest Aid Station.


Overlooking the field of battle are, of course, the senior officers…


CW051 “Lee & Stuart”

The South’s most famous General receives a report from his almost equally famous Cavalry commander, J.E.B. Stuart.


CW057 “Jackson & Longstreet”

Two of Lee’s most trusted and respected subordinates… General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and James Longstreet.


As a dramatic backdrop for these senior officers we have…


CW055 “General Lee’s Belongings”

His camp bed spread over with a fresh uniform… a portable table with the general’s hat, revolver and binoculars and… Lee’s own Campaign Chest topped with his personal eating and drinking utensils.


CW056Officer’s Tent

A typical officer’s tent helps complete the scene…




D. “Streets of Old Hong Kong

And here’s something else…


HK178 “Happy Day”


HK181 “God of Wealth”




E. “And Now For Something Completely Different…”

Over the years K&C has recognized the importance and value in providing collectors with “scenic” and “architectural” pieces that can offer an adaptable setting for figures and vehicles over a wide historical time span.

Well, here are the first two structures of what promises to be an ongoing series of buildings that can enhance and enrich many different collections…

K&C has designed an entire Middle Eastern Desert Village that can be utilized in many exciting ways and variations… The initial two releases are…


SP031 “The Gateway”

A typical Middle Eastern brick and dried-mud entrance to a village or small town. Above the open gate is a walkway for watchmen or guards to patrol.


SP032 “The Shop House”

Again, another very typical structure so redolent of North Africa and the Middle East as a whole.

SPECIAL NOTE: All of these new pieces have been designed to be used in multiple positions providing collectors with a constantly changing choice of settings for their figures, vehicles or accessories. Take a closer look…


Look out for more soon!


AVAILABILITY: First two pieces Mid August


3.      “BEING RETIRED or heading to the happy hunting grounds…”

Another fairly large bunch of retires sets this month… So dig in…



LAH024Officer at Attention”

LAH025 “Presenting Arms”

LAH027 “Marching Standard Bearer”

LAH028 “Marching Officer”

LAH029 “Blood Flag Bearer”

*LAH030 “Marching Rifleman”

LAH037 “Standing Attention Standard Bearer”

LAH038 “Bugler”

LAH039 “Standing Saluting”

LAH074 “Winter SS w/Rifle”

LAH075 “Winter SS w/Sword Up”

LAH076 “Winter SS w/Flag”

LAH077 “Winter SS w/Sword Down”

*LAH078 “Winter SS Presenting Arms”




BBA009 “Pack Howitzer Set”



WS082 “Winter MG42 Set”

WS106 “Hitler’s Paris Visit”


All of the above items are great little movers… the only reason they are disappearing is because we’ve got even better stuff coming!

Grab’em if and when you can. Don’t miss out!



Finally, both Helen and yours truly are off to OZ at the end of July to meet most if not all of our Aussie dealers plus a whole big bunch of K&C collectors. We’ll be announcing our new Australian series either very soon or when we arrive… All of us at K&C are very excited about it and I think many of our other K&C dealers and collectors around the world will be too… Can’t wait to share it with you! Until then all the very best and… we always appreciate your support and business.


  Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country