The beginning of a New Year is always a time to look forward to new additions to existing series and ranges as well as the opportunity to open up and explore fresh areas of historic significance that, up until now, may have been “under the radar” for most collectors and...toy soldier companies...including K&C!

        So, without further ado let’s see what January has to offer...




The Royal Navy is well represented this January with no less than 8 important releases that add on and extend the previously launched (if you will pardon the expression) ‘whale boats’ for the Gallipoli Landings.


GA012              “Royal Navy Officer”

                                 A standing Lieutenant, issuing orders to his boat crew.


GA013              “Sailor w/Telescope”

Here, in this classic naval pose, a long-serving matelot’ (two stripes on the left arm denoting 8-13 years of service) observes the enemy.


GA015              “Oarsmen Rowing”

                                 A set of two sailors manning the oars of the whale boat.


GA015(B)         “Oarsmen Rowing”

                                 As above but with two bearded sailors.


GA016              “Up Oars!”

                                 As a whale boat was alongside either before or after a trip the order would be given to hoist the oars up into the vertical position allowing passengers to board or alight from the craft more easily.


GA016(B)                 As above but with sailors sporting what was termed by the Royal Navy “a full set” meaning a complete beard and moustache...


Please note: moustaches on their own...goatee style beards or lower beards (no moustaches) were and still are banned in the Royal Navy.

                                 Either “a full set” or “completely clean shaven” is the order of the day.


GA017              “Royal Navy Steam Launch”

                                 Painted in “battleship grey” this little vessel can accommodate some passengers and comes complete with a bosun at the wheel and a gunner manning the Vickers Machine Gun at the bow.


GA029              “Sailor w/Boathook”

                                 Another classic naval pose for this sailor figure.





In late July 1914 when the Imperial Russian Army mobilized it was the largest in the world...over 5,000,000 men!

         Although massive it lacked many of the most modern and up-to-date military equipment and artillery...particularly transport. It did however possess an amazing capacity for hardiness, bravery and loyalty to both the Czar personally and “Mother Russia” itself.

         Here we present the mounted figure of Nicholas II displaying a religious icon to men of one of his own Lifeguard Regiments as they parade before him prior to departing for the front.


FW202              “Czar Nicholas II”

        Dressed in the traditional dark green coat of the Russian infantry the supreme leader of the Imperial Army provides a “blessing” for the departing regiment.


                                FW203              “Marching w/Rifle”

        This soldier of the 1st Lifeguard Regiment marches forward his “Mosin-Nagant” bolt action rifle with fixed bayonet held before him.




FW204             “Saluting Officer”

        Standing stiffly to attention this smartly-dressed officer salutes the Czar...Although wearing the khaki field jacket he still wears the traditional dark green, red striped trousers of his dress uniform.


        FW205             “Present Arms”

        Dressed as FW203 complete with folded grey greatcoat slung over the left shoulder.


         FW206             “Standing at Attention”

                                         As above but with rifle at the side.


FW207              “Kneeling being Blessed!”

        Many photographs of the early war period show Russian soldiers bareheaded, cap in hand, receiving a blessing from the Czar or an Orthodox priest.




C.      “Pike & Musket”

        Once more we return to the English Civil War and the struggle between King and Parliament.


PnM044          “Firing Roundhead Trooper”

        This “Ironside” rests his pistol on his armoured left forearm as he takes careful aim.


        PnM045          “Roundhead w/Sword”

        Sword drawn and advancing to the front this mounted “Ironside” prepares to charge the enemy.


PnM046         “Roundhead w/Carbine”

                                       Another mounted “Ironside” on patrol or picket duty with his carbine unslung and ready for action.


PnM052         “Captain of Muskets”

                                       This Royalist Officer of Muskets is wearing the older “closed” type of helmet called a “Bourgonet” which dated back to Elizabethan times.  The rest of his uniform and equipment is more contemporary and of the Civil War period.


PnM052B      “Captain of Muskets”

                                       A Parliamentary version of the previous Musketry Officer...easily recognized by his red coat and orange sash.


PnM053         “Sergeant of Pike” Parliament

                                       With his long wooden pike firmly held in his left hand and anchored by his right foot this sergeant takes aim with his pistol.


PnM053B      “Sergeant of Pike” Royalist

                                       As above but a Royalist version for those collectors of the King's Army.


PnM054         “The Preacher”

                                       Bible in one hand and drawn sword in the other this stern-faced dismounted “Ironside” is sure to get his message of “fire and brimstone” across to his fellow troopers.





         Two German officers on the lookout for action...but are they who they appear to be..?


WH057          “Where Vultures Fly..!”

         As you know at K&C we love war movies of all shapes and sizes and one of our favourites involved a mountain-top fortress in southern Germany...a ski lift and a pair of Allied officers tasked with rescuing a captured American general...

         Here are two suitably armed “Germans” ready to take on the task!





E.        “FURIOUS”

Still fighting WW2...but from inside and outside a tank...


               DD279             “FURY”

       From our experience of over 30 years there is only one WW2 tank that comes close to rivalling the popularity of the German “TIGER” tank and that is...the American “SHERMAN”.

       Here is the latest addition to our K&C Sherman “stable”...An M4A3E8 “Easy-Eight” aptly-named “FURY”.

       We’ve based our model on the one that appeared in the recent movie of the same name that starred Brad Pitt as the tank Commander.

       As you can see this model is both “battle-worn” and full of character.  Its tracks and wheels covered in mud there’s plenty of crew gear and supplies stowed all over the hull and turret as well as extra logs attached to the sides...just like real life...and the movie.

       Armed with the 76mm main gun our model comes with additional .30 cal. and .50 cal machine guns on top of the turret and a vehicle crewman in the open turret hatch.

       This vehicle also looks great with our previously released “Wardaddy” figure (DD262) standing alongside.


DD280             “Tank Crew Set #1”

                               Two U.S. Army “Tankers” enjoy a brew of coffee while they take a brief respite from battle.


DD281             “Tank Crew Set #2”

                               Another two dismounted “Tankers” take a break to eat some chow and stretch their legs.


DD282             “Tank Crew Set #3”

                               Although these guys have dismounted they’re taking no chances...There might be some Krauts still around...Hence the “Grease Gun” and the “Tommy Gun” close at hand.






  Now, whether Mr. Sherlock Holmes ever actually said those words to Dr. John Watson might remain a mystery as they have entered the list of memorable quotes and sayings attributed to the fictional detectives created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the last decades of the 19th Century.  However there’s no denying that Holmes and Watson have gained worldwide recognition through the original books and stories and multitude of films and television series that have followed on.

Here at K&C we’ve extended our popular “World of Dickens” series to include an additional range that explores “The Streets of Olde London” and all its many character both real...and fictional.

And so we’ve started our journey on one of London’s most famous streets...Baker Street!


WOD030          “Mr. Sherlock Holmes”

The most famous fictional detective in the world...and one of the most easily recognized thanks to the “Deerstalker Hat”...the “Inverness” caped coat and...that pipe.

The physical image of Holmes has been further immortalized by actors in both film and television.  Most notably Basil Rathbone in the 1930’s and ‘40’s films and Jeremy Brett in the TV series during the 1980’s and ‘90s.  Both portrayals have inspired the K&C adaptation.


                           WOD031         “Dr. John Watson”

Watson is Holmes’ best friend, assistant and occasional flatmate at 221b Baker Street.  He is typically described as a Victorian-era gentleman who served as a surgeon in the British Army and saw active service on the North West Frontier during the Second Afghan War and was wounded at the Battle of Maiwand in 1880.

Again our interpretation is a combination of some of the well-known actors who have portrayed him...Nigel Bruce, Edward Hardwicke and...Jude Law.


WOD033        “221b Baker Street”

        A handsome “façade” rendition of one of London’s most famous addresses.  The Georgian-style building was the  address of the fictional duo but can actually be seen in London today.  There really is a “Baker Street” although the building that now houses the “Sherlock Holmes Museum” is actually located between 237 and 241 Baker Street!

        Our model reflects the colour and style of a typical Georgian built but Victorian-era “row house” of the kind that Mr. Holmes would have occupied.





               Now with Christmas and New Year over here in Hong Kong we look forward to the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations which take place in February...To that end...


HK247            “The Tangerine Tree”

                               A colourful feature in many Chinese homes at this time of year is the potted “Tangerine Tree”.  This symbolizes good fortune and good health in the coming year and can be seen not only in China but everywhere there are Chinese communities  all over the world. The Chinese character on the pot means "Good Luck" and "Good Fortune".




2.        BEING RETIRED...

Not too many this month but there might be some that you will want to get before they disappear...



Pack Up Your Troubles




Red Army Officer w/Burp Gun


Kneeling Ready


Standing Ready


Kneeling Firing Rifle


Standing Firing Rifle


Lying Prone Machine Gunner


The Scout




The 12-piece Classic Wehrmacht Band


The Ammo Carrier



And that my friends is that until we meet again.  With the New Year already upon us let me wish you once more Peace...Prosperity...Good Health and Happiness in 2016 and beyond.  From all of us at King & Country...

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country