CHRISTMAS IS ALREADY a memory and now we are into January and a whole New Year!


        Well, since September last when we launched the very successful “Pike & Musket” series and such items as “Gang of Heroes”...the latest World War One releases and, of course, “World of Dickens” much of our hard work (and hard searching) has paid off handsomely both for collectors and dealers!

        So, on that happy note...Let’s get down to business!



A.     “Better Late Than Never!”

Usually, K&C release all of our “Battle of the Bulge” figures and vehicles in October and November in the run-up to December and the annual anniversary of this battle.

Alas, pressure of other releases meant that our GI’s had to wait till this month. However, they’re a wee bit different and, I hope, well worth the wait...


      BBA074           “Radio Operator Set”

Two full-body GI’s huddle behind their snow-frosted, sand-bagged emplacement. As one GI aims his M1 carbine the other is using the radio handset.


        BBA075           “Bar Gunner Set”

Two “half-body” GI’s, one firing his B.A.R. (Browning Automatic Rifle) the other holding onto his helmet come under enemy fire as they shelter in their foxhole.


BBA076           “Supporting Fire”

Another two “half-body” GI’s provide additional fire power with their M1 Garand rifle and M1 carbine from their foxhole.


BBA077            “Observing The Battle”

As one “half-body” GI watches the enemy through his binos, the other GI waits ready with his rifle. (2 x half body figures)


SPECIAL NOTE:        All four sets work well on a flat surface or even better, on a snow-covered diorama landscape.


AVAILABLE:      Late January


BBA078            “Sitting Wounded Set”

                                 A greatcoat-clad Medic tends to the leg wound of a sitting GI.


BBA079            “Seriously Wounded Set”

                                 Another U.S. Army Medic leans over and supports a badly-wounded GI with a stomach wound...


BBA080            “DODGE WS51 Weapons Carrier (Winter Ambulance)”

                                 This ubiquitous little Weapons Carrier has been turned into a temporary ambulance to help “ferry” the wounded back to the nearest field hospital. Our model has a detachable canvas cover and a seated ambulance driver figure.


AVAILABLE:      Mid-January


B.      “Brave New Highlanders”

As many collectors of the Napoleonic Era know you can never have too many Scottish Highlanders!!!

These 10 all-new “Gordon Highlanders” prove that statement...All are in action poses that can supplement and complement existing Highlander collections or can form the basis for a brand-new collection!


NA213              “Wounded Highlander”

Already weak from loss-of-blood this brave lad still attempts to take part in the battle.


                         NA292             “Mounted Highland Officer”

Wearing tartan trews and pointing this officer helps rally his men and prepares to move them to another position.


NA293              “The Fighting Piper”

There comes a time in every battle where the music has to stop and the real fighting begins.

This bare-headed piper has drawn his sword and rushes forward to meet the enemy!


NA294              “Aye Ready”

One more Highlander, standing firm...preparing to meet the enemy assault.


NA295              “Fighting Gordon”

Wearing the smaller dice bonnet/cap this “Gordon” advances rifle and fixed bayonet at the “port arms” position.


NA296              “Kneeling Loading”

                                 This kneeling Highlander reaches back into his cartridge pouch for another round.


NA297              “Careful Laddie”    

                                 This older Highlander, musket in one hand seems to gesture “caution” with the other.


NA298              “Charge!”

                                 Charging forward with rifle and bayonet.


SPECIAL NOTE:        As you can see no less than three of the previous figures have head wounds...Statistically the British Infantry, especially when formed up in squares, suffered a disproportionate number of head wounds as enemy cavalry in particular swung their swords and lances at the heads of the defending soldiers.


NA299              “Highlander Advancing”

                                 One more “Gordon” going on the offensive wearing the dice bonnet/cap.


NA300              “Bayonet Lunge”

                                 Caught in the moment when the Highlander is about to press home his bayonet attack.


AVAILABLE:      Mid-January


C.      “Red Army Leaders”

Three of the most famous Soviet Leaders during WW2...


                 RA059             “Marshal Georgy Zhukov”

Stalin’s finest General who came up through the ranks the hard way to reach supreme command and lead the Soviet Forces to victory in Berlin, May 1945.


RA060             “Marshal Stalin”

A great leader of his nation and also a ruthless dictator who killed millions of his own countrymen. Here, dressed in a simple, white summer uniform...Like his opponent Hitler, he preferred a simple style of uniform with few if any decorations and medals.


         RA063             Kommissar Nikita Kruschev

The senior political officer in and during the Battle of Stalingrad from late 1942 to early 1943. He went on to become Premier of the USSR from 1957-1964.


AVAILABLE:      Mid-January


D.     “Pike & Musket”

A few more colourful additions to this great new series...


                 PnM021          “The King’s Lifeguard Regt.Flagbearer

                                                 This handsome young ensign with the Regimental Flag.


                 PnM022          “Parliamentary Drummer”

Wearing the traditional “red coat” of Parliament’s army this young drummer beats out a simple “tattoo”.


                 PnM023          “The King’s Standard Bearer”

This officer proudly carries the King’s own banner bearing the coats of arms and heraldic symbols of England, Scotland, Ireland plus...the fleur de lys of France!




PnM024           “The King’s Drummer”

                                 Compare this musician with his Parliamentary counterpart...From his feather-adorned hat to his expensive and colourful uniform this drummer obviously belongs to one of the King’s own elite regiments.


AVAILABLE:      Mid-January       


E.      “Painting a Picture”

HK233G/HK233M             “The Portrait Painter”

Before the advent of photography portrait painters were much sought after in China to paint representations of ancestors from the past as well as record the well-to-do of the present.

This talented young artist is hard at work on his latest commission.


AVAILALBLE:    Mid-January


F.       “Tenting Tonight”

Two more colourful additions to the Crusaders’ Camp...


MK141             “The German Tent”

With the Germanic-style eagle at the top and the simple black and white colours this little tented structure belongs to a Knight from north of the Rhine.


MK142             “The English Tent”

A simple red on white crusader cross and the colours signify the presence of an English Knight.

                          AVAILABLE:     Mid-January


G.     “Airfield Runabout”

RAF051             “The Royal Air Force Jeep”

A very much requested item for any RAF airfield...anywhere! Our RAF blue vehicle has a Flight Sergeant behind the wheel and the RAF roundel on the bonnet of the engine.


AVAILALBLE:    Mid-January


H.     “Too Late For This Christmas!”

Alas, this yuletide version of our corner store just missed out on this year’s festive season...but it’s well in time for next year’s!!!


WoD019           “The Christmas Store”

Full of blooms and Christmas trees this little corner piece will make a great add-on to the already released “World of Dickens” Display Pieces.


AVAILALBLE:    Mid-January


I.        “Living Off The Land”

During the “Battle of France” in 1940 as refugees fled their villages, towns and farms...they left behind all kinds of livestock to fend for themselves!


                 WH001            “Fresh Milk Today!”

Two former farm-boys know a thing or two about animals. Here, as one “soldaten” milks the cow into a wooden bucket, the other enjoys a mess tin full of fresh milk...delicious!


WH011             “Dispatch Rider”

                                 Perhaps sitting on his bike on a nearby road this other German soldier stops to take a break and watch his two comrades at work in the field.


AVAILABLE:      Mid-January


WS198             “Feld Gendarmerie Dog Handler”

                                 On duty with guard and dog.


AVAILALBLE:    Mid-January



Sorry no retired items this month!


And that’s that for January so, I’ll bid you all a fond adieu and, again, wish everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful 2015!


                                                                                        Andy C. Neilson

                                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                                        King & Country