WELCOME TO A BRAND NEW YEAR and a whole big bunch of new releases that, I hope, will banish those post-Christmas blues!

          Let’s jump right in…



A.                          “DESERT BARRAGE”

Maybe it’s appropriate that we begin this New Year with a bit of a bang…And they don’t come any better than the King & Country Quad Gun Tractor, Limber and 25 Pound Field Gun in 8th Army desert colours!


EA085     “Desert Quad Gun Tractor & Limber”

        When the “European Theatre” version in olive green and black was released in 2013 we had many requests from 8th Army “addicts” saying “Where’s ours?”  Well here it is…in desert sand with charcoal grey camo pattern and all ready to do battle with Rommel’s Afrika Korps somewhere in the Western Desert Vehicle includes driver figure.


EA087(AU)“25 Pdr. Field Gun”(Aust.)

        An “Aussie” gun and gunner…How can you tell, some might ask, check out the brown boots.  For reasons unknown Australian “diggers” were issued brown boots unlike their British mates who got regulation British Army black boots!!!


  EA087(BR)     “25 Pdr. Field Gun”(Brit.)

          As above, but with a black-booted British gunner.


  EA088     “Gun Commander”

          Suitable for the “British” gun.


  EA089     “Aussie Gun Commander”

          This shouting, slouch-hat wearing Australian artilleryman, issuing the “fire” order.


 EA090(AU)“Standing w/Ramrod” (Aust.)

          If he’s wearing brown boots…he must be a “digger”.



EA090(BR)       “Standing w/Ramrod” (Brit.)

          A black-booted POM!


EA091(AU)       “25 Pdr. Gun Crew” (Aust.)

          Two Australian Gunners (brown boots)


EA091 (BR)      “25 Pdr. Gun Crew”(Brit.)

          Two British Gunners (black boots)


AVAILABLE :  Early January



From the Western Desert in 1942 to the fields of Belgium and Northern France in 1914…

 FW126     “Kaiser Wilhelm II (mounted)”

    From a safe distance his Imperial Highness watches his troops go into action.


FW127     Generaloberst Helmuth von Moltke

       Von Moltke, Chief of the German General Staff from 1906-1914 was instrumental in the development of the war plans that went into effect in August 1914.  Here, he indicates a point of interest to his Kaiser.


FW131     “Running w/Rifle”

         With rifle at the trail this “soldaten” moves rapidly into position.


FW135     “Advancing w/Rifle”


FW136     “Charging w/Rifle”


FW137     “Present Arms”

         One of the Kaiser’s soldiers drawn up for inspection.


AVAILABLE : Mid January



        During this period China was almost destroyed by civil wars, conflicts and rivalries.  Here, for the first time, we present typical fighting soldiers of that turbulent period to support the earlier-released “historic personalities” and the “Frontier Fort”

IC055      “Attacking w/Spear”


IC056      “Standing Ready w/Spear”


IC057      “Attacking w/Sword”


IC058      “Slashing w/Sword”


IC059      “Standing Firing Archer”


IC060      “Kneeling Firing Archer”


IC061      “Standing Ready Archer”


IC062      “Horseman Sword Forward”


IC063      “Horseman Sword Downwards”


AVAILABLE : Mid January



        For 350 years Britain’s Royal Marines have served the crown in virtually every part of the globe and with great distinction and gallantry.

        During the Napoleonic Wars they saw plenty of service on both land and sea and helped defeat Napoleon from the sands of Egypt to the waters off Cape Trafalgar.

        First nicknamed “Bootnecks” during this period (because of the leather neck stocks they wore) Marines had a dual function aboard ship…they ensured the safety of the ship’s officers and the maintenance of discipline among the crew.  In battle, they provided riflemen as well as additional gun crew and took a leading part in boarding actions.

        On dry land they were involved in countless amphibious operations and, when necessary garrison duties and security details for naval establishments.

        These new K&C “Bootnecks” are fighting ashore.


NA265    “Royal Marine Standing Firing”


NA266    “RM Kneeling Firing”


NA267    “RM Standing Loading”


NA268    “RM Standing to Repel”


NA269    “RM Kneeling to Repel”


NA270    “RM Drummer”


NA271    “RM Officer w/Sword”


NA272    “RM Senior Officer”


AVAILABLE: Mid January



        Three little “add-ons” to our classic Wehrmacht range of figures and vehicles…

WS218    Sd.Kfz 251 Half Track”

        A three-colour camouflage version of this ubiquitous German Half Track. Perfect for the period 1943-45.


WS221    “Spoils of War”

        The Germans, especially on the Eastern Front, believed in “living off the land”…Here a smiling “soldaten” rejoins his comrades with a “liberated” pig under one arm.


WS227    “The Apple Thief”

        How can you possibly have roast pork without some tasty apple sauce?  This other Wehrmacht soldier been to visit a local orchard and came back with the obvious solution!


AVAILABLE: Mid January




        CW103    “Kneeling Firing Confederate”

                A late addition to our recent release of attacking rebel soldiers.


        AVAILABLE: Mid January



        It’s been some time since we added a new building to this series…so here one is…


        SP062      “The Wood Merchant’s House”

        A very useful structure that can fit in nicely with any of K&C’s middle-Eastern themed ranges…from biblical times right up to World War Two.


        AVAILABLE: Mid January


H.    “Is for Streets of Old Hong Kong”

        HK224G / HK224M      “Flower Stall Set”

        Winter here in Hong Kong is a favorite time to buy all kinds of colourful blooms for the home.  Here a local florist tends to her flowers and shrubs.


HK227    “Chinese New Year Blossoms”

        In days gone by large potted flowers like this one were a choice gift to give to relatives or to decorate your own house.


AVAILABLE: Late January



        As we all know as the new comes in so must some, at least, of the old, go out…Here’s the latest list…See what you might need…



Lying Prone Officer w/ Tommy Gun


Firing Back


Prone GI w/ 30 CAL. Machine Gun


Sitting BAR Gunner


Grenade ATTACK!


Officer w/ Binos


SGT. w/ Sub machine gun






Firing Rifle


Machine Gunner


Kneeling w/ Rifle


Lying Prone w/ Rifle


Hitler & His Dog


Radio Jeep