WELL, HERE WE ARE IN A BRAND-NEW YEAR full of hope, a basket-full of challenges and… the odd surprise or two!

So, pull up a seat, sit yourself down and let’s get on with the show ‘n’ tell…



A.         Monty’s Eighth Army boys are among the most popular and widely collected of all K&C’s many World War Two ranges.  We try, whenever possible, to release new “Desert Rats” add-ons at least twice a year.  Here are the latest…

EA066 “Desert Dingo

This is the third and final version of this little British armoured reconnaissance vehicle.  Dingoes saw wide and varied use by British and Empire forces throughout the war in North Africa and elsewhere.  Our new one belongs to the 7th. Armored Division” The Desert Rats” and is “christened” MORECAMBE.

       The vehicle includes a driver and separate Bren Gun.


EA078 “ Valentine Mk.III Tank

The Valentine was the most produced of any British-designed tank during WW2. More than 8,000 were built in 11 different marks.  They accounted for over one quarter of all British tank production between 1940 and 1944.

       In addition to serving with both British and Canadian army units large numbers were supplied to Soviet Russia under lend-lease…

       This is the first K&C Valentine (two more are planned) and is in the markings of the 1st. Army Tank Brigade, stationed in Tobruk, Libya in 1942.

       Our model “HECTOR” wears the unique “splinter” three-colour camouflage and comes with a vehicle commander.

“… And Now For the Poor Bloody Infantry”

Providing the vital infantry backup are six individual “Toms”…

EA079 “Attacking Officer

Webley Service Revolver in hand this young Lieutenant leads his men forward.


EA080 “Sergeant Tommy-Gunner

Providing additional fire support for his officer and men the “Tommy-Gun” toting Sergeant rattles off a burst of .45 bullets!!

             EA081 “Lying Prone Bren Gunner

          An invaluable asset to any squad of British and Empire infantry was the handy Bren Gunner with his Light Machine Gun. 


     EA082 “Lying Firing Rifleman

             Next to the Bren Gunner this rifleman acts as his “number two”.


     EA083 “Charging w/Rifle and Bayonet

Bullets are good but sometimes it takes the cold steel of a bayonet to force the enemy to retreat!


EA084 “Standing Firing Rifleman

A British “Tommy” and his Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle make a winning combination.


             AVAILABLE : NOW!



B.    “On The Streets of Berlin”

From the blistering desert sands of war-torn Libya in 1942 to the cobble-stoned streets of pre war Berlin with three individual Sturmabteilung (SA) musicians…


LAH166 “S.A. Drum Major

Mace in hand this veteran “Musik-leiter” leads his men on parade.


LAH167 “S.A. Trumpeter


LAH168 “S.A. Drummer





A couple of years ago when our good friends at King & Country UK decided to complete their original Crimean War series we at HQ in Hong Kong took a long, hard look at the range and decided that perhaps we could extend and develop it at some later stage.

       Well, now here it is and this is just our first installment…



Under a hail of shot and shell the British infantry make their tortuous way forward…

CR003 “Kneeling Firing


CR004 “Standing Firing


CR005 “Pointing Corporal


CR006 “Drummer Boy


CR007 “Loading Rifle


CR008 “Advancing w/Rifle at the Port


CR009 “Advancing Forward


CR010 “Crouching w/Rifle & Bayonet


CR011 “Marching to the Front


Special Note:  All of these first infantry releases represent a typical English “Line” or “County” Regiment of the 1850’s Victorian Army.  To select just one of the many fine regiments that fought in the Crimea would, we feel, be unfair to the others who fought and died there.


Follow Up Release:  Officers, flagbearers and wounded will be released as an addition to this first release in February 2013.


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late January


D.   “Saladin’s Saracens to the Rescue

Once more we journey a little further East from the Crimea to the Middle East at the time of the Crusades… with SIX more Saracen warriors.


MK097 “Saracen Sergeant-at-Arms

Signalling to his men this axe-wielding sergeant carefully moves forward.



MK098 “Advancing Cross Bowman


MK099 “Charging Saracen Spearman

Axe in one hand, spear in the other and looking for trouble…


MK100 “Advancing Saracen Spearman


MK101 “Kneeling Saracen Spearman


MK102 “Mounted Saracen Officer


AVAILABLE: Late January



A.    “Custer’s Reinforcements”

My recent visit to Europe provided the ideal opportunity to preview this new “Real West” series to as many K&C collectors as possible.  I’m delighted to say the response was very enthusiastic and gratifying… Here’s the second batch of Custer’s men to join the battle…


TRW021 “Lieutenant Cooke

       This dramatic figure of the Seventh Cavalry’s Regimental Adjutant portrays the wounded Cooke just as he is about to fire his revolver.  The buckskin-clad Cooke was easily recognized by his long side whiskers and straw hat.


TRW026 “Kneeling Ready


TRW027 “First Aid

This kneeling “Seventh” trooper tries to bandage his arm while still clutching his Army “Colt”.


TRW028 “Standing Loading Carbine

      Another trooper extracts a round from his cartridge belt while watching the enemy.


TRW029 “The Trapped Horseman

       Although pinned beneath his fallen mount this defiant cavalryman takes careful aim.


TRW032 “Lying Firing Carbine


TRW033 “Clearing a Blockage

       Constant firing caused many of the carbines to “overheat” and made spent cartridges difficult to extract… This trooper is using his knife to desperately try and clear the cartridge chamber.


AVAILABLE : Early February


Special Note: Fourteen all-action Sioux and Cheyenne warriors (both on foot and mounted will be available shortly! Look out for ‘em.


1.          The Perfect Backdrop

No other company produces such a diverse range of both 3 dimensional buildings or facades as K&C. Here’s the latest…


SP054  “Café de Normandie

       More than a few years ago we produced an earlier, less detailed (and smaller) version of this.  We decided it was time to revise and revisit this little piece of Normandy.  The newer, bigger and better “Café de Normandie” can be used in a wide variety of settings and scenes both on its own and/or with other facades and buildings.


AVAILABLE : Early February


2.          Desert Reinforcements… AK Style

In January we re-supplied Monty’s men… This month it’s the Desert Fox and his Afrika Korps that are getting the replacements…


AK092 “Sd.Kfz.222 Armoured Car

   (North Africa- AK)

This third version of the great little German armoured car is another of those models that has been much requested by K&C collectors over the years… It’s been a long time since there has been an Afrika Korps “222”…. And this will be a welcome addition.


AK093 “Sd.Kfz.251 Halftrack

       Another of those “iconic” German fighting vehicles that saw plenty of action on all battle fronts the Wehrmacht were involved in.

       This battle-weary “251” has certainly seen more than its fair share of action as can be seen by its paint-chipped appearance. Our AK version comes with a driver and removable MG34 machine gun.


Special Note: At least two more variations will appear later in 2013.


AK095 “2cm Flak 38 Gun Set

       Another little “classic”, the 2cm (or 20mm) Flak Gun on its firing mount comes with a seated gunner and is ready for action…


AK096 “Flak Gun Crew

       A little 2-man “add-on” set for the Flak Gun… a loader and spotter, both Afrika Korps.


AVAILABLE : Early February


3.          And Now For Something Different Again… Ethiopian Askaris!

As regular “Dispatches” readers know once a year K&C release an Italian themed series of figures and vehicles primarily (but not exclusively) aimed at our collectors in Italy.  Well, this year is no exception.  However, we’ve cast our net a wee bit wider to introduce some soldiers that some collectors may be less well informed about… Mussolini’s native troops… However to begin with let’s add just one more Carabinieri.


IF028 “Carabinieri Motorcycle Set

This Italian military policeman provides the mobile element to our previously released Carabinieri figures.


IF030 “Italian Officer of Askaris

Italy raised many regiments and battalions of Native Troops to serve in Ethiopia, Somalia and Libya… both before and during the early part of the Second World War… All of them led by Italian officers. This officer is a typical example.


IF031 “Flagbearer Sergeant

Our bearded Eritrean NCO with the 8th Battalion standard carries both rifle and pistol.



IF032 “Charging #1


IF033 “Charging #2


IF034 “Crouching


IF035 “Kneeling Firing


IF036 “Sitting Firing


IF037 “Lying Prone


IF038 “Scouting For The Enemy

       One of the more unusual ways to get a better view of the opposition… This NCO climbs onto the shoulders of one of his men to seek out the enemy.


IF039 “Avanti!

       This corporal urges his men “Forward!


IF040 “Standing Firing Rifle


Special Note: The Italian Army made extensive use of locally-recruited. Native Troops in Italian East Africa… Almost 200,000 were recruited and comprised mostly infantry, some cavalry and a few light artillery units.

       They are among the most famous and colorful of any in Mussolini’s army.


AVAILABLE : Mid February


4.          Return To The Crimea PART TWO

As promised in December, here is the “Second Release” of our new Crimean War British Infantry of the Line…

CR001 “Officer w/Pistol & Sword

       This bearded officer stands ready with his sword and one of those new-fangled American Colt revolvers!


CR002 “Subaltern w/The Queen’s Colour

       Still wearing the Regimental Shako this young officer bravely advances carrying the “Union Jack.”


CR012 “The Rescue

       This soldier carries a wounded officer to safety…

CR013 “The Bugler

       Bugle in one hand, short sword in the other this bugler helps rally his comrades.


CR014 “The Regimental Standard Bearer

       Another Colt-carrying officer with the Regimental Colour.


AVAILABLE : Mid February


And now for the retirement list…


2.      Heading For The Hills…”

As usual, as one group comes in another group moves out… Here’s the retirements.


AK072            Afrika Korps Kubelwagen

LAH080          Reichusfuhrer Heinrich Himmler Saluting

LAH081          Martin Bormann

LAH085          Algemeine Officer Saluting

LAH086          Algemeine SS Standing

MK033            Saracen Defending w/Sword & Shield

MK037            Attacking Saracen w/Sword & Shield

MK039            Saracen Flagbearer

NA056            French Imperial Guard-General Dorsenne (Mounted)

NA057            Guard Officer w/Sword Marching

NA058            Guard Officer w/Flag

NA059            Guard w/Rifle Advancing

NA060            Guard w/Rifle Marching

NA061            Guard Drummer Marching

NA063            Guard w/Rifle Present Arms

NA152            Guard Standing at Attention

NA153            Guard Kneeling Firing

NA154            Guard Standing Firing

NA155            Guard Standing to Repel

NA156            Guard Loading Rifle

NA157            Guard Marching w/Rifle

WS126            Normandy Rommel

WS127            Gen.Oberst Heinz Guderian

WS151            Tiger 1


And that, my friends, is that for another month or so.  I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and Santa was kind to you.

Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year… and a more peaceful one too! Best wishes ….




                                                        Andy C. Neilson

                                        Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                        King & Country