Well Christmas has come and gone for another year and I hope all of you had a peaceful and merry one!

Now we’re heading into 2012… and who knows what the future holds for all of us. But what I do know is what K&C are releasing in January and February… So here goes…



A.     “Return to Waterloo

As previewed in December’s “DISPATCHES” here are six all-new French Infantry-of-the-Line to add extra depth, colour and numbers to the Emperor’s Army at Waterloo


NA243 “FLI Standing Firing”

NA244 “FLI Biting Cartridge”

NA245 “FLI Loading from Pouch”

NA246 “FLI Standing Ready”

NA247 “FLI Preparing to Repel”

NA248 “FLI Kneeling Firing”





“The Desert War” fought between 1940 and 1943 in the harsh, unyielding environment of North Africa is one of K&C’s most collected ranges…British, Empire and Free French and, of course, Rommel’s Afrika Korps.

These latest add-ons are sure to please quite a few of the fans of K&C’s “Desert Rats”


EA058 “The M7 Priest” (British version)

Ninety of these 105mm-armed assault guns were dispatched to North Africa early in 1942… many of these were modified by the British with side skirts… some were not… this is one of the latter. Our vehicle includes a commander figure.


EA061 “M7 Priest Crew” (add-ons)

Two add-on gunners that can operate the American 105.


Following the success of our earlier released Free French Foreign Legion “parade” figures we decided to add some more. And here are the first ones…


EA063 “Foreign Legion Marching w/Rifle”


EA064 “FL Marching w/ Light Machine Gun”

A Legionnaire carries the formidable (and heavy) 7.5mm FM24/29 Machine Gun.


EA065 “FL Marching NCO w/ Tommy Gun”

In the Legion it was the Non-Commissioned Officers who carried the sub-machine guns. Our NCO carries the 1928 Thompson.




From De Gaulle’s Free French Foreign Legion troops we move across the desert sands to… The “Diggers”


EA062 “Morris CS8 British 15cwt. Truck”

A familiar sight to all British and Empire forces this little truck is in 6th Australian Infantry Division markings and comes with an Aussie driver.

Special Note: This 15cwt truck is a “Series 250” release.


EA067 “Aussie Officer w/Binos

Tommy-gun in one hand and Binos in the other this typical Aussie prepares for battle.


EA068 “Aussie Sergeant w/ Tommy-Gun”

This NCO is leading a fighting patrol out into “No Man’s Land”.


EA069 “Aussie Bren Gunner”

The Bren Light Machine Gun was one of the mainstays of the British and Empire forces. Our Aussie has it slung over his shoulder.


EA070 “Aussie Advancing w/ Rifle”

With slouch-hat on head and bayonet fixed this particular Aussie is ready for a fight.


EA071 “Aussie on Guard”


EA072 “Bringing up Supplies”

A “Digger” and his pack mule bring up extra ammo to the front line. A great little set!


EA073 “Aussie w/Rifle at the Trail”

Another member of the fighting patrol.


EA074 “Dead Afrika Korps


AVAILABLE: Mid-January



A unique version of the Me.109… this crash- landed 109 belongs to Franz Von Werra, the only German pilot to successfully escape from Allied captivity and finally make it back to Germany in early 1941. Von Werra made a successful “wheels-up” landing in Kent, England during the Battle of Britain in 1940. After several failed escape attempts he was transported to Canada where he did finally escape into the U.S. before heading to Mexico. Then he journeyed through Brazil across the Atlantic to Spain and eventually Germany. His exploits were filmed as “The One That Got Away” starring Hardy Kruger.


LW045 “Franz von Werra’s Me 109”

Just 250 of this model are being made.


FOB071 “Standing Bobby”

Another of the member of the “Constabulary” going about his daily duty.


FOB076 “Tommy on Guard”

This “Tom” (Standard British infantryman) on guard duty… outside a barracks or next to a downed Messerschmitt… you choose!


FOB078 “Prisoner & Escort”

A wounded Von Werra being assisted by another British soldier.


AVAILABLE: Mid-January


D.    “Ancient Egypt

A brand-new Sphinx… when we retired the last version we did not realize how useful or requested this item would be. So, we’ve come up with an all-new version.

AE046 “Sphinx”




E.     “The Fall of Singapore

On February 15,1942, Singapore fell. Once regarded as Britain’s imperial bastion in the Far East its capture by the Japanese was the largest capitulation of British and Empire Forces in either World War. Britain’s own Prime Minister Winston Churchill called it “the worst disaster” and “biggest surrender” in British history. 70 years later few would disagree with either statement.

So, why remember it? Or even commemorate the fateful anniversary? Well it’s always easy to celebrate victories… but it’s just as important to remember defeats and learn from them important lessons. Too often defeats and setbacks can be easily forgotten and overlooked in history but this particular defeat taught the British (and others) many valuable lessons in how to fight and eventually defeat the seemingly invincible Japanese.

It also threw up one of the iconic photo images of WW2…. The Surrender Party of tall, lean British officers carrying a white flag and the Union Jack making their way to meet their Japanese opponents’ commander, General Yamashita at the Ford Motor Factory on the outskirts of the city of Singapore itself.

K&C has produced two small unique sets to mark the 70th. Anniversary of that fateful day on February 15, 1942…


FOB079 Singapore Surrender”

Three senior British officers, two with flags, advance towards the Japanese lines.


FOB080 “General Yamashita and Major Sugita”

Japanese commander, General Tomoyuki Yamashita, the “Tiger of Malaya,” together with his interpreter Major Sugita.


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late January


F.     “Moving Burdens”

This little cart pulled by two oxen was originally designed for K&C’s “Life of Jesus” series however, as you can see from some photos, it can be utilized in a wide variety of historic eras and times…


LOJ020 “The Ox Cart”


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late January



Chinese New Year takes place in and around February so we like to spring a few surprises to liven up the proceedings… so here are some things you might have seen… and a few you have not!


A.     “Napoleon ventures deeper into Egypt

Four more additions to this colourful series which is proving to be one of K&C’s most popular…


NE011 “Mounted Infantryman?”

This generally-proportioned soldier has decided to make use of a local donkey to carry him into battle…


NE013 “The Laughing Drummer Boy”

This young lad is much amused by the antics of his donkey-riding comrade.


NE016 “Standing Napoleon”

Another study of the young General Bonaparte based on an original painting by famed military and historical artist Jean-Leon GEROME.


NE017 “Watching French Officer”

This casually- dressed officer of Guides, hands clasped behind his back, observes the wonders of Ancient Egypt.


AVAILABLE: Early February


B.     “DANGER UXB!”

“Danger UXB” stands for “ Danger Unexploded Bomb” and was also the title of a popular British television drama series of the late 1970’s. The series told the story of a group of Royal Engineers tasked with the difficult and highly dangerous job of defusing unexploded bombs dropped by Goering’s Luftwaffe on British cities during the Blitz and afterwards.

Thanks to the assistance of one of K&C’s most loyal UK collectors, Rob Wilson I was able to obtain a complete boxed set of DVD’s of the series. As soon as I saw it I was determined to make a small “Fields of Battlegroup of figures to honour these brave men.


FoB069 “Bomb Disposal Tilly

Among the vehicles most used by the UXB teams was the little Austin Tilly. This latest “Series 250” version has a new paint-scheme, with the bright red mudguards of all bomb disposal vehicles and… a male Royal Engineers “Sapper” driver.

Just 250 have been produced.


FoB072 “Danger UXB”

A Kneeling Royal Engineers officer closely examines an unexploded German bomb. Note the “bomb disposal” badge on his left sleeve.


FoB073 “Sapper Sergeant”

A standing R.E. sergeant, hands clasped behind his back, observes his officer at work.


FoB074 “Sappers at work”

As one of the Engineers listens on his head set to any “ticking” of the bomb timing mechanism the other, in shirt sleeves, goes forward to clear some more debris away from the bomb site.


FoB075 “Blitz Police Constable”

Holding a sign in one hand warning the public this constable prevents curious onlookers from getting too near the bomb-site.


AVAILABLE: Early February



The War in the Western Desert of North Africa between 1940 and 1943 is a fertile playground for K&C enthusiasts who collect Britain’s Eighth Army and Rommel’s legendary Afrika KorpsHere are the upcoming AK releases for February…

AK085 “Daimler Dingo Armoured Car (Afrika Korps version)” Series 250

As most AK collectors already know Rommel’s forces were always drastically short of men, vehicles and supplies. However they were very adept at making much use of captured enemy vehicles, weapons and equipment whenever and wherever they could lay their hands on them…

This former British vehicles although well-used and battle-weary has received large, prominent German crosses painted on it as well as a Nazi swastika flag pinned on top of its rear engine cover for aircraft recognition purposes.

The model also includes an Afrika Korps driver as well as a separate MG34 machine gun.


AK086 “General Ludwig Cruwell

Ludwig Cruwell was a senior Afrika Korps general under Erwin Rommel. Awarded the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves for bravery, he was captured by the British when his spotter plane mistook British troops for Italian soldiers and landed near them by mistake.


AK087 “AK Photographer”

This AK soldier captures a “moment in time”.


AK088 “AK Feldwebel

AK089 “AK Hot and Thirsty”

This panzer officer is feeling the heat!


AK090 “AK Rifleman”


AVAILABLE: Early February



One of the unexpected but great surprises of our BERLIN ‘38” series was the huge popularity of the Kriegsmarine sailors on parade. So, we thought we would add a few more…


LAH158 “KM Drum Major”

LAH159 “KM Drummer”

LAH160 “KM Fifer

LAH161 “KM Singing Sailor”

Belting out a traditional German marching song as he parades by.


LAH162 “KM Kettle Drummer”

LAH163 “KM Naval Trumpeter


AVAILABLE: Mid February


E.     “A Few More French Crusaders”

As promised here are three more additions to our French Crusaders…

MK086 “Mounted Templar d rawing Sword”

MK087 “French Knight with Lance”

Lowering his lance and preparing to do battle…


MK089 “Sergeant-at-Arms w/ double-handed Sword”


AVAILABLE: Late February/ Early March



As usual, these days, a fair number of retirals to help make way for the newer releases… If you like ‘em – grab ‘em! They are great value!


AK059 “Control Tower”

AL006 “Dismounted Australian Lighthorseman

BBG038 “Gun Crew Set No.1”

BBG046 “Gun Crew Set No.2”

HK077 “The Street Book Seller Set”

MK043 “Saracen w/ Lance Down”

MK044 “Saracen w/ Lance Up”

RAF010 “MG Sports Car Set”

WS136 “General & Adjutant”

WS137 “Discussing the War”

WS142 “ Cossack Feldgendarmerie with Prisoner”

WS143 “Mounted Cossack Officer w/ Sword”

WS144 “Mounted Cossack Scout”

WS145 “Mounted Cossack Holding Rifle (Looking Right)”

WS146 “Mounted Cossack Holding Rifle (Looking Left)”

WS147 “Standing Cossack and Horse”

WS148 “Mounted Cossack Pointing”

WS149 “Dismounted Cossack NCO”

WS150 “General Helmut Von Pannwitz


And that my friends… is that for another month. Once more, I hope you had a joyful Christmas and let’s all hope for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year… All the very best!




Andy C. Neilson

Co- Founder & Creative Director

King & Country