2010… The beginning of a brand-new year and, we hope, the continuing comeback from the depths of the recent global recession…

As far as K&C is concerned it’s going to be a great year for collectors and, of course, dealers too. So, let’s get started…



A. “Goering’s Luftwaffe on Parade”

A wee bit late… we thought it would be available in late December but… better late than never. And it’s only by a few days!

This new “add-on” to the BERLIN’38 series has most (if not quite all) of these Luftwaffe airmen on the parade ground in their best uniforms…


LW008Officer with Sword”


LW009 “Marching Officer w/ Flag”


LW010 “Marching Airman w/ Rifle”


LW011 “Standing Airman presenting arms”


LW012 “Standing Officer Saluting”


LW013 “Standing Airman w/ Rifle”


LW014 “Walking Officer”


LW015 “Standing at Attention”


LW016 “Luftwaffe General Erhard Milch

Originally a friend of Herman Goering, Milch owed a lot to the Reichsmarschall. He was thought to be half-Jewish yet still achieved high rank in the Luftwaffe. Eventually he fell out of favour but still managed to survive both the war and a brief spell as a jailed war criminal. He died in 1972.


LW017 “Major Gunther Rall

This is the second sculpt we have made of this outstanding fighter pilot. Gunther Rall (1918-2009) was the third most successful fighter ace in history with 275 victories (241 on the Eastern Front). He flew over 600 combat missions, was shot down 8 times and wounded 3.

He claimed all of his victories in the Me.109.

After the war he rejoined the “new” Luftwaffe in 1955 rising to the rank of Generalleutnant before retiring. In 2004 he wrote his memoirs and died, aged 91 earlier in 2009.


Available NOW!


B. “Down to earth with a bang!”

From battles in the air during WW2 to battles on the ground during the Age of NapoleonL’artillerie à pied”… “Foot Artillery”.


Napoleon often said that “artillery is the key to most successful battles”. And, to that effect K&C is releasing five very useful (and adaptable) sets add to your field artillery gun line.


NA195 “Cannon Set”

Three different “Line Artillerymen” serve a classic 12-pounder cannon. All are wearing the uniform of 1813-1815.


NA196 “Artillery Command Set”

A standing saluting NCO awaits orders from his mounted officer.


NA197 “Alternative Gun Crew”

These three extra figures can be added or combined to form a larger gun crew or to serve NA198 “The French Howitzer”.


NA198 “The French Howitzer”

The short, stubby barrel is easily recognized as a 6 inch Howitzer. It utilizes the same standard gun carriage as the 12-pounder cannon.


NA199 “Classic Napoleon”

Bonaparte in his usual battlefield dress of gray greatcoat over his Chasseur a Cheval green uniform. The Emperor surveys the scene.


AVAILABILITY:   Early January


C. “From Waterloo to Waterless!”

Now we fly you to the barren, arid wastes of North Africa during WW2… with our very latest British 8th. Army releases.


EA040 “Major Paddy Mayne S.A.S.”

“Paddy” Mayne was one of the true legends of WW2… The winner of no less than 4 D.S.O.’s he served with the Special Air Service almost from the formation of the Regiment.

Brave… bold… and sometimes reckless “Paddy” Mayne was responsible for personally destroying over 130 German and Italian aircraft on raids on Axis airfields. While fighting he could be superb… out of the line he could be extremely difficult. A complex but very brave soldier.

Here he’s dressed in typical casual S.A.S. Desert style.


EA041 “Universal Carrier”

One of the war’s most famous British vehicles these little carriers usually mounted a Bren Gun… Ours however has adopted the heavier, belt-fed Vickers Machine Gun. In 7th.Armoured Division markings (“The Desert Rats”) it comes with 2 crew.


EA042 “The Desert Bentley”

How this pre war “touring Bentley” came to end up with the S.A.S is interesting… it was won in a poker game in Alexandria. Originally owned by a wealthy British Cavalry officer he lost it (along with a great deal of money) to a friend of “Paddy” Mayne’s. When “Paddy” saw it he had S.A.S mechanics overhaul it… repaint it… and customize it (guns and all) for Desert operations.

K&C’s version comes with a seated S.A.S. driver.


AVAILABILITY:   Early January


D. “Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder…”
From the sun bleached desert to the gray and rainswept skies over Britain in 1943…

K&C’s various Air Force series have, so far, focused mainly on the German Luftwaffe and British Royal Air Force… We feel it’s about time the YANKS had a go as well… And here they are… nine sets of figures and individuals plus an iconic U.S. fighter plane…


AF003 “Captain Brett Cutler”

This good-looking officer with movie star style is wearing the popular “Burberry Trench Coat” to ward off the damp and cold British weather. He’s also sporting a crushed “50-Mission” hat as well.


AF004 “Air Force MP’s

Two, at attention, U.S. Military Policemen, easily identified by the arm brassards and all-white uniform accoutrements.


AF005 “Crew Chief”

A saluting NCO in service dress, clipboard in hand.


AF006 “Army Air Corps Mechanics”

Three different GI’s going about their usual tasks on a busy airfield.


AF007 “Lt. Dick Rabb

By D. Day this young fighter “jock” had 12 “kills” to his credit flying a plane called “HOT PANTS”.


AF008 “The New Boy”

A newly-commissioned officer prepares to join his first squadron… always a nervous time.


AF009 “Flying Cowboy”

Capt. Nick “Cowboy” Magura with 11 “kills” demonstrates with his hands how he shot down his latest victim.


AF010 “Pointing MP”

This “snowdrop” indicating the way around the airfield.


AF011 “P.51B “Mustang””

This 1:30 scale polystone and metal model pays tribute to what many consider to be the finest fighter plane of WW2… the North American P.51 “Mustang”. Our “B” model aircraft is the razor-back version and is in the personal markings of Major (later Colonel) James H. Howard of the 354th.Fighter Group. Howard’s “DING HAO” (The Best) sports 6 German “kills” plus 6 Japanese ones. Maj. Howard flew with the American “Flying Tigers” in China before America entered the war. He was the only U.S. fighter pilot in the European Theatre of Operations to win the Congressional Medal of Honour.

Our model comes with “gear down” and a figure of Maj. Howard in the cockpit.


P.P.* Special Note: Just 500 of this particular model are being produced


*P.P. Planned Production




E. “RAF Nissan/ Quonset Hut”

RAF014 “Nissen/ Quonset Hut”

This is the perfect diorama/ accessory building for these new USAAF figures and aircraft.




F. “The Real Old West”

From Americans fighting in the air in the mid 20th.Century to other Americans fighting in the “Old West” of the 1850’s


TRW009 “Standing Firing Dragoon”

A dismounted Dragoon takes careful aim with his carbine.


TRW010 “Dismounted Dragoon w/Pistol”

Another foot Dragoon… pistol in one hand trying hold on to his rearing mount.


TRW011 “Dismounted Dragoon w/Carbine”

Standing next to his wounded horse this Dragoon spins around to face the enemy.


TRW012 “Mounted Dragoon Corporal w/Pistol”


TRW013 “Scout firing Carbine”


TRW014 “Mounted Warrior w/Bow and Arrow”


TRW015 “Mounted Warrior w/Lance”


TRW016 Warrior firing Musket”


TRW017 “Running Warrior w/Carbine”


TRW018 “Charging Warrior w/Axe”


TRW019 “Warrior firing Bow and Arrow”


Note: All of our Indians are painted in Southern Plains Indian style using Comanche… Sioux and Cheyenne references.


AVAILABILITY:   Late January or Early February



Sorry Guys we had hoped to have our Desert Palm Trees available for dispatch this month but alas due to other production priorities we have had to slightly delay the release until March 2010.



A. February for K&C is “KRIEGSMARINE MONTH”… A whole month devoted to something very different… our very first submarine (or U Boot we should say) plus 13 individual figures (including 3 special “personalities”) and two very different vehicles.

Let’s get started…


KM001 “Flag Signaller

Whether on sea or on dry land the ability to make signals using only flags was a time-honoured naval tradition.


KM002KorvettenKapitan Gunther Prien

Gunther Prien was one of the outstanding U Boat aces of the early part of WW2 and the first to win the coveted “Knight’s Cross”. His submarine U47 sank over 200,000 tons of Allied Shipping including the British battleship, “HMS Royal Oak at anchor in Scapa Flow, Britain’s northern fleet anchorage.

Prien and U47 went missing on March 7, 1941 and no official record states how or why he and his U boat were lost. No trace of him or his boat has ever been found!


KM003 “Lookout”

This Kriegsmarine sailor is on watch… padded life jacket, steel helmet and flash hood in place.


KM004 “Naval Field Police”

All branches of the German armed forces had their own “chained-dogs” to enforce base security and discipline.

Our Petty Officer carries both a pistol and a sub-machine gun.


KM005 “Petty Officer with Whistle”


KM006 “Seaman on Guard”

Part of a ship or naval base security detail.


KM007 “Patrolling Seaman”

Same as above… but moving.


KM008 “Radioman”


KM009 “Sentry Duty (Parade Dress)

This sailor is in summer parade uniform.



Our very latest “Strictly Limited” release… the type 127 U Boot “SEEHUND” (The Seal). This was the most successful of Nazi Germany’s mini submarines created during WW2.

Designed in 1944 and operated by a two-man crew the Kriegsmarine operated these boats during the closing nine months of the war.

Each midget U boat carried two “G7e torpedoes” on either side of the hull.

Although a total of 1,000 Seehunds were ordered just 285 entered service. Our K&C model is finished in a typical mottled “leopard” camouflage of sea green on a light sea gray background.

Each boat comes complete with its own special wheeled transport “cradle” and towing rod.


Just 750 of this unique little U Boat are being produced.


KM012 “Admiral Karl Donitz”

A second K&C version of the venerated leader of the Kriegsmarine’s submarine arm. Here the admiral is dressed in his everyday working uniform and stands, arms folded, talking to one of his men.


KM013Korvettenkapitan Otto Kretschmer

Another of Donitz’s most famous U Boat aces, Kretschmer and boats under his command sank almost 300,000 tons of Allied shipping between 1939 and 1941 when he was captured.

He rejoined the Bundesmarine in 1955 finally retiring in 1965 as a “Flotilla Admiral”.

Sadly, he died in a boating accident in 1998.


KM014Kapitanleutnant… shouting”

Wearing typical seagoing uniform this young officer is issuing orders.


KM015 “Submariner”

Wearing a life vest and carrying his toolkit this U boat man is about to board his vessel.


KM016Kriegsmarine BMW327”

This German naval officer sits comfortably in his BMW 327 Sports Car… Is he going on leave or just returning to duty?

AVAILABILITY:   Early/Mid February


KM017 “Sd.Kfz.9 Famo Recovery Vehicle”

More than 2,500 of these heavy recovery vehicles were produced during the war in many various versions. Although most were used in Artillery or Armoured units a fair number were used by the Kriegsmarine to move heavy items around naval bases and dockyards.

Our Famo is in field gray and is designed to pull and position our “SEEHUND” for launching and recovery.

The Driver is included.


A camouflaged Wehrmacht version will also be available later.




B. “Streets of Old Hong Kong
As per usual there’s a few nice offerings for our “Chinese” collectors…


HK183 “The Clown”

Wearing a giant paper mache mask this street clown is a familiar sight at any Chinese celebration.


HK185 “Celebrating Chinese New Year”

A really beautifully detailed set… Two grandparents accept special gifts from their children and one of their grandchildren.

This set includes chairs and exquisite miniature Chinese furniture.


HK186 “Forbidden Delights”

A young child tries to sneak up and get a taste of the delicious food presented on the table. This set also includes four chairs.


HK187 “Gleesome Threesome”

Three little kids… full of mischief.


AVAILABILITY:   Early February


C. “GO… GO… GO!”

It’s time to return to Normandy in 1944 with these two great little sets…


DD122 “Jumping Screaming Eagles”

Two 101st. Airborne paratroopers in all-new poses descend on their fully-deployed canopies… somewhere in Normandy in the early hours of June 6, 1944.


DD123 “Jumping All Americans”

Another two… completely different… US 82nd. Airborne troopers float down somewhere near Ste. Mere Eglise… June 6, 1944.


AVAILABILITY:   Late February or Early March

                                Let’s hope FEB.              



Eh… Absolutely nothing… now that is a surprise!!!



On that cheerful note I’ll say adios for now, hiyo silver and away…

All the best to one and all!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country