February 2020


Hi Guys,


KUNG HEI FAT CHOI”, that’s Cantonese for “Happy Chinese New Year” in this the ‘Year of the Rat’ in the Lunar Calendar.

By the time you read this I will be in Texas meeting up with Laura, Amber and Jesse at Kings X to plan some exciting developments for our San Antonio store later this year.

In the meantime here’s a closer look at what King & Country are going to be releasing this month... So, let’s get on with it...


1.                  BEING RELEASED IN FEBRUARY...

A.                 Walk A Mile In These Shoes!

It’s very appropriate that we are beginning this month’s releases on ‘The Streets of Old Hong Kong’.  Although this colourful and extensive range of figures, buildings and even Dragon Boats is rarely seen in collections in Europe or North America it is hugely popular here in Hong Kong and around Asia... and justly so!


HK291 “The Shoemaker Set

A pair of Chinese custom shoemakers show off their latest efforts to one of their wealthy clients. Everything you see in the photo is included in this great little 3-figure set.

AVAILABLE: Mid February


B.                  ‘ANZAC Artillery’

Guns and gunners of the Royal Australian and Royal New Zealand Artillery were an important component of the ANZAC military commitment to South Vietnam from 1965 to the early 1970’s.

At first they employed the air mobile, Italian designed 105mm Pack Howitzer before converting over to the tried and tested American ‘105’ M2 Field Gun. By changing over to the US Army model spare parts and plenty of ammunition were readily available whenever and wherever required from US Supply Depots in South Vietnam.


VN076 “The ANZAC 105mm Gun & Crew Set

Australian “Diggers” and New Zealand “Kiwis” have fought side-by-side as ANZACS since they were first militarily combined as the ‘Australian and New Zealand Army Corps’ in the early days of WW1.

During both World Wars they wore virtually the same uniforms with only their own unique military head gear to identify them as either ‘Aussie’ or ‘Kiwi’.

By the time of Vietnam their basic combat uniforms were broadly based on British Army tropical climate ‘OD’ (olive drab) of that period. Both armies wore the British-style bush hat.

This brand-new Gun Set shows 3 x gunners stripped to the waist manning their 105mm field piece... A kneeling, fully-clothed NCO watches over the men as they get to work firing and reloading their gun. This little set is a tribute to all ANZAC artillerymen who served in Vietnam.

Special Note: A later release will include a sand-bagged gun emplacement as well as extra shells and empty shell-cases.

AVAILABLE: Early February


C.                  Somewhere in Normandy after D.Day

In the days and weeks following the invasion of June 6, 1944, Allied troops quickly came to appreciate just how deadly and fiercely their German opponents defended their positions and almost brought the American, British and Canadian advance to a grinding halt.

Although vastly outnumbered in the air and even on the ground the German army fought with a grim determination borne of their experience on the battlefields of the Soviet Union and the Italian Front.

Here are two small reinforcements for K&C’s German troops fighting in Normandy.


WH096 “The Normandy Dispatch Rider

A Wehrmacht Dispatch Rider on his Italian-made motor bike halts temporarily to avoid the patrolling Allied fighter bombers that made movement between different German units almost impossible during daylight hours in the Normandy campaign.

The rider himself is a veteran of the fighting in Italy as he wears Italian-pattern camouflage trousers.


WH098 “Panzer Lehr Command Vehicle

One of the most famous German Panzer divisions taking part in the Battle of Normandy was the “Panzer Lehr”... Originally formed in Germany from training and demonstration troops (‘Lehr’ means ‘teach’) to provide additional armoured support for the anticipated Allied invasion of Europe. The division was in France when the invasion finally happened.

Here, you see the ‘Normandy’ version of our SdKfz 250/3 ‘Command Vehicle’ in typical 3-colour camouflage of the period. Inside the vehicle are 2 x full-body figures – a driver and a radio operator.

AVAILABLE: Mid February


D.                 Scots Wha Hae

The Scottish Wars of Independence were an ongoing series of military campaigns fought between the Kingdoms of Scotland and England in the late 13th and early 14th centuries.

The wars were part of a great crisis for the Scots and the period when Scotland as a country defined its unique place in the history of the British Isles.

Robert the Bruce (1274-1329) became its most famous warrior king by successfully defeating the English Army under the command of Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 thereby helping to create the establishment of an independent Scottish kingdom.

Thirteen years later, in 1327, Edward’s son, Edward III renounced all claims to the Scottish kingdom and Scotland finally stood alone and proud... at least for a few hundred years.


MK200 “Robert the Bruce

This mounted figure of “The Bruce” is closely modeled on the actual monument designed by Charles Pilkington Jackson which overlooks the battlefield of Bannockburn near Stirling in Scotland.

Unveiled by Her Majesty The Queen in 1964 it shows Bruce mounted on his mighty warhorse and holding a battleaxe in his right hand.

Colourful, dramatic and impressive it makes a worthy addition to K&C’s other medieval Scottish warriors.

AVAILABLE: Mid-Late February


E.                  To the last bullet... and the last man

From a battlefield in medieval Scotland to another battlefield in southeast Montana Territory...

Three small but exciting releases for our “Real West” series depicting Custer’s Last Stand at the Battle of Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876...


TRW165 “The Last Aimed Shot

A dismounted 7th Cavalry trooper uses his horse as cover as he takes careful aim with his carbine at one of his Indian opponents.


TRW166 “Die Longknife!

Two Cheyenne ‘Dog Soldiers’ hack mercilessly at another unfortunate U.S. Cavalry trooper. (3 x figure set)


TRW167 “Fighting To The End

Back-to-back, these two wounded troopers must know their end is near but still they are determined to put up a fight to the last... (2 x figure set)

AVAILABLE: Mid-Late February


F.                  “In The Age of Napoleon”

Two senior officers and a mounted Aide de Camp gallop alongside their earlier released Emperor and some of his favourite generals.


NA441 “Galloping Aide de Camp

Resplendent in his dark blue uniform and sporting the distinctive red and gold armband of one of the Emperor’s own select band of ADC’s this officer must stay close to the great man himself in order to be on hand to deliver any and all kinds of important messages and instructions.


NA443 “General Jean-Pierre Doumerc

Jean-Pierre Doumerc (1767-1847) joined a French cavalry unit at the beginning of the French revolution and rapidly rose to command an entire ‘Cuirassier’ regiment by the time Napoleon came to power.

During the wars and campaigns of the Emperor, Documerc first led cavalry brigades and later divisions in many of the most important battles of that era.

Our K&C representation shows him wearing the extravagant general’s bicorn atop his senior Cuirassier officer’s uniform and metal breastplate.


NA445 “General Jean-Baptiste Bessieres

Bessieres (1768-1813) was a Marshal of the Empire during the Napoleonic era.

A great personal friend of the Emperor he campaigned with him in Italy and Egypt before becoming a senior cavalry commander of Napoleon’s own Guard Cavalry.

He subsequently went on to take part in many other notable battles and campaigns in Europe before being killed in action in 1813.

Bessieres was not of high birth but adopted the manners and style of a gentleman.  He typically wore the distinctive green uniform of his original regiment ‘Guides of the Army of Italy’ and wore his hair long and ‘powdered’ in the style of the ‘Ancien Regime’... And that’s how we have portrayed him.


NA453 “The Apple Seller

Armies of Napoleon’s time relied on most of their food being supplied, bought or stolen from whichever country or community they were marching through.  This young woman has a basketful of fresh apples to sell to the soldiers as they pass through or near her family orchard.

AVAILABLE: Mid February


G.                 “On The Streets of Olde London”

A third version of our very popular horse transport from the time of Sherlock Holmes... or Charles Dickens.


WOD067 “The Green Hansom Cab Set”

As stated before another very useful addition to any street scene in Olde London.

AVAILABLE: Early February


H.                 The Big Bamboo

Bamboo can be found all over Asia and is frequently used for buildings as well as a food source and for raw materials.  Bamboo has a higher specific comprehensive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals even steel.

It’s also an essential part of any diorama that features K&C’s WW2 Japanese and US Marines as well as our Vietnam War ranges... Now you can purchase bags of various length, 1:30 scale bamboo stalks to give your jungle displays that extra touch of authenticity...


SP110 “Bamboo Pack

9 x lengths of Bamboo in three approx. different sizes(16.5cm, 13cm, 12cm or 6.5”, 5.25”,4.5”).  And at a great value price!

AVAILABLE: Early February


2.                  BEING RETIRED...

As per usual here is what is disappearing.... Grab it while you can!

HOC001   Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

IF030     Italian Officer of Askaris

LAH221   The SS Marriage Set

RAF035   Typhoon Pilot

RAF036   Sergeant

RAF073   Wing Commander Bob Stanford-Tuck

WH003   Out of Danger

WH034   Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus

WH048   WW2 Wehrmacht Sitting Soldiers

WH068   Tank Repair Commander

WH072   Death in Berlin


3.                  End-Of-The-Run Remainders

Every single month throughout the year, King & Country introduces a whole raft of new releases for collectors and dealers all over the world.

At the same time we also retire older items. Often these are snapped up as well however, in a number of cases, we still have some items remaining that we wish to offer collectors and dealers at some very attractive prices in order to make space for our incoming inventory. So our loss is your gain!

Here is the first selection... Available while stocks last!



Sd. Kfz. 234/1 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen


US Military Policeman


US Armoured Jeep


Humber Heavy Utility




Valentine MK III




"US M20 Armoured Car"


Dead And Gone


Kneeling with Rifle


"A Quick Knee to the Groin"


War Paint


Panzerjager 1


The German Tent


The English Tent


And as the old cartoons used to say... “That’s All For Now, Folks!”

Hope you find something for you here...


All the best and happy collecting,

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country Ltd.