February 2018


WELCOME TO THE SECOND ‘DISPATCHES’ of 2018 and one of the most diverse... In this month’s release we will take you on a journey from Poland in the earliest days of the Second World War to the ancient stones and sands of the Middle East in the summer of 1967.

We will stay in the Middle East by moving to Egypt and Libya twenty five years earlier before travelling on to pre war Nazi Germany and the parade grounds of Nuremberg...

From there we return a century earlier to the Field of Waterloo in Belgium before then crossing the Atlantic and ending up in the spectacular canyons and towering stone cliffs of America’s southwestern states of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.  Finally, we will travel to Hong Kong and explore the streets there.

To get your ‘Toy Soldier’ passport stamped simply read on ...



A.         Fields of Battle’ presents POLAND 1939.

On September 1, 1939 Hitler launched his armies on his neighbor Poland in a dazzling and deadly military display of combined arms that came to be known as “Blitzkrieg” or... ‘Lightning War’.

As vast columns of fast moving German armour smashed across the Polish frontier aerial armadas of ‘Stuka’ dive bombers, Heinkel, Junkers and Dornier bombers backed up by swarms of Messerschmitt fighters roamed and ruled the skies above.

Descending from the clouds the German Luftwaffe bombed and strafed both the Polish military and civilians alike with merciless accuracy and devastating effect.  Most of the Polish Air Force was destroyed in the first few days... both in the sky and on the ground.  Long columns of civilian refugees were also attacked as they fled causing all kinds of mayhem and delays to the Polish troops attempting to make their way forward to battle the enemy.

One particular part of the Polish Army however was able to avoid much of the confusion and chaos of the roads... Poland’s famed Cavalry.

These mounted regiments and brigades could travel ‘cross country’ and use the woods and forests to provide ample cover from the eagle eyes of the German aviators.

What this meant was that, on some occasions, they had the element of surprise with them when they came upon German armour and infantry that had halted to replenish supplies or had simply gone too far ahead of their support elements.

Time and again Polish Cavalry charged forward with lance and sabre following in the centuries-old tradition of Poland’s famous horsemen.  It’s no coincidence that Napoleon himself considered his Polish Lancers among his finest Light Cavalry regiments.

King & Country’s latest mounted figures portray these proud Polish Lancers at their bravest taking the fight to the hated invader...

FoB158 “Polish Cavalry Officer w/Sword

Sabre held aloft this brave officer leads his men directly at the enemy.

FoB159 “Polish Flagbearer

Carrying a swallow-tailed pennant bearing the Polish eagle and the country’s national colours this trooper follows his officer.

FoB161 “The First Casualty

Although caught by surprise the Germans are certainly not unarmed... Enemy bullets cut down one trooper and his horse.

FoB162 “The Charging Lancer

Stretching his lance before him this trooper aims to ‘spear’ at least one of the invaders!


These first four Polish cavalrymen are only the ‘advance guard’... Three more cavalry figures will follow next month.

AVAILABLE: Mid February



IDF010 “Israeli Para w/GPMG

One of the most important weapons in the Israeli armory was the Belgian-designed and manufactured FN General Purpose Machine Gun.  Produced and in operation since the early 1960’s this belt-fed, man-carried gun has been used and operated by many of the world’s leading armies.

Here, our paratrooper walks forward with it ready, if required, to fire ‘from the hip’ if necessary... Great backup for his squad.

IDF012 “Sitting Sniper

This Israeli ‘specialist’ is utilizing an American M14 rifle fitted with a ‘sniper scope’.  The Israelis liked the M14 because it also fired the same 7.62mm round as their FN rifles and GPMG.

IDF013 “Crouching Para

Taking cover but still battle-ready with his FN self-loading rifle.

IDF014 “Kneeling and Taking Aim

IDF018 “Moving Forward

IDF019 “Over Here!

An UZI-armed squad leader directs his men.

AVAILABLE: Mid February


C.          “AT LAST THE FOLGORE!”

For several years now, many of K&C’s Italian collectors have been urging us to  produce some of these famous fighting figures for use in their ‘DESERT DISPLAYS’ of the war in North Africa...

Well, here are some to begin with, including a much requested Italian vehicle to accompany them.

IF041 “Kneeling Machine Gunner

Crouching behind his ‘Breda M37 machine gun’ this Folgore paratrooper takes careful aim at the enemy.


It’s an unfair assumption that ALL Italian soldiers during WW2 were badly-led, under-equipped and ill-suited to military life...

Among the finest WW2 soldiers of that conflict were the paratroopers of the ‘Folgore’ airborne division.  Their ‘esprit de corps’ and fighting abilities were praised and valued by none other than Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, who considered them some of the best and most reliable in the Afrika Korps.

IF042 “Folgore Fire Team(3-man set)

A kneeling NCO firing his Beretta sub machine gun is ably supported by 2 x riflemen... Note the specially designed loose and practical uniforms worn by the Folgore and their Italian paratroop helmets.


IF043 “Folgore Grenadier

An extra paratrooper prepares to hurl a grenade at the opposition.

IF044 “The Desert Sahariana

The SPA-Viberti AS.42 Sahariana was the most famous Italian reconnaissance vehicle of WW2.  Specially-designed for desert operations it had four-wheel steering and ample space for extra fuel, water and ammunition.

Its origins go back to requests from Italian forces operating in North Africa for a long range, highly manoeuvrable vehicle able to perform duties and tasks similar to those used by the British ‘Long Range Desert Group

It could be fitted with an array of different weapons... Our K&C model includes a 20mm Breda cannon as well as a German machine gun.

Although primarily used in the Desert a number were shipped to the Eastern Front and operated by both Italian and German troops there.

AVAILABLE: Mid to Late February



It’s a long way from the Middle East to the Far East but we will make the jump anyway... with “Streets of Old Hong Kong”.

As many collectors of this colourful series already know we like to update and upgrade our paint schemes from time to time and the popular “Streets” series allows us to do this occasionally...

Here’s the newest ones...

HK274 “The Wine Waiter

Carefully balancing his tray of drinks this waiter moves towards his waiting customers.

HK278 “The Wine Shop Customers

Two diners, one with his small son, enjoy some delicious food and a cup or two of fine wine as they relax in the evening.

AVAILABLE: Early February



If any collector has seen Leni Riefenstahl’s epic documentary film “TRIUMPH OF THE WILL” they will remember the carefully staged scenes of the “Reichsarbeitsdienst(RAD) Reich Labour Service on parade in the middle of the film.

One of the ways the Nazis helped solve Germany’s huge unemployment problem was to ‘draft’ young men into huge construction and public works battalions to build roads, dams, bridges, buildings and other structures that would serve the state and public alike.

Men would serve between 6 months and 2 years doing this kind of work within a highly regimented and organized units spread the length and breadth of the country... All under the control and auspices of the Nazi Party.  After completing their stint in the RAD they were often then inducted into military service.

With the Nazi love for uniforms of all kinds... the RAD had their own unique style of dress and headgear with ceremonial, highly-polished spades and shovels replacing rifles and machine guns!

LAH104 “Reichsarbeitsführer Konstantin Hierl (Reich labour leader)

Hierl led the RAD almost from its foundation in the early 1930’s and during WW2.

This particular figure is a re-issue from a previously released one and is perfect to review these new pieces.

LAH230 “RAD on Parade

Standing ‘at-ease’ with his ceremonial, highly-polished shovel in front you can see the distinctive RAD headgear as well as their brown-shaded uniform.

LAH231 “RAD Marchpast

Same uniform and accessories as LAH230 but marching past the saluting platform.

LAH232 “RAD Banner Bearer

A junior RAD leader carrying one of the RAD’s own colourful flags.

LAH233 “Saluting RAD Leader

One hand holding his RAD ceremonial dagger his other raised in the Nazi salute the senior leader also marches past.

AVAILABLE: Early February



Here are three fine and useful additions to our K&C version of the Old Guard’s last stand at Waterloo...

NA389 “Officer Firing Pistol

Standing sabre in hand and taking a final shot at the advancing British.

NA398 “Sitting Wounded

Resting on one arm this wounded Guardsman still holds onto his rifle.

NA402 “Old Guard Casualty

This figure captures the moment when a Guardsman is fatally shot!

AVAILABLE: Mid-Late February due to Chinese New Year


G.         “SADDLE UP!”

From the lush, green, blood-soaked field of Waterloo to the dry, desert vistas

of America’s Southwest in the 1880’s

TRW128 “Capt. Nathan Brittles

Another, fine addition to our ‘John Ford Cavalry’ series this one depicts a character from “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon”.  As you can see this officer is wearing his cavalry coat and cape and stands ready with both pistol and sword.

AVAILABLE: Early February


2.          BEING RETIRED...

As per usual... as new ones arrive some others are about to leave... Grab ‘em while you can!

AK086             General Ludwig Cruwell

AK089             AK Hot & Thirsty

AL052              Hang On Mate!

BBA053           Walking Sergeant

BBG084           Panther G (Late Production/Winter Version)

FW157             British Mk.IV Tank

NA259             Officer Charging

NA260             Charging Bugler

NA261             Guidon Bearer

NA262             Charging w/ Sword to the Rear

NA263             Charging w/ Sword Down     

NA264             Charging Sword Up

NA272             Royal Marine Officer Commanding

WS282            Coastal Gun Officer

WS283            Kneeling Soldier w/Field Radio


And so we come to the end of February’s ‘DISPATCHES’... Best wishes to one and all and ... happy collecting and great sales!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country Ltd.