February 2016


Already February is upon us and here in Hong Kong it’s cold, wet and grey… Certainly not as bad as our friends in North America have just experienced with snow storms and blizzards… so for that we must be grateful.

However in a week’s time it will be “CHINESE NEW YEAR” and that is always cause for celebration and good cheer… And this particular year it is “The Year of the Monkey”… So, I hope it’s a happy one!

Anyway while we’re waiting for the fireworks to begin… Here’s a few of our own to start the ball rolling…



A.     “A Big Welcome to the Bent-Wing Bird!”

As K&C moves further into WW2 in the Pacific and South East Asia there is one American fighter aircraft that will forever be associated with that mighty struggle against the military forces of the Empire of Japan… The Chance Vought F4U Corsair.

Nicknamed the “bent-wing bird” this U.S. fighter saw service with both the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy. In addition it flew with Britain’s Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Postwar it flew on with the USMC in Korea (1950-53) and the French Aeronavale during the conflicts in IndochinaAlgeria… and the Suez Operation. It also served with several South American nations.

Our first-released version is, however, a Corsair flown by one of the most famous USMC “aces”Major Gregory “Pappy” Boyington.


AF032 “USMC F4U Corsair”

This model is painted in the style and markings of one of the F4U’s flown by “Pappy” Boyington while he commanded Marine Squadron VMF-214.

The three-tone colour scheme is typical of the 1942/43 period and has Boyington’s girlfriend’s name Lucybelle, painted just under the cockpit along with 16 of his eventual 26 “kill markings”.

This model comes complete with the standing "Pappy" Boyington figure. Please note this figure is also available individually.


PLEASE NOTE: Just 250 of this Boyington Corsair” are being released… Other versions will follow.


AF033 “Lieut. Chris Magee USMC”

Another top ace of VMF-214 was Chris Magee (1917-1995) a colourful character credited with 9 “kills” he was awarded the Navy Cross.

After the war he dabbled in bootlegging and flew for Israel in the 1948 War of Independence. With his rakish moustache, baseball cap and easy grin he was a popular member of the squadron.


AF034 “Lieut. (later Lieut. Col.) John Bolt USMC”

One more “pilot” of VMF-214 was John Bolt (1921-2004), a double ace with 6 victories in the Pacific War followed by 6 “kills” in the Korean Conflict. Here, he demonstrates how he shot down one of his Zero opponents.


AF035 “Airstrip Leathernecks”

Two battle-worn “Mud-Marines” on guard duty to protect these precious F4U’s on their island airstrip.

One carries the trusty “Garand M1… the other the Winchester Model 1912 shotgun… better known as the “Trench Gun”.


AF038 “VMF-214 Signpost”

“Pappy” Boyington was well-known for his “salty” language and sense of humour and irreverent attitude to authority… This little squadron sign personifies it!


AF039 “Maj. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington USMC”

To say that “Pappy” (1912-1988) had a chequered military career would be a slight exaggeration.

A hell-raiser and defiant of authority by nature he was also a fine pilot and a born-leader. His active flying services took him to China where he flew with the “Flying Tigers” and also to the Pacific where he led VMF-214 and shot down the majority of his Japanese “kills”.

Among his many awards were the “Medal of Honor” and the “Navy Cross”. He was eventually promoted to full colonel before retiring from the Marine Corps in 1947.


AVAILABLE: Mid February


B.      “Heading Back to Dunkirk!”

Six more French “Poilus” from the Fall of France head for the beaches… and, hopefully, safety.


FOB127 “Dog-Tired”

Two of the French soldiers moving back.


FOB128 “Friends helping Friends”

As one French soldier carries his wounded buddy another carries their rifles. 3 figure set.


FOB129 “Down… but not quite out”

Another single French “Poilu” trudges onward.


AVAILABLE: Early February


C.      First World War Fragments

From 1940 we go back to 1916 with these six releases…


FW159 “Stretcher Case”

A seriously wounded British “Tommy”, covered by his Army greatcoat awaits medical treatment.


FW166 “Wounded Prisoner & Escort”

A German Prisoner-of-War is helped along to the nearest Aid Station by his British guard.


FW177 “Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Corps”

Here, a British Army nurse dispenses medicine.


FW178 “Poilus Walking Wounded”

Two “horizon bleu” Poilus returning from battle.


FW218 “Lieut. Col. Winston Churchill”

After his resignation from the government, following the Dardanelles debacle, Winston rejoined the Army and was appointed Commanding Officer of the 6th Btn. Royal Scots Fusiliers in France.

Here he is shown wearing a French “Adrian” type steel helmet along with the Scottish style military jacket and jodhpurs and puttees.


FW220 “Have a Smoke, Mate!”

Tobacco provided one of life’s small pleasures in the mud and blood of the trenches of the Western Front. Two Tommies enjoy a smoke break.


AVAILABLE: Mid February



Four more French Line Artillerymen to join our previously released figures.


NA330 “Drummer”


NA333 “Armed Gunners”

2 Line Artillerymen with muskets.


NA334 “Line Officer w/ Telescope”


NA335 “Gunner w/ Server’s Pouch”

This soldier with the large cowhide pouch containing ‘charges’ for the gun.


AVAILABLE: Mid February


E.      “Back to the Little Big Horn”

Three Indian warriors plus three named “personalities” of the famous battle.


TRW084(P) “Flying Hawk”

A kneeling warrior complete with buffalo head dress and a captured cavalry carbine.


TRW085(P) “Grey Fox”

A sitting wounded Indian with warshield and Winchester repeating rifle. From someone, somewhere he has acquired an old Confederate Army tunic.


TRW086(P) “Bear Cub”

One of the youngest participants in the battle… just 13… but with bow and arrow and ready to fight for his tribe and family.


TRW087 “Captain Frederick Benteen

One of the most controversial figures of the battle… He and his command were supposed to ride to Custer’s aid… He held back, preferring to support Major Marcus Reno’s beleaguered position than ride forward to almost certain death with Custer.

Although he lived to tell the tale his military career was effectively over.


TRW088 “Major Marcus Reno”

At the same time Custer and his men attacked the great Indian village, Reno and his troops were supposed to mount their own diversionary attack on a different part of the village.

Forced to retreat to up above the village the attackers soon found themselves under attack from all sides. As stated earlier Benteen now joined them to reinforce their position.

Reno’s career and military career suffered a similar fate to Benteen.


TRW089 “Bugler John Martin”

Corporal / Bugler John Martin, was an Italian-American soldier who was attached to Custer’s force that attacked the great Indian village on the Little Big Horn.

Just prior to the fateful charge Custer sent Martin back to Captain Benteen urging him to bring forward reinforcements and more ammunition.

That lone mission undoubtedly saved Martin’s life as Custer and the rest of his 210 man command perished in the coming battle.


AVAILABLE: Early February




WH046 “Battlefield Rescue”

As one soldier almost lapses into unconsciousness his comrade pulls him to safety… the enemy are close on their heels!


AVAILABLE: Early February



Individual weapons and accessories are always welcome to those collectors who enjoy creating their own dramatic scenes and dioramas… especially with WW2 themes.

Here are K&C’s first two small sets…


DD290 “Allied Weapons Set”

Three U.S. Army weapons… A Browning Automatic Rifle, a Thomson SubMachine Gun and an M1 “Garand” Rifle are joined by three famous British guns… the trusty “Bren” Gun… the Lee Enfield .303 and the basic Sten Gun PLUS 2 x U.S. Army Jerricans.


WS321 “German Weapons Set”

Five fine examples of Nazi weaponry include the “classic” MP40, the Schmeisser Machine Pistol… the Panzerfaust, anti tank rocket… the MG34 and MG42 machine guns and the great Kar98 rifle. PLUS, this set also includes 2 x German Jerricans.


AVAILABLE: Early February



Quite a few items this month… Leading off with some “Streets of Old Hong Kong” favourites

Some of these older items will return with a new, revised paint scheme / colours however these particular versions will now be gone.

Here’s the list…



Tangerine Buyer


Shoeshine Stand


Lion Dance Set


Wonton Seller


Fish Seller Set


Sedan Chair Set


The Fisherman


Mother & Child


Mounted Knight Hospitaller


Boris le Batarde


The Trumpeter


Charging Saracen Spearman


Knight Hospitaller w/Axe


Knight w/Double-Handed Sword


Kneeling Officer w/ Pistol & Carbine


Captain Tom Custer


Fresh Milk Today!


"Spoils of War"


Hitler's Bunker


And that is that… On behalf of all of us at King & Country may we wish you and yours “KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!” (Happy Chinese New Year)… Peace and Prosperity to all… and Good Health also.



Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country