“KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!” Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to our second “DISPATCHES” of 2013.

        As usual there might be a few items you were expecting…and a few you were not!  However we always hope there is something you’ll enjoy…seeing and collecting!


1.          What’s appearing this February!

A.            “The Desert Fox’s Reinforcements”

In January we resupplied Monty’s Eighth Army forces so we thought it was only fair that there should some new additions to Rommel’s Afrika Korps

        AK092 “Sd.Kfz.222 Armoured Car”

This third (Afrika Korps) version of a great little German Armoured Car is another of those models that has been much requested by K&C collectors over the years…It has been a long time since we released an last Afrika Korps 222

and here it is.


AK093 “Sd.Kfz.251 Halftrack”

       Another of those “iconic” German fighting vehicles that saw plenty of action on all battle fronts the Wehrmacht were involved in.

       This battle-weary “251” has certainly seen more than its fair share of action as can be seen by its paint-chipped appearance. Our AK version comes with a driver and removable MG34 machine gun.


Special Note: At least two more variations will appear later in 2013.


AK095 “2 cm. Flak 38 Gun Set”

       This little classic 2cm (or 20mm) Flak Gun on its firing mount comes with a seated gunner and is ready for action.  Perfect for any desert airfield.


AK096 “Flak Gun Crew”

       A little 2-man “add-on” set for the Flak Gun… a loader and spotter, both Afrika Korps.



B.       “And now for a different kind of Axis fighting soldier….Eritrean Askaris…..

As regular “Dispatches” readers know once a year K&C release an Italian themed series of figures and vehicles primarily (but not exclusively) aimed at our collectors in Italy.  Well, this year is no exception.  However, we’ve cast our net a wee bit wider to introduce a group of soldiers that some collectors may be less well informed about… Mussolim’s native troops… However to begin with let’s add just one more Carabinieri.


IF028 “Carabinieri Motorcycle Set

This Italian military policeman provides the mobile element to our previously released Carabinieri figures.


IF030 “Italian Officer of Askaris

Italy raised many regiments and battalions of Native Troops to serve in Ethiopia, Somalia and Libya… both before and during the early part of the Second World War… All of them led by Italian officers. This officer is a typical example.


IF031 “Flagbearer Sergeant

Our bearded Eritrean NCO with the 8th Battalion standard carries both rifle and pistol.


IF032 “Charging #1


IF033 “Charging #2


IF034 “Crouching


IF035 “Kneeling Firing


IF036 “Sitting Firing


IF037 “Lying Prone


IF038 “Scouting For The Enemy

       One of the more unusual ways to get a better view of the opposition… This NCO climbs onto the shoulders of one of his men to seek out the enemy.



IF039 “Avanti!

       This corporal urges his men “Forward!


IF040 “Standing Firing Rifle”


Special Note: The Italian Army made extensive use of locally-recruited native troops in Italian East Africa… Almost 200,000 were recruited and comprised mostly infantry, some cavalry and a few light artillery units.

       They are among the most respected and colorful of any in Mussolini’s army.




C.       “The Perfect Backdrop”

No other company produces such a diverse range of both 3 dimensional buildings or facades as K&C. Here’s the latest


SP054  “Café de Normandie

       More than a few years ago we produced an earlier, less detailed (and smaller) version of this.  We decided it was time to revise and revisit this little piece of Normandy.  The newer, bigger and better “Café de Normandie” can be used in a wide variety of settings and scenes both on its own and/or with other facades and buildings.


AVAILABLE : Mid February


D.      “RETURN TO THE CRIMEA” (Part Two)

As promised in December, here is the “Second Release” of our new Crimean War British Infantry of the Line


CR001 “Officer w/Pistol & Sword

       This bearded officer stands ready with his sword and one of those new-fangled American Colt revolvers!


CR002 “Subaltern w/The Queen’s Colour

       Still wearing the Regimental Shako this young officer bravely advances carrying the “Union Jack.”


CR012 “The Rescue

       This soldier carries a wounded officer to safety…


CR013 “The Bugler

       Bugle in one hand, short sword in the other this bugler helps rally his comrades.


CR014 “The Regimental Standard Bearer

       Another Colt-carrying officer with the Regimental Colour.


AVAILABLE : Mid February


2.          APPEARING IN MARCH….

March looks like being a very “eclectic” month for collectors especially when you look at the selection we’ve chosen to release….


A.    “On Parade in Copenhagen”

To any visitor to Denmark’s capitol city the soldier’s of the Royal Life Guards are an “iconic” sight. Everyday they parade from their barracks in central Copenhagen to the Royal Palace to perform Guard Duties protecting the sovereign.

        Usually they wear their dark blue dress uniforms…On very special royal and state occasions they change to their red tunics.

CE010 “Marching Guardsman w/Rifle”

        Our Guardsman steps smartly forward carrying his M1 Garand rifle with fixed bayonet.


CE016-1, CE016-2, CE016-3 “Standing-At-Ease Guardsman”

This at ease figure is also armed with the M1 Garand and fixed bayonet.  The

different codes refers to the three red, white and blue tassels attached to the

sword/bayonets denoting the three separate guard companies that make up the

Public Duties battalion.


                       AVAILABLE : Early March


B.         “Battling Johnny Turk!”

As K&C dealers and collectors already know we have produced a large number of Australian Light Horse figures as part of our depiction of the Battle of Beersheba in 1917.  With the great success of that range we’ve decided to expand and develop more units that also fought in the campaigns in the Middle East during the 1914/18 War.  This first new release focuses on the British infantry


ME001 “Officer w/Pistol & Whistle”

       Leading his men forward this young British officer is armed with his .455 Webley service revolver…and a whistle!


ME002 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”


ME003 “Standing Firing Rifle”


ME004 “Charging”


ME005 “Attacking”


ME006 “Lying Prone Lewis Gunner”

       Providing much needed fire-support is this Lewis Gunner.


Special Uniform Details: All of our new infantry figures belong to the 8th.Btn Lancashire Fusiliers who fought in Egypt, Gallipoli and Palestine during the war.  They are all wearing the tropical solar “topi” sun helment with the regimental flash on the left side.

       The men are wearing a mix of heavy wool tunics (more suitable for the Western Front) and KD (khaki drill) shorts with long sox and puttees.

       The officer wears a complete set of KD (tunic and trousers) in contrast to his men.


AVAILABLE : Early March



Our latest United States Army Air Force figures, aircraft and vehicle make a contrast to our soldiers of the Middle East and are a nice little bonus for our “Warbird” collectors…


AF019 “Flight Commander”

       Wearing his jaunty “50 mission” hat this veteran pilot prepares to brief his pilots on their next mission.


AF020 “Pilot w/Map”

       This young “fighter-jock” checks his map coordinates.


AF021 “Synchronize Your Watches!”

       It’s important that everyone is “on the same page” and “at the same time” for any mission to be successful.


AF022 “Kneeling Pilot”

       This kneeling pilot is listening intently to the briefing.



       The story of the first all-African American pilots in the U.S. Army Air Force has been told in books, documentaries and movies…Rarely, if at all, have they appeared in miniature…Until now…K&C have produced four separate items that pay tribute to the officers and men who had to overcome many obstacles just to be allowed to fly and fight for their country during WW2.


AF023 “Capt. Lee ‘Buddy’ Archer”


AF028 “Colonel Benjamin O.Davis

       The commander of the all-black 332nd Fighter Group.


AF029 “The ‘Follow-Me’ Jeep”

       Partly decorated with the black and white chequer board this airfield “runaround” has an African-American driver and is in the markings of the 332nd Fighter Group.


AF030 “ North American P.51D Mustang”

       Of all the Mustangs that flew it was the “D” model that was the most famous….and most numerous with over 8,100 built and flown.

       Easily recognized by the bubble-top canopy it was the perfect escort fighter for the USAAF’s B17’s and B24’s bombing Hitler’s Third Reich.

       Our latest K&C warbird belongs to the all-black 332nd Fighter Group, the famous “Red Tails” and is one of the 301st. Fighter Squadron’s P51’s. Nicknamed “Creamer’s Dream” it’s in typical late war natural metal finish except for the red nose and tail plus yellow wing stripes.

Just 250 have been produced.



       Finally we introduce Two more groundcrew figures that help bring any aircraft or airfield display alive….


AF026 “Standing Mechanic”

       Carrying his box of tools in one hand and reaching out with the other this mechanic can work on any of our “warbirds”.


AF027 “Sitting Mechanic”

       This groundcrew figure perches neatly onto any of K&C’s World War Two fighter planes….Please note the trestle platform is not included.





Following the success of our first two “Lawrence” figures we are adding two more….


LoA003 “Sheik Auda Abu Tayi

       During the Arab revolt against the Turks in 1916-1918 one of Lawrence’s staunchest Arab allies was the Bedouin Leader, Auda Abu Tayi.  Portrayed on film in the 1962 epic by Anthony Quinn this dramatic figure sits astride his captured Arab stallion with his revolver held aloft.


LoA004 “Arab Flagbearer

       Accompanying Auda is his personal flagbearer carrying the tradional Islamic green flag emblazoned with a verse from the Koran, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah!”


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late March


E.         “Who’s Guarding The Home Guard?”

After the Fall of France when Britain stood alone against the might of Hitler’s war machine a body of men came forward to help defend the country in its greatest hour of need.

They were originally called the Local Defence Volunteers and were recruited from those too old…or too young to join the regular army.

Soon however they became better known as…”The Home Guard”

Here at K&C we’ve always had a “soft-spot” for these young and old warriors who made up in real fighting spirit what they may have lacked in actual fighting abilities….


FOB077 “Standing Home Guard Major”

       Second-in-Command of the Home Guard Battalion our volunteers belong to


FOB081 “Marching Tommy”

       When the British Expeditionary Force were evacuated from France in June 1940 many of its men came back with only their rifles and field kit.

       Here, our regular “Tommy” has arrived back at his regimental depot and is undergoing some basic “square-bashing” i.e. foot and rifle drill.


FOB082 “The Captain”

       Home Guard Officers came from all walks of life…butchers, bakers…even bank managers…but all eager and willing to defend their country against Adolf and his Nazi hordes!


FOB083 “The Sergeant”

       As we all know the backbone of any military unit are the NCO’s (non commissioned officers) and the Home Guard was no exception.  However not all sergeants have to be nasty and ‘orrible….Some can be really quite nice and awfully pleasant.


FOB084 “The Scrounger”

       In any military there are always the soldier who knows all the angles and is very good at cutting corners…and never getting caught out!


FOB085 “The Mummy’s Boy”              

       For some the military comes as a great shock to the system…For others it’s a huge adventure…For a few it’s a chance to play with a real gun!


FOB088 “The Old Soldier”

       The Home Guard attracted army veterans from the First World War and the Boer War…Even some how had served with the great Lord Kitchener in the Sudan!



       Although an army marches on its feet…it’s nice to get a lift now and then.

Here are two more new versions of our very popular Morris CS8 15cwt. trucks.


FOB091 “Morris CS8 Truck (BEF)”

       When the British Expeditionary Force went to France it took thousands of these 15cwt. trucks with them…only a handful returned home after Dunkirk.

       Our 3rd Infantry Division Morris belongs to a Royal Artillery battery and has the typical “Mickey Mouse” pattern camouflage. R.A. driver included.


FOB097 “Bomb Disposal Morris CS8”

       Our second CS8 belongs to a Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Unit-hence the bright red mudguards. A Royal Engineer lance-corporal is behind the wheel.




3.          Finally, RETIREMENTS….

Quite a little (and varied) list…

AE007       Wrapping The Mummy

AE019       Cleopatra's Body Guard

AE021       Banquet Guests Set 1

AE022       Banquet Guests Set 2

AE023       Dancing Girls

AE024       Court Musicians

AE028       Nubian Slave Guard

AE030       Master of Ceremonies

AE031       The Drummer

AF006       Army Air Corps Mechanics

AF007       Lt.Dick Rabb

AF008       The New Boy

AF009       Capt.Nick Magura

AF010       Pointing MP

AK050      Panzer III Tank

EA041       Universal Carrier

IC033        Chinese General Staff Set

LAH092    Seaman Presenting Arms

LAH094    Seaman Flagbearer

RTA027    Juan A. Badillo, TX - Kneeling Loading Rifle




    And that, as I usually say, is that for yet another month.  Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy Chinese New Year in this the “Year of the Snake”!

Best wishes!



                                                        Andy C. Neilson

                                        Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                        King & Country