LAST MONTH we finish with “Western New Year”… this month it’s “Chinese New Year!”

                Being Chinese New Year this is the one time Hong Kong actually seems to get quieter and most shops and businesses close down for a few days. And so does K&C’s head office and warehouse… Our store in Pacific Place, one of Hong Kong’s busiest and best malls remains open (as it does all 365 days a year) and business is usually quite brisk.

                This coming year is the Lunar year of the Rabbit… that means (we hope) a happy and lively 12 months for one and all. At the end of February K&C is off to the “WestCoaster” and seeing lots of friends, dealers and collectors in California. We’re all looking forward to it. In the meantime may we wish you all… Peace, Prosperity, Good Health and Happiness“KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!”



A.                     “More Desert Reinforcements for Monty!”

EA044    “Desert Rolls-Royce”

This is a model K&C has wanted to do for a long time … The “Rolls-Royce Armoured Carwas a unique British fighting vehicle first developed and used back in 1914 which saw active service right up to the early half of 1942.

Based on a Rolls-Royce SilverGhost chassis it was designed to have armoured bodywork surmounted by a single turret containing a vickers machine gun.

The original remaining 1914 models were modernized in 1920 and 1924 and saw extensive service in the Middle East. At the outbreak of war in 1939 some 76 vehicles were operational.

Our K&C model is in a distinctive desert “splinter” camouflage and comes with one crew figure.


EA046    “General Charles De Gaulle

Le Grand Charles”, the symbol and epitome of Free France. A great man and a brave soldier but very difficult to work with! Roosevelt never liked him… Churchill respected him but knew how difficult he could be … “Of all the crosses I had to bear in the Second World War the heaviest was the Cross of Lorraine!

General De Gaulle strides purposely forward to inspect his men.


EA047    “Legion Officer Saluting

EA048    “Legionnaire Present Arms

EA049    “Legionnaire Flagbearer

This senior NCO carries a small Legion company fanion attached to his Mas.36 rifle.


AVAILABLE: Early February


B.                     “Return To The Crusades”

I know it’s been far too long… but here’s the first few Crusader releases of 2011…


MK076 “Sir Archibalt Douglas”

A brave Scottish Knight of the 13th Century from a very famous Scottish family.


MK077Spoils Of War

A Belgian Knight, Leon de Bruxelles carrying the trophy banners taken from his enemies.


MK078The Ambush

An exciting little vignette showing two Saracen foot soldiers trying to unhorse a Templar Knight.


AVAILABLE: Late February


“American Eagles”

As German armies swept through Europe and Scandinavia in 1939 and 1940 small groups of men from all over the globe journeyed to Britain, the last fighting bastion of democracy, to join the Royal Air Force

A few gallant Americans joined them. At first these American volunteers were distributed among regular and auxiliary RAF squadrons.

By 1941 however enough skilled pilots were available to form three “American Eagle” squadrons.

As a tribute to all three K&C has chosen one particular Spitfire to replicate…


RAF017Spitfire, P7308, 71 Squadron

On 27 August 1941, Pilot Officer Bill Dunn shot down two Bf.109’s to add to his existing rally of three to become 71 Squadron’s first ace. Both Dunn and his aircraft were badly shot up in the process.

The squadron’s “Eagle” emblem adorned the nose of his Spitfire beneath the exhaust stubs on the port side only.

Bill Dunn later transferred to the USAF and scored 3 more victims after D.Day. He died in 1995.


Special Note: Just 250 of this special “American Eagle” Spitfire have been produced.


AVAILABLE: Late February! Originally we had hoped to have this ready by early February but, alas, Chinese New Year holidays play havoc with delivery schedules!!! Our apologies.


D. “Hang The Kasier!”

Although that was the wish of many on the Allied side after the end of WW1 we have decided to remember him in a slightly different way…


FW092Kaiser Bill’s Staffwagen

Kaiser Wilhelm, Germany’s Imperial Warlord, was obsessed by war and conquest , he always liked to be as close to the action as his generals would allow. In order to do so, comfortably, he had several special staff vehicles built to carry him closer to the battle.

This particular Mercedes contained his camp bed, toilet facilities, a wash basin and his personal maps. Attached to it was a canopy and stairs to allow easy access. It even had a small heater stove to provide his favorite coffee!

Our K&C model includes the driver.


FW093   “Kaiser Bill

A brand-new Kaiser Wilhelm figure complete with a large coat / cape to ward off the winter chill.


FW094   “Field Marshal August Von Mackensen

One of the Kaiser’s most trusted advisers, Von Mackensen wears the dress field uniform of the famous “Death’s Head Hussars”, one of Imperial Germany’s most famous cavalry regiments.


FW095   “Field Marshal Karl Von Bulow

Another noted field commander. By contrast to Von Makensen, he is wearing the more modern (and simpler) field uniform and cap.


FW096   “The Kaiser’s Valet

From the all-highest down to one of the Kaiser’s more humble subjects…his personal servant...his valet.


AVAILABLE: Late February


Egypt is certainly featuring in the news at the moment however it’s pure coincidence that K&C also have some interesting little “add-ons” to our “Ancient Egypt series… This time were visiting the Market Place…


AE041     “The Baker Set”

A young baker tends his oven as he prepares to offer a selection of bread to his customers.


AE042     “Mother & Son”

Visiting the market this mother and her young boy make their selection.


AE044     “Fruit Seller Set”

Surrounded by baskets of fresh fruit this woman offers a sample of her produce to a regular customer.


AE045     “The Breadmaker

Another woman, perhaps the baker’s wife prepares the dough ready for the oven.


SPECIAL NOTE: Look out for more Ancient Egyptian pieces in the next few months…


AVAILBLE: Early March


“Sometime in 1945…somewhere in Germany…”

The war is drawing to its inevitable end…Hitler’s armies are in retreat everywhere… and the military situation is going from bad… to worse!

The last dwindling supply of reserves is being pushed into the frontline…


WS180(SL)     “The JAGDTIGER”

Weighing over 70tons this “behemoth” of a tank-killer was one of the last gasps of the once mighty German armaments industry. Mounting a massive 128mm gun less than 100 of these heavy metal monsters were actually produced. K&C’s battle-weary version comes in a realistic two-colour, late war camouflage and is one of the “Henschel Production” models. It comes with 3 partial crew figures and is the largest, heaviest tank K&C has produced… it dwarfs even a King Tiger!

Just 750 of this special model are being produced.


AVAILABLE: Early to Mid March

Accompanying this ‘monster’ are a typical “rag-tag” collection of late war Nazi soldiery…


WS181    Volksturm Old Man”

In a desperate attempt to hold off the Allied Armies even this grandfather has been drafted into the “Volksturm”.

Still wearing civilian clothes only his army ‘ski cap’, armband and weapons mark him down as a ‘soldier’.


WS182    Volksturm off to Battle

Another ‘old-timer’ marches off… but at least he has a helmet, backpack and a uniform greatcoat!


WS183    “Tank Killer”

This veteran infantryman carries a bundle of deadly Panzerfausts (the cheap but effective German Rocket Propelled Grenade). His job is to help instruct and lead the “odds ‘n’ sods” of the Volksturm.


WS184    Volksturm Heil Hitler”

Even at this late desperate stage of the war there were some Germans who still believed in the Fuhrer… another Volksturm “volunteer”, still wearing his SA uniform salutes with one hand while clutching his Panzerfaust in the other.


WS185    Panzerfaust Warriors”

The young and the old… a teenager “Hitlerjugend” member takes aim while his much older comrade gingerly “follows suit”.


Special Note:  this is just the first part of a double release of Volksturm troops… there’s more coming!


AVAILABLE: Early to Mid March



In February we had a few Crusaders… it’s only fair that in March we have some special opposition… on camels for the first time.


MK079   Mtd. Camel Archer Firing Down”

MK080   Mtd. Camel Archer Firing Forward”

MK081   “Mtd. Camel Flagbearer

Superbly detailed and colourfully painted this magnificent flagbearer will have a unique place in any Saracen Collection.


MK082   “Mtd. Camel Drummer”

Another original piece that adds an extra dimension to these warriors of Saladin.




D.                    “From 1945 to 1938…”

Early in this release schedule we featured the “death-throws” of the Third Reich… Now we go further back to what the Nazis thought was their “golden era” before they set fire to the world… Berlin 1938

Collectors of this series have often requested that K&C produce non military poses to go with their parades and rallies… Here is a small first selection…


LAH126  “The BDM Girls”

Two teenage girls from the “League of German Maidens”... the female equipment of the “Hitlerjugend”.


LAH127  “German Red Cross Lady”

The Nazis took over virtually every organization in Germany after 1953… The Red Cross was no exception!


LAH128  “German Nurse”

LAH129  “Old Veteran”

Still proudly wearing his campaign medals this retired old soldier gives the “Hitler” salute.


LAH130  “Hitlerjugend” (small)

LAH131  “Hitlerjugend” (medium)

LAH132  Hitlerjugend”   (tall)


Three individual HJ boys ranging from 13 to 17 years of age… the elder being the “youth leader” of the group.



E.                     “DISPLAY/DIORAMA ACCESSORIES”

Three extremely useful display items that can help bring any diorama more alive…


SP040      “Sandbag Gun Position”

Two curved, adjoining sections of double sandbagged wall that can accommodate an artillery gun, a command post or a parked fighting vehicle or tank.


SP041      “Sandbag Defense Line”

Two straight sections of double sandbags that can form a perimeter defense line and can adjoin the SP040 Gun Position.


SP042      “Oil Drums”

A useful and realistic add-on to any WW2 battlefield from North Africa to Europe and all points in between.


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late March



Although there was nothing in January there are a few in February…



The Dutch Lancers

NA161    “Charging Dutch Lancer”

NA162    “Dutch Lancer Bugler”

NA163    “Dutch Lancer Officer”

NA164    “Dutch Lancer General”

NA165    “Dutch Lancer Preparing to Charge”

NA166    “Galloping Dutch Lancer”

NA167    “Charging Lancer Officer”



WS109 “The Schwimmwagen” (summer)

One of K&C’s more “unusual” but very realistic fighting vehicles complete with two figures.



And that my friends is that for another month. Have great sales and… Happy New Year of the Rabbit!”



Andy C. Neilson

Co-Founder & Creative Director

King & Country