FEBRUARY is upon us and… it’s going to be one very busy month!!!! On the 24th of the month Helen, Patrick and yours truly are off on our travels again… This time it’s the “WESTCOASTER” and one of the two big U.S Collector events we take part in every year. This year’s show is a wee bit earlier—on Sunday the 28th. Although K&C will be “on site” from Wednesday 24th.

After the Show we’re flying direct to Boston to do a “meet ‘n’ greet” at Matt Murphy’s “Hobby Bunker” store on Tuesday, 2nd. March. After Boston we head up to West Point and Tony Ciccarello’s “Toy Soldier Gallery” in Highland Falls for another “meet ‘n’ greeton Thursday, 4th. March.

From Highland Falls, Patrick and Helen fly down to San Antonio TX. and I head over to New York for Louis Badolato’s Toy Soldier Symposium on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5, 6 and 7th.March.

After that I rejoin the gang at Kings X in San Antonio to devise, design and plot strategy with our cofounder and (ex wife), Laura McAllister Johnson. After a week in Texas it’s up to Los Angeles for two days and then back to thePearl of the Orient” and… home sweet home!

And among all of this on the 14, 15, 16 February it’s Chinese New Year… the Year of the Tiger“KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!” or put another way… Happy Chinese New Year!

Now, down to business…



A. “Welcome to the Real Old West!”

At long last, the long-awaited second release of “The REAL WEST” series… More Dragoons… more Injuns… and even more action!!!



TRW009 “Standing Firing Dragoon”

A dismounted Dragoon takes careful aim with his carbine.


TRW010 “Dismounted Dragoon w/Pistol”

Another foot Dragoon… pistol in one hand trying hold on to his rearing mount.


TRW011 “Dismounted Dragoon w/Carbine”

Standing next to his wounded horse this Dragoon spins around to face the enemy.


TRW012 “Mounted Dragoon Corporal w/Pistol”


TRW013 “Scout firing Carbine”


TRW014 “Mounted Warrior w/Bow and Arrow”


TRW015 “Mounted Warrior w/Lance”


TRW016 “Warrior firing Musket”


TRW017 “Running Warrior w/Carbine”


TRW018 “Charging Warrior w/Axe”


TRW019 “Warrior firing Bow and Arrow”


Note: All of our Indians are painted in Southern Plains Indian style using Comanche, Sioux and Cheyenne references.


Available NOW!


B. “Germany’s War at Sea”

Well, here it is our newest and biggest release of German “KRIEGSMARINE” figures and fighting accessories… if you can call a midget U boat an accessory! 13 individual figures (including 3 special personalities), two very different vehicles and, of course, our first-ever submarine.




KM001 “Flag Signaller

Whether on sea or on dry land the ability to make signals using only flags was a time-honoured naval tradition.


KM002KorvettenKapitan Gunther Prien

Gunther Prien was one of the outstanding U Boat aces of the early part of WW2 and the first to win the coveted “Knight’s Cross”. His submarine U47 sank over 200,000 tons of Allied Shipping including the British battleship, “HMS Royal Oak at anchor in Scapa Flow, Britain’s northern fleet anchorage.

Prien and U47 went missing on March 7, 1941 and no official record states how or why he and his U boat were lost. No trace of him or his boat has ever been found!


KM003 “Lookout”

This Kriegsmarine sailor is on watch… padded life jacket, steel helmet and flash hood in place.


KM004 “Naval Field Police”

All branches of the German armed forces had their own “chained-dogs” to enforce base security and discipline.

Our Petty Officer carries both a pistol and a sub-machine gun.


KM005 “Petty Officer with Whistle”


KM006 “Seaman on Guard”

Part of a ship or naval base security detail.


KM007 “Patrolling Seaman”

Same as above… but moving.


KM008 “Radioman”


KM009 “Sentry Duty” (Parade Dress)

This sailor is in summer parade uniform.



Our very latest “Strictly Limited” release… the type 127 U Boot “SEEHUND” (The Seal). This was the most successful of Nazi Germany’s mini submarines created during WW2.

Designed in 1944 and operated by a two-man crew the Kriegsmarine operated these boats during the closing nine months of the war.

Each midget U boat carried two “G7e torpedoes” on either side of the hull.

Although a total of 1,000 Seehunds were ordered just 285 entered service. Our K&C model is finished in a typical mottled “leopard” camouflage of sea green on a light sea gray background.

Each boat comes complete with its own special wheeled transport “cradle” and towing rod.


Just 750 of this unique little U Boat are being produced.


KM012 “Admiral Karl Donitz”

A second K&C version of the venerated leader of the Kriegsmarine’s submarine arm. Here the admiral is dressed in his everyday working uniform and stands, arms folded, talking to one of his men.


KM013Korvettenkapitan Otto Kretschmer

Another of Donitz’s most famous U Boat aces, Kretschmer and boats under his command sank almost 300,000 tons of Allied shipping between 1939 and 1941 when he was captured.

He rejoined the Bundesmarine in 1955 finally retiring in 1965 as a “Flotilla Admiral”.

Sadly, he died in a boating accident in 1998.


KM014Kapitanleutnant… shouting”

Wearing typical seagoing uniform this young officer is issuing orders.


KM015 “Submariner”

Wearing a life vest and carrying his toolkit this U boat man is about to board his vessel.


KM016Kriegsmarine BMW327”

This German naval officer sits comfortably in his BMW 327 Sports Car… Is he going on leave or just returning to duty?


AVAILABILITY:   Mid February


KM017 “Sd.Kfz.9 Famo Recovery Vehicle”

More than 2,500 of these heavy recovery vehicles were produced during the war in many various versions. Although most were used in Artillery or Armoured units a fair number were used by the Kriegsmarine to move heavy items around naval bases and dockyards.

Our Famo is in field gray and is designed to pull and position our “SEEHUND” for launching and recovery.

The Driver is included.




C. “KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!” (Happy Chinese New Year!)

Four nice and colourful little sets to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.



HK183 “The Clown”

Wearing a giant paper mache mask this street clown is a familiar sight at any Chinese celebration.


HK185 “Celebrating Chinese New Year”

A really beautifully detailed set… Two grandparents accept special gifts from their children and one of their grandchildren.

This set includes chairs and exquisite miniature Chinese furniture.


HK186 “Forbidden Delights”

A young child tries to sneak up and get a taste of the delicious food presented on the table. This set also includes four chairs.


HK187 “Gleesome Threesome”

Three little kids… full of mischief.


Available NOW!



It’s time to return to the early morning skies over Normandy on D. Day 6th. June 1944 with these two great sets.



DD122 “Jumping Screaming Eagles”

Two 101st. Airborne paratroopers in all-new poses descend on their fully-deployed canopies… somewhere in Normandy in the early hours of June 6, 1944.


DD123 “Jumping All Americans”

Another two… completely differentUS 82nd. Airborne troopers float down somewhere near Ste. Mere EgliseJune 6, 1944.





A. “Meanwhile back at the BERGHOF”

Seven very interesting “add-ons” to the Rogue’s Gallery of attendees at Hitler’s little hideaway in the mountains…




Konstantin Hierl, Reicharbeitsfuhrer of the paramilitary German Labour Service giving the NaziHeil Hitler” salute.


LAH105 “Heinrich Himmler Relaxing”

One of the Third Reich’s most feared and hated men… Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting on one of the Berghof’s sun loungers.



Hitler’s long-time mistress and, briefly, wife. She met him when only 17 and working as an assistant to his personal photographer. By all accounts, friendly, outgoing and totally disinterested in politics.


LAH107Reinhard Heydrich

Another of the most feared and hated characters in the Third Reich. Doomed to meet a well-deserved end at the hands of Czech patriots in 1942.


LAH108Berghof Sun Loungers”

Just a little outdoor furniture for the patio of the Berghof. Accurately based on photographs of the real thing. Two in the set.


LAH109 “Baldur Von Schirach

Head of theHitlerjugend andGauleiter of Vienna.


LAH110 “Dr. Robert Ley

Another important man in the Third Reich and Head of the German Labour Front. He killed himself while awaiting trial in Nuremberg in 1945.




B. “From 1945 to 1914… Vive la France!”

France, August 1914 and the country is once more at war with the hated Boches!”


Finally, K&C has mobilized its L’Armee francaise and les Poilus march off to battle resplendent in their colourful uniforms of long blue coats, red pantaloons and scarlet and blue kepis…

This first release focuses on the soldiers marching to the front as they would have appeared in those first days and weeks of the war to end all wars!



FW060 “General Joffre”

The ample figure of “Papa” Joffre inspired confidence in the public, his men and his fellow officers. Cool, calm and collected, Joffre was a “steady hand at the tiller” of the French Army in those early days. He is best known for regrouping the retreating Allied Armies and defeating the Germans at the First Battle of the Marne in 1914.


FW061 “General Foch”

Foch, was recognized by many, as the “most original mind in the French Army”. Initially serving as a subordinate to Joffre he later became Supreme Commander of all Allied Armies in 1918.


FW062 “Mounted French Officer”

Proud and confident this mounted figure leads his troops forward.


FW063 “Marching Officer”

A bearded Lieutenant, sword in hand advances.


FW064 “Marching Poilus

Three differently posed Poilus journey to the front.


FW065 “Marching Soldier”

A single “add-on” that can be collected in multiples to make a grand parade.


FW066 “The Scout”

A handsome little piece based on a Detaille illustration of a classic French Poilu.


FW067Poilu attending to a General’s Horse”

This pensive soldier holds the reins on his General’s mount.


FW068 “Drum Major”

Music plays an important part in virtually every army… including the French. This Drum Major instructs his musicians…


FW069 “Drummer”


FW070 “Bugler”


FW071 “Auf Wiedersen

This is the first of a unique series of poignant little vignettes depicting troops of three countries departing for the War.

This German Soldat tries to comfort his weeping fiancé as his Regiment departs.


FW072 “Au Revoir

A different country… a different parting… As his wife holds his rifle this Poilu fondly cradles his small baby. Will he ever see them again?


FW073 “Goodbye-ee

A Scottish soldier embraces his sweetheart as he goes off to war.




C. “The Latest Desert Village

Two more great (and useful looking) additions to the four already released pieces… Together they make a fine setting for Ancient EgyptThe CrusadesNapoleon in EgyptWW2 North Africa… and even modern-day Iraq and Afghanistan.



SP035 “The Village House”


SP036 “The Wall”




D. “From the Middle East to… somewhere in Eastern Europe

All over the Eastern Front and behind the front lines the German Army fought a long and increasingly bitter war against regular and irregular forces…



Another alternative to our earlier released Afrika Korps version. This Panzer comes in the distinctive 3-colour camouflage typical of the mid war period.

This particular model is suitable for both East and West Front displays.



Russian Cossack cavalry have the distinction of having fought both for and against Stalin’s Red Army.

On the German side they fought with great valour and ruthlessness especially on Anti-Partisan duties in Russia itself… and in the Balkans.

At the end of the war most of these German Cossack units retreated westwards and surrendered to the British Forces. They were then handed over to the Russians… expecting and receiving little mercy.


WS142 “Cossack Feldgendarmerie with Prisoner”

A dismounted Cossack field policeman with an unfortunate Partisan suspect.


WS143 “Mounted Cossack Officer”

Wearing the traditional Cossack costume (with German badges) this officer, sabre in hand, is issuing orders.


WS144 “Cossack Scout”

Scanning the horizon for enemy activity.


WS145 “Cossack holding Rifle”

Looking to the right this Cossack, rifle held steady, is on patrol.


WS146 “Cossack holding Rifle”

Looking to the Left and with his rifle across the front of his saddle this is another member of the patrol.


WS147 “Standing Cossack and Horse”

This young Cossack is awaiting inspection.


WS148 “Cossack Pointing”

Another member of the patrol indicating while making his report.


WS149 “Dismounted Cossack NCO”


WS150 “General Helmut Von Pannwitz

This German cavalry officer was the commander of the Cossack Cavalry Corps. Extremely popular with his men he often wore Cossack uniform.

After the war he chose to remain with his men when they were handed over to the Russians. He was executed by the Soviets in 1947.





Nothing last month but quite a little batch this month…

A. “Remember The Alamo

Three of our most popular and famous Alamo heroes… Crockett, Travis and Bowie.

RTA015 “Davy Crockett”

RTA019 “Col. William B. Travis”

RTA034Bowie’s Last Battle

Why the retirals of these best-sellers? Well, cos we’ve got brand-new ones in the pipeline!


B. “First World War”

Our first British WW1 troops are going West… plus a couple of Germans.

FW002 “Kaiser's Aide De Camp”

FW003 “Crown Prince”

FW024 “Sir John French”

FW025Officer Holding Map”

FW026 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”

FW027 “Standing Firing Rifle”

FW028 “Standing Ready”

FW029 “Lying Loading Rifle”

FW030 “Lying Firing Rifle”

FW031 “Battlefield First-Aid”

FW032 “Pointing Subaltern”

FW033 “Vickers Machine Gun Set”



And that my friends is that… Hope you find something in there to tickle your fancies.

In the meantime I hope to see some of you guys in the States… Best wishes to one and all!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country