December 2016

Christmas Greetings to one and all this Festive Season ... December is now here and welcome to one of the busiest months in the King & Country calendar!

     On the 3rd of December yours truly and a team from K&C HK headquarters will be at the London Toy Soldier Show presenting and previewing our latest releases to K&C collectors from around the UK and Europe.

     Among our displays will be a special second version of our “Fall of Berlin” diorama and other new and upcoming items.

     From London it’s on to Paris and our second AnnualMeet ’n’ Greet” evening event sponsored by “Figurines & Collection,” hosted by Phylip and Valerie Bultez.

     While in Paris I will also be meeting up with Sylvie and Marie Alix, the two ladies who own and operate “Solda’ Telis” a beautiful little gem of a toy soldier shop set in the heart of Paris.

     From France it’s off to Italy and Rome and Milan.  My good friend Stefano Allorini and SAIMEX always organizes a series of gatherings and shows for me to attend and present K&C to collectors.  Stefano and SAIMEX will also be joining with King & Country at this year’s London Show ... K&C presenting ... SAIMEX selling!

     After meeting collectors in Rome it’s finally off to Milan for one of the biggest events there ... the Pre Christmas Collectible Toy Show.  This encompasses all kinds of toys, old and new, not just toy soldiers ... and SAIMEX is always a major participant for toy soldiers and K&C.  I’m looking forward to all of these great shows and events BUT before all of that ... There’s all of this!  Now read on ...



As most K&C dealers and collectors already know Asia in general and Singapore in particular has been a rapidly growing area for collecting King & Country.  Over the last 10-15 years the number of Asian toy soldier collectors has continued to expand and develop.  What is even more encouraging has been the ‘Age Demographic’ of most of these new collectors is noticeably younger than most collectors in Europe and America.

     K&C are seeing a lot more new collectors throughout Asia in the “25-45” age bracket which is very, very encouraging.

     To that end K&C now organizes its own ‘Special Day Event’ in Singapore which attracts collectors not only from the ‘Lion City’ itself but also from neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia ... As well as individual collectors from The Philippines, Vietnam and even Australia!

          This past event on Saturday November 19 at the Singapore Cricket Club was the biggest and best yet.

          For this event K&C produced a very special ‘Show Figure’ ... and here it is ...

     SAF001 The Singapore Commando on Parade

          The Singapore Armed Forces may be relatively small in numbers but they are highly professional, well motivated and extremely well-equipped and trained.

          In addition to the “Regular” full-time soldiers, sailors and airmen ... Singapore has ‘National Service’ for all male Singaporeans over the age of 18.

          Upon ‘Call-Up’ young Singaporeans will either be directed to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) or the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).  The vast majority go to the SAF.

          Within the SAF the best and most elite unit is the Singapore Commando FormationA battalion-sized unit that specializes in reconnaissance and preemptive operations in small groups within enemy territory.

          Our special Singapore event figure portrays a soldier of the Commando Formation in NO. 1 Dress uniform complete with Red Beret and carrying his SAR21, the 5.56mm Assault Rifle, Singapore designed and manufactured weapon with fixed bayonet.

          Although the majority of these figures were distributed at the Singapore event we have a small number available for interested dealers and collectors around the world.


B)       “Up to your neck in mud and bullets!”

          From sunny, tropical Singapore it’s a long way to the mud, blood and barbed wire of the Western Front in France during WW1.

          Five “cunning” new figures take a slightly different view of “The Great War”.  All of these figures were inspired by the classic British TV series, “BLACKADDER GOES FORTH” starring Rowan Atkinson.

     FW226 “Capt. Edmund Blackadder & Pvt. Baldrick”

          Blackadder is (was) a professional soldier who, until the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, enjoyed a relatively danger-free military career occasionally  having to fight, “Two foot tall natives armed with a motley collection of sharpened sticks!”

          Pvt. Baldrick, is his short, scrofulous and profoundly stupid batman (military manservant).


     FW227Squadron Commander The Lord Flasheart

          Is an arrogant and boisterous Royal Flying Corps ace’ who believes he is “God’s gift to women” and wildly attractive to any female that happens to cross his path.

          He’s most definitely mad ... bad ... and dangerous to know!

     FW228 “Gen. Melchett & Capt. Darling” 

     General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett

          A loud, childish, incompetent and pompous warmonger whose battle tactics and military knowledge are firmly set somewhere in the Middle Ages!

          (Blackadder’s brigade commander.)

     Capt. Kevin Darling.

          General Melchett’s unscrupulous and fawning adjutant.  He’s also Blackadder’s bitter rival.  While Blackadder is very definitely “up the sharp end,” Captain Darling is comfortably ensconced safely back at General Headquarters (GHQ)... and fully intends staying there!

     Special Note :  A sixth figure ... “Lieut. George” is currently in development for release in 2017.

     AVAILABLE: Mid December

C)       STILL IN EUROPE ... But about 100 years before !

          From the mud of Flanders to the mud of Waterloo in Belgium almost a century before ... Presenting the 2nd installment of “The Old Guard” at Waterloo.

          Of all Napoleon’s army none was more famous or as respected as the Emperor’s Grenadiers of his Imperial Guards.  During the time of his reign Napoleon’s Imperial Guard enjoyed many nicknames ... “Les Grognards” (the Grumblers) being the most famous.

          The Guard enjoyed better pay, rations, quarters and equipment than the rest of the army.  That was because they were the ‘chosen few’ ... selected from the best and most experienced infantrymen of the army and already veterans of many previous battles and campaigns.

          In October / November we released our first batch ... Here now are the additional ones to this dramatic collection.

     NA366 “Officer Flagbearer

          Sword held high this young wounded officer will defend the Regimental Standard to the death!

     NA368 “Dead & Dying”  

          Two fallen guardsmen pay the ultimate price.

     NA369 “Kneeling Firing

     NA370 “Standing Loading

          Reaching into his ammunition pouch for another cartridge.

     NA371 “Kneeling Loading

     NA372 “Standing w/Ramrod

     NA373 “Standing biting Cartridge”

          Biting the end of the paper cartridge to extract the ball from the powder.

     NA374 “Kneeling Firing (no hat)

          In the heat of battle this Guardsman has lost or removed his tall bearskin cap.

     NA-S02The Old Guard Set No. 2

          This ‘collective’ 9 figure set comes with a very special price!

     NA375 “The Emperor & His Aide de Camps

          Napoleon himself stands before his map table (plus 2 x maps).  By his side, two of his many Aide de Camps (ADC’s) awaiting orders.

     AVAILABLE: Early December

D)       “Long Live The King!”

          When we first released our “Pike & Musket” series one of the most important and popular figures was King Charles I.

          So, popular in fact that we decided to produce an additional ‘personality figure’ of the doomed English monarch.

      PnM067 “King Charles I

          Our earlier Charles figure portrayed the King in “battle order” complete with metal breastplate ... Our newest King Charles I shows him in the more colourful court dress of the period.

AVAILABLE: Mid December

E)         “Deep in Sherwood Forest or high on the walls of Nottingham Castle ...”

           Two fine “add-ons” to this relatively new range of medieval figures that are proving to be a ‘bulls-eye’ with collectors around the globe ...

      RH021 “The Duel

           “Robin of Sherwood” fights a duel to the death with his arch enemy, “Sir Guy of Gisborne.”

           One of my all-time favourite movies is “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, where Errol Flynn fights the famous dueling scene with Basil Rathbone inside Nottingham Castle ... This is our small tribute to two great actors and one great movie!

     RH025 “Mutch, the Miller’s Son

          “Mutchis featured in many of the myths and legends of Robin Hood ... although not as famous as Will Scarlett or Little John we felt he should be included among “The Merrie Men”.

AVAILABLE: Mid December

F)        WW2 “Personalities & Pathos”

       Three small releases portraying three different heroes of WW2 ...

  DD296 “Prime Minister Churchill

          Churchill figures have always been popular with K&C collectors and here is another of the PM in a familiar pose.

  DD297 “Major Dick Winters

          Ever since reading Stephen Ambrose’s fine book “Band of Brothers” and seeing and enjoying the television series I have been a great admirer of the late Dick Winters ... a truly magnificent officer and leader of men.

          After visiting the statue of Major Winters in Normandy I wanted K&C to produce a figure solely dedicated to him.

     DD298 “Don’t Cry ...

          US Army nurses in the field often had to deal and comfort the civilian casualties as well ... Here an army nurse gently comforts a young French girl.

          An excellent addition to the K&C / Treefrog “Shannon” set and our new US Army Nurse & Jeep set.

AVAILABLE: Early December


 SP067 “The New Desert Shop House

          A larger and much more detailed version of the now retired “Desert Village Shop House”.

AVAILABLE: Early December


          Some very useful “add-ons” ...

      HK248 “Master Wong

           Over the years there have been several martial arts experts who have been given the title “Master Wong”.  Perhaps the most famous was Wong Fei Hung (1847 - 1925)

           His exploits have been featured in several Chinese movies.

           Our figure portrays him in a typical training pose.

      HK249 “Master Wong’s Pupils

           Two of the master’s pupils undergoing training.

     HK265 “The Flying Dragons

          You really can’t have a dragon boat race with just 3 x “dragon boats ...

     So, we’ve added a fourth – “The Flying Dragons”.

          This 8-man crew were blue and golden yellow uniforms and sail under their own distinctive flag.

AVAILABLE: Early December


          By March 1945 British, Canadian and American forces had crossed the   Rhine and were fighting their way into the heart of Hitler’s crumbling Third Reich.  Although on its last legs their German opponents were still deadly and dangerous.

          Fortunately for the British at least their hard-pressed armoured divisions finally had a British-designed and built tank that could take on the best of the German ‘heavies’, the Panther and the Tiger, on equal terms – The ‘Comet’.

      BBB001 “The British Comet Tank

          This cruiser tank was a better designed and much improved armoured vehicle than its predecessor, the Cromwell.

          Mounting a new 77mm High Velocity main gun in a lower profile turret it was hugely effective against all German armour.  Following its battlefield success in the last months of the war the Comet saw extensive service post war in Korea and Germany and remained with the British Army until the late 1950’s.  It also led directly to the development of the ‘Centurion’ tank, Britain’s finest and most successful tank of the post 1945 period.

           Our new K&C model is in the markings of a tank belonging to The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry (44 Brigade) of the 11th British Armoured Division.  Two small crew figures are included.

      BBB002 “British Tank Riders Set

           Four kneeling, crouching and sitting British infantrymen from the Royal Scots Fusiliers, a Scottish unit attached to the predominantly English 5th Infantry Division (Yorkshire).  Perfect passengers for the Comet or any of our other K&C British armour.

AVAILABLE: Mid December


            For those collectors who buy direct from K&C these 2 x new figures are also available ...    



CF047 “General Eduard Dietl

           Eduard Dietl (1890-1944) was a Wehrmacht General during WW2 who commanded the famous 20th Mountain Army.  He was a recipient of the Knight’s Cross (with Oak Leaves and Swords).

           Early in WW2 he commanded the 3rd Mountain Division during the Nazis successful invasion of Norway in 1940.  He later led forces in northern Finland and the Eastern Front.  He was killed in an air crash in Austria in 1944.

      CF048 “Obersturmbannfuhrer Leon Degrelle

           A Walloon / Belgian politician and Nazi collaborator he joined the Waffen SS in 1943 and rose rapidly through its ranks eventually becoming the Standartenfuhrer of the 28th SS Volunteer Grenadier Division “Wallonien ... mostly made up of his fellow Belgian fascists.

           After seeing much action on the Eastern Front he fled to Spain after the German defeat ... and died there in 1994.

3)      Being Retired ...

EA093        Daimler Mk.2 Armoured Car

MG036(P) "A Cup of Tea, Sir...?"

SP063        Atantic Wall Coastal Gun

WS284      “Coastal Gunners” Set #1

WS285      “Coastal Gunners” Set #2


           And that is that my friends for another month.  Very much looking forward to meeting up with many fellow K&C collectors in London, Paris, Rome and Milan ... In the mean time – “Have yourselves A Merry Little Christmas” and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

           With best wishes from all of us at King & Country ,

Andy C. Neilson                               
Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country Hong Kong