Well, December is upon us and Christmas beckons in the not-too-distant future…What Santa will bring us only he knows but what King & Country has to offer I can, with reasonable accuracy, predict…Now read on…





This month we’re officially announcing our new “KnC” brand.  At King & Country we’ve been working, for over 18 months, on producing a line of figures and vehicles that will be complementary to our existing main stream production but will provide collectors, old and new, with a less expensive, more affordable line of products that we believe can fill a gap in the 1:30 scale market.  Pre painted and manufactured in high quality, hard plastic resin the new figures and vehicles will provide collectors with a way to purchase “multiples” and “add-ons” that can extend and supplement existing K&C all-metal and mixed media collections and displays…not replace them!

We also believe that the more-affordable price-point will encourage younger collectors and even some plastic enthusiasts to venture into our part of the toy soldier/military miniature community…perhaps for the first time.

The first figure line is centered around our existing “Remember The Alamo” all-metal series and will be released in early 2014.  However for the moment the first actual “KnC” release is…



       This is one particular M4 Sherman that King & Country has never produced before…the unique “Wading Sherman”.  For D.Day certain M4A3 Shermans were fitted with tall wading stacks that were fixed on top and on the rear of the tank’s engine compartment.  This allowed the vehicles to be launched off the beach and wade, under their own power, onto dry land.  Once ashore the stacks would be jettisoned and the M4 could resume its task and its normal profile appearance.

       Our new “KnC” M4 comes with 2 x removable stacks1 x half-body tank commander…and a separate .50 calibre machine gun.  Each tank is also carefully packaged in a specially-designed, sturdy “window” box that allows collectors to see exactly what they’re buying…when they’re buying it.





From Normandy in the summer of ’44 we’re moving to Belgium and the Ardennes in the cruel mid winter of 1944 with our second and final version of our latest Jagdpanther


 BBG072         Jagdpanther Ausf.G1”

This really was a “monster” with a very big “bite” in the shape of that mighty ’88 gun in the hull of the Jagdpanther.  This “Bulge” version has had a field-applied coat of snow-camouflage whitewash which already is showing signs of “wear and tear” on its “zimmerit” coating.

Two great new crew figures add even more character to the model.





How’s that for a contrast…From the Ardennes in the middle of winter to a corner of a picturesque little town in France on a pleasant summer’s day…


SP058      “The Corner Flower Shop”

This little corner shop is perfect for connecting any two of our new Normandy village facades and makes a colourful display even on its own.  Just examine closely the exquisite detail.




D.        “1914. The Brink of WAR”

As many of you already know 2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World Warthe War to end all Wars!  Alas that was not to be.  However in the history of the planet that time alongwith the people and events that dominated it still have a special place in our world today.

To begin King & Country’s remembrance of 1914 we are having a double release of all-new figures depicting part of Imperial Germany’s army as it prepared for the conflict that would erupt in August 1914.




The first half of this 1914 release shows German infantry taking part in a “fire and movement” exercise sometime in the early summer of 1914.  As the Kaiser is watching (a new mounted Wilhelm II is being released very soon) these infantrymen form a firing line.  Although dressed in one of the varieties of “feldgrau” (field grey) their uniforms still bear vestiges of peace time colour – their traditional red collars and cuffs.  Just as traditional are their uncovered “Pickelhaub” helmets adorned with the Prussian Eagle.

Among this initial release are…


FW128   “Mounted Infantry Officer w/Binos

       Turning in the saddle this officer raises his binoculars to observe the progress of his men.


FW129   “Standing Firing”


FW130   “Kneeling Firing”


FW132   “Lying Firing”


FW133   “Kneeling Ready”


FW134   “Bugler”


FW138   “Machine Gunner”


Uniform Notes:     These new WW1 German infantry are based on typical “soldaten” of the Baden 114th Infantry Regiment of 1914.


Additional Figures: Among the upcoming figures for release in January/February 2014 are a mounted Kaiser Wilhelm II and his Chief of the German General Staff, Helmuth von Moltke plus more Baden Infantry in action.


FIRST RELEASE AVAILABLE :        Early December



As Napoleon was to find out…his Egyptian Adventure was no “walk-in-the-park”!  Almost as soon as his army landed they were involved in skirmishes, ambushes and full-scale battles…

They also quickly realized that much of their equipment and especially their heavy European-style uniforms were totally unsuitable for the Middle Eastern climate and conditions.  Here we see our latest “Napoleon In Egypt” French troops in fighting formation defending their position.  Wearing the small “jockey”-type caps and locally-made cotton trousers with shorter-cut jackets the soldiers can move and fight more easily.

Among these soldiers from the 9th Demi Brigade are…


NE034    “Standing Firing”


NE035    “Kneeling Firing”


NE036    “Standing to Repel”


NE037    “Standing Ready”


NE038    “Standing Loading”


NE039    “Advancing”


NE040    “Kneeling to Repel”


NE041    “Standing Drummer”

NE044    “Officer”


AVAILABLE :       Early December


F.         “Somewhere In The Balkans…”

With the coming of WW2 Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler began the expansion of his Waffen SS that would continue almost until the final weeks of the Third Reich.  What had initially been a solely “Germanic” and “Aryan” brotherhood opened its doors to an increasing number of foreigners.  Among those “outsiders” who were now made welcome was a unique division made up of Bosnian and Croatian moslems

The 13th Waffen SS Mountain DivisionHandschar.  Designated a “Mountain” division, it was mostly employed on anti partisan duties in the Balkans.  Easily recognized by their blood-red and grey “Fez” headgear they quickly gained a reputation for brutality and savagery.


WS251    “German Officer Prisoner”  

        Is this prisoner really a German officer or someone posing as one?


WS252    “Standing Machine Gunner”


WS253    “Light Machine Gunner”

        The Waffen SS were among the biggest users of foreign weapons…This “Handschar” man is holding the Czech-made “ZBvz26” light machine gun…the original of the British Bren Gun.


WS254    “Pointing NCO”

        This “Handschar” NCO is definitely making his point!!!


WS255    “Advancing NCO”

        Armed with a MP40 “Schmeisser”.


WS256    “Watching Rifleman”


WS257    “Advancing Rifleman”


WS268    “Standing Firing”


AVAILABLE: Early December


G.        “Somewhere in Belgium, December ‘44”

Although the German assault in the Ardennes in December 1944 caught the Allies by surprise they were simply not strong enough to turn a retreat into a rout!

Towards the end of that same month it was the Germans who were on the defensive as slowly but surely American and British forces squeezed “The Bulge” from north and south.  And this is where our latest “Battle of the Bulge” release comes to the fore…Now it’s Americans capturing Germans for a change!


BBA068 “Walking Winter GI”

       This corporal has seen some hard-fighting and is helping to escort the German prisoners through the American front-line positions.


BBA069 “Winter Escort w/Rifle”

       Another GI, well wrapped up, with rifle at the ready.


BBA070 “German Prisoner #1”

       This cold-looking prisoner wishes he still had his great coat!


BBA071 “German Prisoner #2”

       This other prisoner looks more fortunate…in his “snow” smock and warm scarf and gloves.


BBA072 “MP Checking Details”

       This standing U.S. Military Policeman examines some documents


BBA073 “Prisoner In Great Coat”

       Already wounded, this future P.O.W. seems happy to get out of the fight and hopefully, stay in one piece!


AVAILABLE :       Mid December


2.          BEING RETIRED…

A fairly eclectic bunch as usual…Grab ‘em while you can!



Flying Tiger Pilot David "Tex" Hill


Flying Tiger Pilot "Kenneth A.Jernstedt"


US Army WC63 11/2 Ton Truck


Truck Passengers Set #2


Chinese Kitchen Set (Gloss)


Chinese Kitchen Set (Matt)


Gift Givers(Gloss)


Gift Givers(Matt)


Flower Shop Set(Gloss)


Flower Shop Set(Matt)



Groom & Bride(Gloss)


Groom & Bride(Matt)


Marching Flag Bearer


New Marching SS Banner Man


New Standing w/ Banner


Father & Son


Street Poster Drum


The Ambush


King Philip II of France


The King's Banner Knight


Mounted Dragoon w/Rifle


Mounted Dragoon w/Guidon


Mounted Dragoon w/Sword


       And that friends is that for the last “DISPATCHES’ of 2013.  I’m looking forward to meeting a big bunch of K&C collectors and dealers in Milan, Paris and London…I hope some of you are among them.  In the meantime very best Christmas wishes to you, your loved ones and…your collectors.

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country