As I write this month’s epistle the weather here in Hong Kong is simply stunning… the sky is blue (with no pollution) and I can see all the way over the harbour to the hills of Kowloon and the New Territories in the distance…

It’s also December and one of my favourite months. Christmas will soon be upon us but before that Helen (K&C’s Managing Director) and yours truly will be flying to London for the BIG European show of the year organized and superbly well-run by K&C UK and the Neville Family.

After London we’ll head over to France to visit Toy Soldier Paris and meet many of K&C’s French dealers and collectors courtesy of Frederic Genard, our French National Distributor. After 5 days in Paris we’ll move onto Rome to meet up with Stefano of SAIMEX. This is my first Italian visit so I’m looking forward to it… eagerly.

Now all of this is great fun (as it should be) but it’s also work (which I love). At K&C we believe in supporting our dealers and meeting our collectors at every opportunity we can.

Not only are we able to show and preview new product but we also get to hear and talk with all of our friends in these different markets and get both ideas and feedback from them.

These get-togethers are a vital part of K&C’s business philosophy and, I believe, play a major role in the company’s ongoing success.

Even in these challenging times it’s still important to get out and meet your customers on a personal level… and show them and tell them what’s in store in the coming months… Talking of which



As mentioned last month, December sees the official launch of our new U.S. Navy series based on the same period and historical events as the epic 1967 movie “The Sand Pebbles” featuring Steve McQueen.

For K&C it’s always great to do something a little bit out of the ordinary and our “Storm Over The Yangtse is certainly that!

Most of these all-new U.S. Navy figures are dressed in their tropical “whites” and come suitably armed with rifles, pistols, batons and, in one particular case, a BAR automatic rifle.

The three sailors in blue winter dress are marked accordingly. *


                USN001 “Deck Officer w/Binos

USN002Officer w/Pistol & Loud Hailer”


USN003* “Shore Patrol”

Two sailors kitted-out in winter blues and carrying side arms on shore patrol duty.


USN004 “Chief Petty Officer”


USN005 “Sailor Marching w/ Rifle”


USN006 “Standing Firing Rifle”


USN007 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”


USN008Sailor Port Arms”


USN009 “Banner Man”

A sailor holds aloft a large sign in English and Chinese ordering unruly elements to “DISPERSE” or face the alternative!


USN010* “Sailor w/Sea Bag”

Carrying all his kit in the Sea Bag on his shoulder and his orders in a sealed envelope this sailor prepares to join a new ship.


USN011 “US Navy B.A.R. Gunner”

Reminiscent of a scene in the movie, this sailor is firing his BAR from the hip.


Available Now!



As previously mentioned… the long-awaited (and much needed) additions to our Ancient Egyptian series… celebrating a wedding!


AE032 “Wedding Couple”

A wealthy couple celebrate their union.


AE033 “Another Dancing Girl”

A third member of the dancing troop makes a spectacular entrance…


AE034 “High Priest of RA God of the Sun”


AE035 “Hand Maiden to Priest of RA”


AE036 “Wedding Guest Couple”


AE037 “Standing Pharaoh”

A magnificent study of an Egyptian monarch. In his richly decorated costume he is an honoured guest at the wedding ceremony.


AE038 “Cleopatra’s Needle (Egyptian Obelisk)”

This new Egyptian Obelisk makes the perfect addition to any great scene on the Nile. It comes in two pieces and is hand-crafted in polystone.


Available Now!



We leave Egypt and move further West to France in June, July and August 1944…

After four long, hard, terrible years of German occupation deliverance

is at hand… The Allies have landed and are making for Paris!

Although the majority of the Allied forces were British, American, Canadian and Polish there was a strong and growing FREE FRENCH component… And here they are


DD100 “General Philippe Leclerc

Second only to De Gaulle, Leclerc was France’s most famous and revered fighting general. Following the Fall of France in 1940 he was one of the first to join De Gaulle’s Free French Forces in London. During the Liberation of France, Leclerc commanded the French 2nd Armoured Division and took the formal surrender of Paris in August 1944.

He was killed in an aircrash in 1947 and was posthumously created a Marshal of France.


DD101 “Free French Marine M10 Tank Destroyer”

The Free French version of K&C’s earlier U.S. M10 Tank Destroyer.

This new one is bearing the proud name RICHELIEU and belongs to the Fusilier Marins (French Naval Marines) Armoured Regiment of Gen. Leclerc’s 2nd Armoured Division.

The set includes three French Marines.


DD102 “Fusilier Marins Officer”

A standing Free French Marine officer with binos.


Available Now!


                DD103 “Free French Scout Car”

Another 2nd Armoured Division conversion… this time the American White Scout car complete with 3 French Marines entering a liberated Paris.





 HK171 “Bride & Groom”

The very latest version of an old and popular set.


Available Now!




At long last… some new German Luftwaffe Pilots… and all of them Aces as well!


LW001Generalleutnant Adolf GALLAND”

A flying Legend… Adolf Dolfo Galland (1912-1996) was a superb fighter pilot himself who first saw action in Spain during the Civil War and during WW2 became commander of Germany’s Fighter Force (General der Jagdflieger). He shot down 104 enemy aircraft and was himself shot down twice. Awarded the Knight’s Cross with Swords and Diamonds he eventually fell foul of the Luftwaffe High Command. After the war he became a successful businessman and was one of the technical advisers on the movie Battle of Britain.


LW002 “Major Werner MOLDERS”

Werner Vatti Molders (1913-1941) was another outstanding pilot and leader in the Luftwaffe in WW2. He was also a great personal friend of Galland. Both served in the Condor Legion in Spain before WW2. During the war he became the first German pilot to achieve 100 aerial “victories”. His final WW2 tally was 101 plus 14 he achieved in Spain.

After several squadron and group commands he became “Inspector General of Fighter” at just 28. A deeply religious man he was killed in an air crash on November 22, 1941.


LW003Oberleutnant Gunther RALL”

Born in 1918, Gunther Rall is the third most successful fighter ace in history still alive today. He shot down a total of 275 aircraft… all but 3 of them on the Eastern Front between 1941 and 1945. He flew an amazing total of 621 combat missions and was himself shot down 8 times and wounded on 3 occasions! All his victories were scored in the Messerschmitt 109.

After the war he rejoined the “new” Luftwaffe and rose to the rank of Generalleutnant retiring in 1975.


AVAILABILITY: Mid-Late December





A)     And now… here’s the second part of our new Luftwaffe Collection…

LW004(SL) “Messerschmitt 163 KOMET”

The Luftwaffe’s first operational jet fighter… It was an aircraft of last resort which only flew once the Allied bomber streams were already battering “The Third Reich”. Its performance was, quite literally, explosive! Its revolutionary jet engine made it dangerous and unpredictable. But, when it worked it truly was a sight to behold streaking upwards at incredible speed unable to be caught by Allied fighters.

K&C’s polystone and metal model comes complete with a pilot and ground wheels plus a small towing tractor vehicle with a Luftwaffe Ground Crewman.

The aircraft is in the markings of JG 400 and painted to represent a typical Me. 163 during late 1944/early 1945.

This particular “Strictly Limited” piece is part of an edition of just 750 pieces.


LW005 “Luftwaffe Ground Crew Set”

Two Air Force mechanics that can fit into any German airfield scene… very useful.


LW006 “Ground Crewman with Bomb”

Another mechanic… toolkit in one hand… shouldering a 50kg bomb.


LW007 “Luftwaffe-Helferin

In addition to clerical tasks these female members of the Luftwaffe performed meteorological work… radar control… searchlight duties… parachute packing.

Some were even employed as mechanics and a few as ferry pilots.




B)    “Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer”


Two of the Luftwaffe’s opposition and the first of our 8th. Air Force releases (a lot more to come later)


AF001 “USAAF Fighter Pilot”

Wearing his “50 Mission Cap” with pride this young fighter jock looks pretty confident… And he looks great standing alongside a P51… a P38… or a powerful P47!


AF002 “USAAF Pilot with Map”

Another Army Air Corps pilot happy to be back on the ground again... or perhaps ready to take off on a little escort duty over Germany.


SPECIAL NOTE: More USAAF pilots, ground crew, personalities and military police are already in the works. Look out for them in upcoming DISPATCHES.




C)    “Did Someone Mention Napoleon?”

From the air war over Europe in WW2 to the fields of Europe in the early 19th. Century… A whole new Cavalry regiment and… a couple of useful additions.

Following a decree of 13 September 1810 the Dutch “Regiment de Hussards de la Garde a Cheval du Roi became the 2nd. Regiment of Lancers of the Guard of Napoleon. Easily recognized by their red tunics the regiment became quickly known simply as “The Red Lancers”.

K&C’s latest Napoleonic Cavalry regiment is also one of its most colourful and… versatile with no less than 9 different poses available… parade and action!


NA159 “Dutch Lancer on Walking Horse A”


NA160 “Dutch Lancer on Walking Horse B”


NA161 “Charging Dutch Lancer”


NA162 “Dutch Lancer Bugler”


NA163 “Dutch Lancer Officer”

The mounted “parade” version.


NA164 “Dutch Lancer General”

A superb character study of Gen. Edouard de Colbert… a great fighting officer. Colbert commanded the combined Guard Lancers regiments at Waterloo. He is wearing the dress uniform of the Regiment and was the eldest of three brothers who all became Generals in Bonaparte’s Army.


NA165 “Dutch Lancer Preparing to Charge”


NA166 “Galloping Dutch Lancer”


NA167 “Charging Lancer Officer”

The “action” version of NA163.


And now a couple of useful additions…


NA168 “Scots Grey Officer”

Lamentably when we released our original Scots Greys we forgot to have an officer! Well, here he is… a member of the landed gentry… ready for battle!!!


NA169 “Black Watch Standing to Repel”

Another late addition to our Black Watch enthusiasts. Sorry, better later than never!!!




D)    And, of course, back to Hong Kong

HK172 “Happy Family”

A proud father admires his young newly-born young son as his wife looks on.





Here’s the latest retirals… for this month. As usual… some you might expect… and a few surprises. But remember as we clear the shelves for these ones it makes room for all of the new ones!!!



AK016 “Attack!”

AK026 “Desert Transport”



AR035 “Standing Flagbearer”

AR036Officer Firing Pistol”

AR038 “Standing Firing Rifle”

AR039 “Standing Loading Rifle”

AR041 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”



DD041 “USMP on Motor Bike”



MG002 “Airborne Jeep & Trailer”



MK001 “Mounted Knight w/Lance”

MK008 “Mounted Knight w/Flag”

MK012 “Crossbowman Loading”

MK020 “Man-at-arms Fighting w/Axe”

MK042 “Saracen Firing Crossbow”



RO024-RE “Throwing Spear”



WS058 “New Fighting Patrol”

WS060 “Tank Ambush”

WS062 “Tank Riders”




And that, as we like to say, is that… Lots of exciting, and I hope surprising, new items that will excite and surprise our K&C collectors.

A big thank you for all your support this past year and very best wishes for this challenging New Year ahead… Merry Christmas!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country