WELCOME to the hottest time of the year in Hong Kong and the final month of preparations before September and the ‘Chicago’ Show...

As usual, we have a fairly eclectic and historically wide ranging selection of K&C releases covering a broad spectrum from our different series.  And here they are...




Four really useful (and colourful) additions to K&C’s “Crusaders & Saracens” series – 3 on foot and 1 very famous King.



MK170Crusader Archer (kneeling)

This English bowman kneels down to let fly an arrow at his Saracen opponents... A large ‘Cross of St. George’ on his surcoat.

MK171Crusader Halberdier

A fighting Man-at-Arms wields his mighty and cruel-looking halberd towards the opposition.

MK172Crusader Archer” (standing ready)

Facing the enemy this English bowman is about to open fire.


MK173Richard the Lionheart (mounted)

One of England’s most famous and revered Kings, even today.  This mounted figure is dressed in full “Crusader” garb and thrusting his sword skyward.

The figure itself is modelled on the famous equestrian statue of King Richard that stands proudly outside the Palace of Westminster in London opposite Westminster Abbey.

Last December, when K&C attended the ‘London Show’ myself and the K&C team saw this statue for the first time and all agreed it would make a fine ‘Royal’ addition to the ‘Crusader & Saracen’ series.


DELIVERY: Mid August


B.   Marching To Battle

King & Country’s “Old Guard have proved a popular ‘hit’ with Napoleonic collectors and we’re providing more guardsmen to ‘beef-up’ their ranks...


NA401 ‘Old Guard Walking’ (with musket slung)

NA403 ‘Old Guard’ Shoulder Arms (w/musket on the left arm)

This proud Grenadier moves closer to the enemy.

NA406 ‘Old Guard’ Tambour (drummer)

Our second ‘Old Guard’ drummer this time wearing the traditional long blue greatcoat and the ‘bicorne’ hat.

NA407 ‘Old Guard’ Shoulder Arms (on the right shoulder)

Another ‘bicorne’ wearing Grenadier who is also clad in his long blue greatcoat.

NA408 ‘Old Guard Marching’ (with musket on the left shoulder)

NA409 ‘On Guard’ (2 x figure set)

An attractive (and useful) pair of ‘standing-at-attention’ Guardsmen in slightly varying dress that can be ‘on duty’ outside the Emperor’s tent... or elsewhere.

NA-S05 “The ‘Old Guard’ Marching set” (7-figure set)

This attractive full 7-figure set comes at a very attractive combined price with considerable savings when you buy the complete set as shown.

AVAILABLE: Early August



While the vast majority of people today would never vote for a ‘Hitler’ the situation in Germany in the early 1930’s was radically different...

LAH234 “Vote For Hitler!”

Another interesting version of this SA campaigning figure together with his sandwich board and 2 x all-new vintage Nazi posters.

DELIVERY: Mid August



From ‘brownshirts’ with political posters to FIVE CLASSIC Roman Legionaries with brightly coloured shields and very sharp swords... All in action!


ROM014Fighting w/Sword(Running Forward)

ROM015Fighting w/Sword(Advancing)

ROM016Fighting w/Sword(About to Strike)

ROM017Fighting w/Sword(Thrusting)

ROM018Fighting w/Sword(Kneeling)

DELIVERY: Mid August



A few useful additions for our ‘German WW2’ collectors...

WH073Additional Artillery Crew #3

This 2 x figure set (1 x with short ramming rod plus 1 x shell fuser) goes perfectly with the other previously released artillery gunner sets such as the

WH062 The 10.5cm Light Field Howitzer and its crew.

WS334Marder III Tank Destroyer

This little Marder III was based on the Czech Panzer 38 (T) chassis and wheel arrangement.  The K&C model is in the same camouflage style and markings (#102) as the Marder III seen in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Pvt. Ryan movie.  Our model also includes a crew member who can stand outside or inside the vehicle... as you prefer.

WS342Standing Tiger Crewmen

This 2-figure set wears the ‘classic’ short black ‘Panzer’ jacket and trousers and fits well alongside any of K&C’s Tigers or other German armour.

WS343SPG Officer w/Pistol

A single grey-clad Self-Propelled-Gun officer stands cocking his pistol... Virtually all German vehicle commanders carried a side arm and this one is no exception.




From battlefields in Europe to the ‘Indian Wars’ of the Old West in the years following the end of the Civil War...

Some great and unique figures for both our “Apaches” and “Plains Indians” Tribes plus a Cavalry figure or two...



TRW112Watching & Signaling

A pair of lying prone Apache warriors observing the approach of a U.S. Cavalry patrol... As one warrior uses a pair of captured (or stolen) binoculars the other signals the rest of the war party using a simple disc of polished metal.


As K&C collectors already know... I love movies ... ‘war movies’ and ‘westerns’ in particular.  This figure is based on a great little movie called “Chato’s Land”, starring the late Charles Bronson.

Bronson plays a half-breed Apache and many of the posters for the movie featured this pose... which is a great one for an Apache warrior.


TRW114 “Sgt. Robert H. Hughes”

From a fictional Apache to a factual character from real history ... Sergeant Robert Hughes carrying the’ National Flag’ at the Battle of the Little Big Horn on that fateful day in June 1876.

Here, holding his Army Colt in one hand and the 36-star flag in the other he reels back from a fatal shot during the battle.

TRW126Errol Flynn’s Custer

And now we mix ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’ with this figure of swashbuckling Errol Flynn as he appeared in the classic 1941 Warner Brothers Movie, “They Died With Their Boots On”.

This highly fictionalized life of George Armstrong Custer climaxes at the Battle of the Little Big Horn with Flynn /Custer dressed in his buckskin jacket (and being the last man standing) as the Sioux and Cheyenne warriors prepare to make their final charge. And that’s how we show him.

TRW127 “The Stranglehold”

This is the third installment of this first release of “Buffalo Soldiers”... A black Cavalry Corporal grabs a marauding Apache around the neck as he prepares to use his pistol butt to ‘brain’ the knife wielding warrior! A great little 2-man ‘fighting’ set.

AVAILABLE: Mid-Late August



As some come in ... others go out...


AF039        Maj.Gregory “Pappy” Boyington USMC

BBA054       The M4A3E8 Easy-Eight SHERMAN

BBA074       Radio Operator Set

BBA076       Supporting Fire

BBG042       Jochen Peiper

FOB080       General Yamashita & Staff Officer Sugita

FOB089       Oskar Schindler & Itzhak Stern

LAH196       Tall Poster Column

WS223-1      Tank Commanders #1

WS223-2      Tank Commanders#2

WS317        The Marder I

WS318        Extra Hitlerjugend



And that my friends is August for you... Here’s looking forward to September ... a little cooler weather and... Chicago!

All the best and happy collecting,