AUGUST is here and Hong Kong is as hot as hell...but at least the tropical thunder storms have gone and Autumn is approaching.

As is our monthly norm, King & Country has put together a diverse and, we hope, interesting little collection of various offerings from a broad range of historical eras and subjects...So, here goes...



A.     “Getting Ready For Normandy”

Last month we released the first of our American airborne figures preparing for the “Night of Nights”...the night jump behind German lines in occupied Normandy on the evening of 5/6 June 1944.

Here are some useful additions – again all figures are available as either 82nd “All-American” or 101st “Screaming Eagles”.


DD264-1           “Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Carbine”

(82nd. Airborne)


DD264-2           “Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Carbine”

(101st. Airborne)


DD266-1           “Kneeling and Sitting Paratroopers”

(82nd. Airborne)


DD266-2           “Kneeling and Sitting Paratroopers”

(101st. Airborne)


DD270-1           “Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Rifle”

(82nd. Airborne)


DD270-2           “Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Rifle”

(101st. Airborne)


AVAILABLE:      Early August



B.      “Somewhere On The Somme”

From the green fields of England and France in 1944 to the blood and mud of Northern France in 1916 and 1917.


FW210              “German Officer w/Field Telephone”


FW211              “German Grenadier”


FW217              “German 77mm Field Gun Set”

Two lone gunners remain to operate this artillery piece as the enemy approaches.


AVAILABLE:      Early August


C.      “Sweet Lorraine!”

From northern France in 1916/1917 we return back to Normandy in June 1944 or perhaps somewhere on the Eastern Front from late 1942 onwards...with this little beauty.


WS317             “The Marder I”

In June 1940, after the Fall of France, the Germans found they had captured thousands of French (and plenty of British) vehicles and all kinds of armour.

Among their captures were over 300 French “Lorraine” artillery tractors and armoured personnel carriers.  Soon they were utilizing these and many others to mount all kinds of anti-tank guns to provide much needed artillery support for their troops on the Eastern Front.

More than 170 Lorraines” were converted to carry the standard German 75mm anti tank gun in an armoured cupola.

Although most served in Russia a substantial number were supplied to the 21st. Panzer Division and saw plenty of action in Normandy after the invasion.


AVAILABLE:      Early August




D.     Soldaten In Action”

In addition to our Marder I we also have a small and very useful collection of German infantry on the move and under fire...PLUS, a very famous General...


WH034             “Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus”

The ill-fated commander of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad.  Our figure is based on an image of a dejected and haggard Paulus marching into Russian captivity after the surrender of his forces in the beleaguered Soviet city.

Hitler expected that the Field Marshal would commit suicide rather than surrender.  While in Russian captivity Paulus became a vocal critic of the Nazis...Released in 1953 he lived the rest of his life in what was then communist East Germany.  He died in 1957.


WH035             “Battlefield Rescue”

A German medic in the lead and another soldier following him struggle to carry a badly-wounded comrade to safety whilst the battle goes on around them.


WH036             “Kneeling Grenadier”

This soldaten is about to pull the pin of his “potato masher”.


WH037             “This Way Lads!”

Rifle in hand another kneeling soldier, a Feldwebel (a German NCO) indicates where he wants his squad to move to.


WH038             “Running Rifleman Grenadier”

                                 Head down and running quickly this soldier is carrying his K98 (Karabiner 98) rifle in one hand...and a grenade in the other.


WH039             “Running and Shouting”

                                 In the heat of battle this soldier is shouting out some kind of  warning.


AVAILALBLE:    Mid-August


E.      At The Court of King Arthur”

From wars in the mid-20th century to the myths and legends of the Age of Chivalry...Four more brave knights to stand at the round table of King Arthur.


MK146             “Sir Gawain”

Said to be related to Arthur himself and Sir Lancelot’s most trusted friend.


MK147             “Sir Geraint”

Reputed to be one of Arthur’s ablest knights but impulsive by nature with a fiery temper.


MK148             “Sir Bedivere

One of Arthur’s most senior knights and the King’s own marshal.  He is also the knight who casts the sword “Excalibur” back in the lake and into the hands of the “Lady of the Lake”.


MK149             “Sir Tristram

                                 Originally from Cornwall in the south west of England, Tristram journeyed to the court of Arthur to become a knight of the Round Table.


AVAILABLE:      Mid-August


F.       “All For One...One For All!”

Alexander Dumas’ tale of a young man from Gascony, D’Artagnan, who journeys to Paris to join the King’s Musketeers of the Guard is a historical novel that incorporates many real figures and events of the period.

He soon meets three actual Musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis and the four then, together, embark on a series of adventures that have been told and retold, time and time again in both films and television.

At K&C we are including these (and more famous figures from the book and movies) in our “Pike & Musket” series because the historical time period (1625) is relatively close to the era of “The Thirty Years” War (1618-1648) and, of course, “The English Civil War” (1642-1651).  The uniforms, weapons and costumes of civilians and the military alike of that time changed very little and all of our figures and accessories are compatible...and realistically authentic.


PnM032           “The 3 Musketeers & D’Artagnan

In this specially – designed set Athos, Aramis & Porthos, stand alongside the youthful D’Artagnan swords drawn and ready to fight the Cardinal’s Guards!

All three Musketeers wear the “classic” blue cassock adorned with a beautiful hand-woven cross and decoration. Typical of the period the rest of their attire is their own personal dress.

D’Artagnan wears a simple plain tunic befitting a young well-born gentleman from the provinces.


SPECIAL NOTE: Look out for additional characters from the Dumas novel in coming months.


AVAILABLE:    Mid to Late August               


G.     “The 7th Hussars on Garrison Duty”

Five more additions to provide an even fuller and more comprehensive picture of military life behind the front lines in the Age of Napoleon.


NA301              “Hussar Walking w/Horse”


NA304              “Hussar Mounting-Up”


NA305              “The Artist & The Hussar”

A seated civilian artist makes a sketch of a standing Hussar.


NA307              “Standing Horse”


NA311              “The Card Players” Set

Two seated Hussars play their cards close to their chest as they wager some of their pay...The bench is also included in this set.


AVAILABLE:      Mid to Late August




H.     “Battle Damaged Building”

In 2014, one of the K&C Diorama Workshop’s show displays received a lot of very positive feedback from both collectors and dealers...”The German Field Hospital”...Why not, we thought, design and produce a special 2-part display piece that could be adapted to represent a number of different kinds of structures that could fit in with a range of varying conflicts, campaigns and wars...All you have to do is change the building’s signage...or even leave it unadorned...and you have a great battlefield backdrop!


SP065               “The Battle-Scarred Building”

This two-storey, brick structure is typical of industrial-type buildings that were built from the mid-19th Century until the first quarter of the 20th Century and could be found all over Europe...East and West.

In a wartime scenario, either WW1 or WW2, buildings like this one were utilized for all kinds of purposes.  K&C has provided you with 4 great suggestions and a sheet *of signs that could be attached permanently or temporarily to provide the perfect battlefield backdrop for both figures and fighting vehicles.

* The sheet includes signs and posters for the following:

1.      German Field Hospital (either WW1 or WW2)

2.      British Casualty Clearing Station (either WW1 or WW2)

3.      Russian Factory (WW2)

4.      French Auto Depot (WW2)

Collectors, of course, can make up their own signage to fit this really useful building.


AVAILABLE:      Late August


2.      BEING RETIRED!!!

Boy, there is a lot of retirees this month...No less than 38 single, double and multiple sets being let go across a broad spectrum of ranges...Check ‘em out!



Kneeling Firing Rifle


Australian Staff Officer


Aussie Officer w/ Binos


Aussie Sergeant w/ Tommy Gun


Aussie Bren Gunner


Aussie Advancing w/ Rifle


Aussie on Guard


Aussie w/Rifle at the Trail


Dead Afrika Korps


French Waiter w/Vichy Water


French Waiter Pouring Coffee


Cafe Customers


Sitting Businessman


Sitting "TaiTai"


Plum Seller (Matt)


Tai Chi Too


The New Chess Players Set


The Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Regimental Band


Side Drummer


Bass Drummer






Bassoon Player








Tuba Player


French Horn Player






Drum Major


Schellenbaum Carrier


Female Warrior


Unteroffizier w/ Schmeisser


Kneeling Ready


Kneeling w/ Ammo Box




Just Looking




And that, my friends, is that for another 30 days or so...Let’s hope there’s something for you here.  In the meantime all the very best to our dealers and collectors...


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country