August is upon us and without further preamble here are the latest K&C items…


1.      On Release This Month…

A.     “BLOOD & SAND”

For centuries alas, warfare has been the norm for the countries and peoples of the Middle East…As it is today so it was then during the time of the Crusaders…


MK116     “The Veteran”

                         A mace-wielding mounted Knight prepares to do battle.


MK117     “Fighting Flagbearer

Another mounted Knight, William of Bordes, carrying his family’s banner.


MK118     “The Crouching Crusader”


MK119     “Sir John Trumpington


MK120     “Knight Hospitaller w/Axe”


MK121     “Knight w/Double-Handed Sword”


MK122     “Wounded Crusader Knight”


AVAILABLE:      Early August



From Palestine we journey southwest to Ancient Egypt.


                 AE053      “The New Pharaoh’s Gate”

A handsome Ancient Egyptian background piece that can be added to or stand-alone – works equally well. In 2 x pieces…the base and stone steps and the decorated wall and gate.


AE054       “The Wall Gods Set”

                         Two statues, mounted on wall sections, portray “Annubis” and “Thoth”, two of Ancient Egypt’s most revered deities. Goes well with the previous AE053 “New Pharaoh’s Gate”.


AE055       “The Standing Pharaoh”


AE056       “Pharaoh’s Bodyguard”


AE057       “The Vizier”

                         One of Pharaoh’s most trusted advisers.


AE058       “The New Fan Bearer”

                         A ‘new’ edition of an old favourite.


AE059       “Paying Homage”

                         Kneeling before the Pharaoh is a lesser ruler from one of the vassal states bordering Egypt. He offers a sword to Pharaoh to show his loyalty and obedience.


AVAILABLE:      Mid-August



At the height of the Luftwaffe’s attacks during the Battle of Britain many Royal Air Force airfields were being put out-of-action.  In order to continue fighting many fighter squadrons were dispersed around the country and made use of any large grass areas that could land and take-off the Spitfires and Hurricanes…

Sports grounds and farmers’ fields were among the favourites.


RAF055     “The Cricket Club”

This handsome green and white cricket pavilion makes the perfect “dispersal hut” for our displaced RAF pilots. It’s located in Walmington-On-Sea quite near where our Fields of Battle “Home Guard” soldiers live!

A group of young pilots enjoy a well-earned (and brief) respite from the mighty aerial battles being fought over their heads…



RAF057     “A nice cup of tea!”

                         Eating a sandwich in one hand and a “cuppa” in the other this pilot is ready to leap into the cockpit of his aircraft at a moment’s notice.


RAF058     “Arms Folded”

                         Standing Flying Officer is not only wearing his “Mae West” but still got his flying helmet on!


RAF059     “Intelligence Officer”

                         This non-flying RAF officer is taking down notes on the latest aerial encounter between one of these “Brylcreem Boys” and the dreaded “Hun”.


RAF060     “Sitting & Thinking”

                         Another Flying Officer enjoying a cup of tea and pondering on the day’s events.


RAF061     “Pilot w/Map”

                         Windswept hair and silk scarf blowing in the wind…One more young pilot ready to jump into his Spitfire for one more sortie.


RAF062     “Watching & Waiting”

                         This Flight Lieutenant is taking no chances…he’s also carrying a Webley .38 service revolver!


RAF063     “The Card Game”

                         Seated in their rattan chairs these two pilots, one a Flight Sergeant, the other a Flying Officer enjoy a game of cards to help pass the time in a rare moment of relaxation.


RAF064     “Tea and Sandwich Table”

                         Providing a welcome “cuppa” this trestle table has been set up with a tea urn, a pot of coffee, a plate of sandwiches, cups and saucers and a radio to listen to the BBC.



RAF065     “Anti-Aircraft Bren Gun Team”

                         Once the Luftwaffe began attacking RAF airfields and other ground installations every kind of weapon was utilized in their defence.

                         Here, a .303 Bren Gun is on its AA mounting and ready to “have a go” at any low-flying German aircraft. Both RAF ground crew are wearing “08” pattern webbing (blancoed in RAF grey) and one also carries a .303 Lee Enfield.


AVAILABLE:      Mid to Late August


D.     “Lawrence of Arabia”

Three fine new additions to this First World War series…


                 LOA011   “Prince Feisal”

Played in the movie by Sir Alec Guinness the noble Prince is mounted on one of his favourite Arabian steeds and brandishes his scimitar.


                       LOA012   “Feisal’s Mounted Bodyguard”

Prince Feisal was protected by a hand-picked group of Nubian warriors.


                       LOA013   “Standing Feisal Bodyguard”

Typically all of the Prince’s bodyguards wore special scarlett red cloaks to identify them among the bedouin of the Arab Army.


AVAILABLE:     Mid to Late August




Additional German fighting vehicles and soldiers are always welcome…


                 WS225    “Pz.Kpfw38(t)

By the middle of 1942 many German vehicles were being camouflaged…including the Czech-made 38(t). Here is our version…

                       WS291    “Flak Panzer 1A”

These little beauties were used primarily on the Eastern Front in the ground-attack role. This grey, dust-coated version mounts the highly regarded 20mm Flak Gun and comes with a seated gunner.


                       WS292    “Flak Panzer Gun Crew”

Two additional crewmen to help ‘serve’ the gun (both with no base in order to stand better on the vehicles)


WS297   “The Nice German Soldier”

Proof that not all Germans were “monsters’…This ‘soldaten’ shares his bread and jam with a young girl in one of the occupied countries.


                        AVAILABLE:    Mid-August



Another of our “French Facades” and this time it’s a double!


               SP060      Deux Maisons

A tall four-storey structure attached to a three-storey shop/house with a Viennoiserie…a typical French shop selling croissants, pastries and bread. Sounds good already!


AVAILABLE:       Mid to Late August




Not too many this month…but some goodies among them – grab ‘em while you can!



New Running Rickshaw


Mounted Templar Drawing Sword


French Knight w/Lance


Royal Man-at-Arms w/Banner


Sergeant w/Double Handed Sword



                          And that, as they say, is the story so far…Best wishes to one and all!





                                                                                                Andy C. Neilson

                                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                                                King & Country