AUGUST is always one of the hottest months in the Hong Kong calendar but it’s a month closer to September and… September means the Chicago Show and cooler weather.

        However, before all that … there’s all of this…




Last year when we released our first three Albatros bi planes the demand far out stripped the supply and so we decided to produce two more versions of this iconic German WWI aircraft…

Unlike the first three these two new models include a seated pilot figure and are cast from a brand new mold.


FW114 “Albatros DV” (Uffz. Paul Baumer)

This brightly-coloured machine is decorated with the “Edelweiss” mountain flower on both sides of the fuselage. Baumer flew this aircraft with Jagdstaffel 5, in June 1917 and by war’s end in November 1918 had scored 43 victories and been awarded the coveted “Blue Max”. He died in an aircrash in 1927.


FW115Albatros DV” (Ernst Udet)

Ernst Udet, later to become a General in Hitler’s Luftwaffe and a flying contemporary of Hermann Goering, flew this smart silver-coloured Albatros while flying with Jasta 37 in the Autumn of 1917.

By the end of hostilities his tally would be 62 “kills”. Although promoted to General in World War Two his conflicts with others in the Nazi hierarchy drove him to commit suicide in 1941.





        “Per Ardua Ad Astra” Through Adversity To The Stars is the motto of Britain’s Royal Air Force and August is a bumper month for RAF releases…


RAF041 “Humber Heavy Utility Staff Car”

The second version of this classic British WW2 transport… this time in “RAF blue” with a female driver and roundel on the bonnet. A very familiar sight on wartime airfields.


RAF042 “Spitfire Mk. IX”

This Mark IX Spitfire was reckoned by many pilots to be their favouriteSpit” to fly… It was also the most produced version of the 24 different kinds built during and after the war (over 9,000 Mk. IX’s were manufactured).

But this Spitfire is also very special. It is in the markings of Wing Commander J.E. “Johnnie” Johnson, Britain’s top-scoring ace of WW2 (34 “kills”).

Our K&C model is in D.Day markings and carries Johnson’s own initials (J.E.J.) on the fuselage. In addition it also has the “maple leaf” insignia as Johnnie was commanding the Canadian Spitfire Wing at that time… Just 400 are being made.


RAF043 “Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid V.C.”

On 3 November, 1943 Flight/Lieutenant. Reid. Captained Lancaster “O for Oscar” on a 600 bomber raid on Dusseldorf. While passing over Holland his aircraft was attacked by an Me.110 nightfighter. Bill Reid was seriously wounded by shell fragments and the Lancaster badly damaged but still flyable. Bill and his crew pressed on to their target.

Over Germany they were again attacked…by a FW190 this time and two crew were fatally injured. Bill along with his flight engineer was wounded again and lost their compass. Still they continued the mission… and dropped their bombs exactly on target!

On the route back to the U.K. their Lancaster encountered heavy flak over Holland but just managed to fly over the North Sea.

Although losing power (on all four engines at one point) Bill Reid managed to restart them and make an emergency landing at an airfield in Norfolk. His badly shot up Lancaster just managed to touch ground before the undercarriage collapsed and it completed the arrival on its belly.

For his courage, tenacity and leadership Bill Reid was awarded the Victoria Cross.

This brave but modest Scot passed away in 2001.


RAF044 “Air Vice Marshal Arthur “Bomber” Harris”

“Bomber” Harris was the “architect” of the RAF’s bombing offensive on Germany from 1942 until the end of the war in Europe. When Britain had no other way to hit back at the Germans Harris provided the leadership and the means.


RAF045 “RAF Airfield Tractor”

These “David Brown” tractors were a fixture on most British airfields from the war years until well into the 1950’s. Our distinctive version has the highly visible blue and yellow colour scheme and comes with a WRAF driver.


RAF046 “RAF Airfield Starter Cart”

Yet another familiar wartime sight… This little starter cart is pulled by an RAF Aircraftsman (an ERK).


RAF052 “RAF Dispatch Rider”

        An RAF Police Dispatch Rider on a BSA Motorcycle.


RAF053 “Wing Commander J.E. “Johnnie” Johnson”

James Edgar “Johnnie” Johnson, C.B.E., D.S.O. & Two Bars, DFC & Bar was one of the RAF’s most famous and decorated wartime pilots… His record of 34 “kills”, 7“shared”, 3”probables”, 10”damaged”, make him the highest scoring Western Ace against the Luftwaffe during WW2.

In March 1944 he was put in charge of 144 (RCAF) Wing and flew Spitfires over Normandy before, during and after the invasion.

After the war he had a long and distinguished career in the RAF becoming an Air Vice Marshal. He passed away in 2001.

The K&C figure has him “kitted-out” in RAF Battledress and wearing a “Mae-West” Life Vest and carrying a side arm just in case he has to bale out over enemy territory!





Traditional Chinese music to Western ears is definitely an acquired taste however with these three young ladies playing it the task becomes much more pleasant.


HK203 “The Musical Trio”


AVAILABLE: Early / Mid August



The success of our “Ancient Greece” series ensures plenty of add-ons… Here are just a few of them…


AG009 “Alexander The Great”

Probably the most famous “fighting Greek” in history… immortalized in books, films and… military miniatures. Here is the K&C version -


AG010 “Charging Forward w/Sword.”


AG011 “Attacking Swordsman”


AG012 “Slashing Swordsman”

More “Fighting Greeks” are in the pipeline as well as their opponents… The Persians! Watch out for them.


AVAILABLE: Early / Mid August




It’s been a while (too long) since we brought in some reinforcements for our beleaguered G.I.’s fighting up from those Normandy beaches and into the high-sided (and dangerous) “Bocage” of the Norman countryside. So, here they are… a section of 1st Infantry Division “The Big Red One” guys ready to go head-to-head with the Krauts…


DD180 “The Universal Jeep”

As you guys know K&C loves jeeps of all shapes and sizes… we’ve put machine guns on ‘em… we’ve fitted them out as “Medic Jeeps”…

…We’ve covered them in snow… Heck, we’ve even delivered Santa in a jeep. Now, we surmised how about doing just your BASIC JEEP… no guns… no stretchers… just a jeep and driver, pure and simple. Plus, of course, the canvas cover.

SPECIAL NOTE: In upcoming “DISPATCHES” you’ll be seeing jeeps for the U.S. Army Air Corps… the Royal Air Force and … the British 8th. Army in the Desert… And even a Red Army Lend-Lease jeep. Look out for’em!


DD182 “Shouting NCO”

Holding his MI Carbine this NCO shouts out instructions to his men.


DD183 “Machine Gun Team”

Providing fire support for the riflemen in the section is this brand-new 30 Calibre MG team of two.


DD184 “Standing Firing Rifle”

                A classic pose for a classic infantryman.


DD185 “Advancing w/Rifle & Bayonet”

Carefully making his way forward this G.I. is taking no changes… bayonet fixed!


DD186 “Kneeling w/ Rifle & Bayonet”

        As his buddy advances this G. I. kneels ready to guard his back.


DD187 “Crouching Pointing”

        Another G. I. indicates a target to his front.


DD188 “With Rifle & Grenade”

This G. I. advances with rifle and grenade ready…


AVAILABLE: Late August / Early September


B .“SONS of the EMPIRE”

Three more colourful additions to a very colourful series featuring one of the Raj’s most famous cavalry regiments… “SKINNER’ s HORSE


SOE024 “Skinner’s Horse Flagbearer

Carrying the “Union Jack” this trooper looks every inch the proud cavalryman.


SOE025 “Skinner’s Horse Bugler”


SOE026 “Skinner’s Horse Scout”

        Although most Skinner’s Horse troopers carried the famous long bamboo lance they also carried Martini- Henry carbines… just like this fellow.


AVAILABLE: Mid September



After retiring our old SS Headquarters Building a while back we had many collectors request a replacement… and here it is…


LAH169 “SS-Hauptampt” SS Central Command H.Q.

This 2-storey façade has been specially – designed to go with our earlier façade releases but beasts a far larger upper balcony (to accommodate more of the Berlin ’38 personalities).

        Additional side pieces (to extend a display) will be released later.


LAH156 “Brown-Shirt Hitler 1933”

        Throughout the period of the late 1920’s and into the first half of the 1930’s Hitler most often appeared in public this simple version of the SA brown-shirt uniform. The pose is also typical …


AVAILABLE: Mid September



        Continuing this new series with a few useful additions…


IC047 “Chinese Banner Type #1”

IC048 “Chinese Banner Type #2”

IC049 “Chinese Spearman”

IC050 “Chinese w/ Sword”


AVAILABLE: Mid September



One of the most popular “Street of Old Hong Kong” Sets… Here is the latest edition…

HK208 “The NEW Mahjong Set”


AVAILABLE: Mid September


3.          “And Now for The RETIREMENTS…”

Not so many this month… but some goodies at really great original prices!!!


BBA040 “Truck Winter Passengers (Set one)”

DD108 “Bren Gun Team”

DD109 “Medic & Wounded”

DD110 “Attacking”

DD111 “Moving Inland”

DD112 “Command Set”

DD113 “Attack!”

DD114 “Casualty of War”

DD115 “Road Sign “CAEN””

NA184 “Mounted Officer”

NA185 “Walking Flagbearer

NA186 “Marching Officer w/ Sword”

NA187 “Marching Sergeant”

NA188 “Marching Pioneer”

NA189 “Marching Guardsman”

NA190 “Guardsman At attention”

NA191 “Saving The Boy”

NA192 “Camp Follower”

NA193 “Advancing Guardsman”

NA194 “Marching Flagbearer



Once more, thank you for your continued support and best wishes!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country





For many years K&C has produced many different kinds of different WW2 German soldiers wearing a variety of camouflage uniforms that the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS pioneered.

Now we feel it’s time to “get back to basics” i.e. return to the classic image of the German soldier from the first half of the Second World War… the simple, unadorned steel helmet, the grey/ green jacket, the field-grey trousers tucked into the long jackboots. All covered in the fine dust of France and the Low Countries and the endless steppes of Russia…

But first, one of our favourite German generals… Erwin Rommel.


WS196 “Rommel in France”

K&C has produced several Rommel figures, mostly in his Afrika Korps uniform but never one as he appeared in France in 1940 during his command of the 7th. Panzer Division.

        Here he pauses at the side of a country road perhaps enjoying a sandwich        and a cup of coffee.


WS200 “Walking Officer”

With his Schmeisser Machine Pistol slung over his back this confident officer could be somewhere in France in 1940… or anywhere in western Russia in 1941.


WS201 “Marching MG34 Gunner”

Many photos of the early – war period show German infantry on the march looking tired but successful… Is this gunner’s next stop Paris… or Moscow?


WS202 “The Ammo Carrier”

MG34’s used up prodigious amounts of belted ammo and so other soldiers in the gunner’s section were detailed to “hump” additional boxes of ammunition.


WS203 “NCO w/ Binos

It was not just officers that were issued with expensive field binoculars. Even junior NCO’s managed to beg, borrow or steal a good pair of binos for their personal use.


WS209 “Sd. Kfz. 222 Armoured Car”

        Another great German classic! The 222 has long been a favourite of K&C and now we’re going to release a small varied selection for different “theatres of war”.

        Here’s our first…

        Dust-covered and in field-grey this early/ mid war version has the vehicle commander carefully protected inside the gun cupola.

        Two other versions are being released later this year…


AVAILABLE: Mid September




Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country