AUGUST is one of the hottest months of the year in Hong Kong… Step out of your air-conditioned building and it’s like stepping into a hot oven. But it’s also just 6 or 7 weeks away from Chicago and the Old Toy Soldier Show, which for K&C is like going to Mecca!!!

So, at this time we’re working flat-out to get as much of our new and upcoming products and offerings ready to display and preview in the Windy City.

In the meantime however here’s a little advance info on what you can expect in August and September from King & Country…



A. “SPITFIRE SUMMER” During the summer of 1940 Britain stood alone…France lay crushed under the Nazi jackboot as did most of mainland Europe.

Only Britain, its army narrowly escaping the clutches of Adolf Hitler at Dunkirk… the ships of the Royal Navy and a handful of Spitfires and Hurricanes were left to stand up to the might of the Nazi war machine…

This August, the 70th. Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, K&C is releasing the second iconic British fighter plane of that epic aerial struggle… The Supermarine Spitfire.

Along with our superb model of a Spitfire Mk.1 we are also launching a batch of new “ace” pilot figures, several ground personnel and the RAF airfield version of the Austin K2 Ambulance.


RAF015 “RAF Austin K2 Airfield Ambulance”

A familiar and reassuring sight on dozens of RAF airfields across the length and breadth of Britain during and after the Battle.

Our model carries the markings ofBiggin Hill”, one of the most famous RAF fighter stations of WW2 and is driven by a female WAAF (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force) driver.


Planned Production Run: Just 250 vehicles


RAF016Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1”

A superbly detailed model of R.J. Mitchell’s magnificent fighter aircraft. Although twice as many Hawker Hurricanes actually fought in the Battle it was the nimble and graceful Spitfire that captured the British public’s attention… and heart.

Our K&C “Spit” is in the personal markings of Flight Lieutenant Alan “AL” Deere, a young New Zealander, flying with 54 Squadron during the Battle. Al Deere, who went on to complete a long and distinguished career in the Royal Air force, shot down 12 enemy aircraft between May and September 1940.

His Spitfire Mk.1, complete with smoke stains from the gun ports and engine exhausts makes a worthy companion to our earlier released Hawker Hurricanes.


Planned Production Run: 750 models


RAF018 “WAAF Officer”

All the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel played a vital ground support role during the Battle and long afterwards. Our Section Officer points skywards at a flight of aircraft passing overhead.


RAF019 “WAAF Sergeant”

Clipboard in hand this female NCO is on an “inspection tour” of the airfield.


RAF020 “Sergeant Pilot George Unwin

George “Grumpy” Unwin enlisted in the RAF in 1929. In 1935 he was selected for pilot training and was eventually posted to 19 Squadron as a Spitfire pilot. By the end of the Battle of Britain he was credited with 14 enemy aircraft.

He was commissioned in 1941 and survived the war. He died in 2006.


RAF021 “Sergeant Pilot Antoni Glowacki

Toni Glowacki was a Free Polish Air Force pilot who shot down 5 German aircraft on one day (24 August 1940) during the Battle of Britain. After the fall of Poland he eventually reached Britain and, after flight training, joined the RAF’s 501 “County of Gloucester Squadron flying Hurricanes. Only one other RAF pilot, New Zealander Brian Carbury gained this “Ace-in-a-day” status during the Battle.


RAF022 “Flying Officer Andy Mamedoff

Andy Mamedoff was one of the first American pilots to fly with the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain. Initially Mamedoff came to Europe to fly for Finland during their winter war against Russia in 1940. Arriving too late for that war he joined the French Air Force towards the end of the Battle of France.

When France fell he and 2 other Americans journeyed to Britain to join the RAF. He was one of the founding members of No. 71 “Eagle” Squadron in September 1940. He was killed in October 1941.


RAF023 “Flying Officer John “Pancho” Villa”

Pancho flew with 72 Squadron throughout the Battle and shot down 7 enemy aircraft during it. In August 1941 he was promoted to command 65 Squadron RAF… he flew until 1943 by which time his score stood at 15.


RAF024 “RAF Policeman”

Providing airfield security was the main responsibility of the RAF’s own Military Police. In addition ordinary airmen NCO’s could be “drafted in” to act as Gate Guards


RAF025 “RAF Kneeling Armourer

During the Battle of Britain and beyond these RAF armourers helped keep the Hurricanes and Spitfires flying and ready for action...



Look out for another RAF Airfield vehicle in, September’s release schedule.





As our existing Revolutionary War British line regiment is being retired another takes to the field… And it’s a famous one too!

The Royal Welch Fusiliers

During the America Revolution this regiment saw action in virtually every major campaign (except Burgoyne’s). It fought from Lexington and Concord in 1775, through to Yorktown in 1781. The 23rd Foot was widely recognized as one of the premier British regiments and a fine choice for a new K&C Revolutionary War release…



For many years now K&C has been a “permanent fixture” at the annual WestCoaster Toy Soldier Show held in Irvine California and organized originally by Bob Fisher and Scott Morland. Today this excellent event is superbly run and organized by Old Toy Soldier Home’s Craig McClain and Woody.

The show always begins with a parade around the hall of “living history re enactors” usually led by a contingent of 23rd Foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers). Two years ago the members of this fine regiment stopped by the K&C tables and we got talking… There and then we decided that they would be our next Rev. War British regiment… And so we took lots of reference photos of the guys in a multitude of poses and attitudes and here are the first results… enjoy!


BR075 “RWF Officer with Gloves”

A senior of the Regiment, very cool and calm (as British senior officers invariably are) prepares for battle!


BR076 “RWF Officer Saluting”

A junior officer reports to his superior that the men are “standing to” and ready for action.


BR077 “Fusilier Presenting Arms”

Fusilier in a “classic” pose.


BR078 “Fusilier Making Ready”


BR079 “Fusilier Standing Firing”


BR080 “Fusilier Kneeling Firing”


BR081 “Fusilier Kneeling Ready”


BR082 “RWF Officer with King’s Colour

A standing Fusilier Ensign holding the great Union Standard (Jack) that is the King’s Colour




BR082A “RWF Officer with Regimental Colour

The same officer as above but holding the 23rd’s Regimental Standard.


AVAILABILITY:   Mid September



Raised in 1943 this Waffen SS Division (the 12th.) comprised almost 20,000 seventeen-year old members of the Nazi Party’s Youth Organization… all volunteers.

The Division’s veteran officers and NCO’s were mostly seconded or transferred from the premier Waffen SS unit, 1st SS “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”.

In the Spring of 1944 after it completed its training and received its full quota of arms and equipment it was transferred to France to await the long-expected Allied Invasion.

On June 6, 1944, the invasion began and the 12th. SS Hitlerjugend Division was soon in the thick of it.

This is the first of two releases showing the “HJ in action” during the early days of the fighting in Normandy


WS175 “Summer Raupenschlepper

Two years ago K&C released a very popular “winter” version of this great little tracked transporter. We received many requests to produce a “summer” one… and here it is!

But, this new version is a brand-new sculpt with several additional features… First of all, the “canvas” top is removable and can be replaced with the steel metal frame in its place.

Also included a load of supplies that can either be put into the vehicles (or stand by its side). This Raupenschlepper has a towing hook as well allowing collectors to pull an artillery piece or trailer. Finally there is also an all-new driver as well.




WS176Hitlerjugend Panther Ausf. A”

Another essential part of the division’s fighting inventory was a company of Panther tanks.

This latest Panther Ausf. A tank is definitely K&C’s most detailed Panther to date. Covered in zimmerit paste and battle-worn, two crew members can be seen with the vehicle as it prepares to engage the enemy.


WS163 “Talking Tankers”

Two Waffen SS Panzer officers discuss the tactical situation.


WS164 “Kneeling HJ Officer”

One of the veteran 1st SS officers transferred to lead the young inexperienced HJ boys into battle.


WS165 “Pak 97/38 Anti Tank Gun”

This was a typical German combination of utilizing a captured enemy weapon (in this case the French canon de 75 model 1897) and the carriage of their proven German Pak 38.

Entering wide-spread service in 1942 it was one of the principal anti tank guns supplied to the Hitlerjugend Division just before Normandy.

Our model comes with a three-man crew in action poses.


This gun can also be “pulled” behind by the new Raupenschlepper.


WS166 “Laying the MG42 Gun Set”

Providing the extra fire power to keep the Allied heads down this three-man set takes careful aim.


Look out for more “HJ” infantrymen in action in September.


Waffen SS on Parade

WS162Waffen SS Officer w/Sword”

This 2nd SS “DAS REICH” armoured division officer in full Panzer black uniform w/ sword.


WS178 ““DAS REICH” Banner Bearer

Another marching officer in full Panzer black uniform with Divisional Banner.





A. As mentioned in July’s “DISPATCHES” our latest Hitlerjugend in Normandy44” releases comes in two parts… August’s you already know about… Here are the important additions…


WS167 “MP40 Set”

Two lying prone young Panzer Grenadiers armed with the classic MP40 (Machine Pistol 40) usually called theSchmeisser. As one Grenadier watches the front his mate calls out for reinforcements to move up quickly and get in position. A great little set for dioramas!


WS168 “Kneeling Grenadier”

Another young rifleman of the HJ Division somewhere in Normandy. Wearing the ubiquitous SS camouflage smock and trousers he kneels ready with a “potato-masher” grenade in the right hand.


WS169 “Ready… Aim… Fire!”

Another of our 2-man sets… As one rifleman takes careful aim another sends a “silent” signal to the rest of their section.

Note the Panzerfaust next to the firing Grenadier.


WS170 “Dead HJ Grenadier”

The deadly cost of war… Two thirds of the HJ Division fighting in Normandy were either killed… or captured… mostly the former.


WS171 “Running Officer”

Schmeisser in hand this young HJ officer crouches low as he moves around his boy’s defensive positions.


WS172 “Casualty Evacuation”

One HJ Grenadier shoulders a wounded comrade and takes him out of the line and back to the nearest aid station.


WS173 “Panzer Meyer Set”

Our second version of this famous HJ officer (the first was part of a “Strictly Limited” set a few years back). Here, he instructs one of his NCO’s on exactly where he wants him and his men to go to.


WS174 “Walking Wounded”

A German Medic escorts another wounded SS Panzer Grenadier away from the frontline and, hopefully, out of further harm’s way!


AVAILABILITY:   Early September



“SERIES 250” is a relatively new idea…

The thought behind it is that there are certain vehicles (both Allied and Axis) that lend themselves to multiple paint schemes for different “Theatres of War”. At the same time the appeal of these kinds of vehicle may be more restricted to the dedicated K&C collector who likes something “out-of-the-ordinary”. So, here’s the first… “The AUSTIN Light Utility”.

More than 65,000 of these little pickup trucks were produced and were used by British and Empire forces throughout the war in every part of the world where British troops fought. Of that number the AUSTIN MOTOR COMPANY built the largest single amount (30,000). K&C are offering 3 different versions…

RAF026 “Austin Light Utility” (RAF Version)

Perfect for any airfield scene. This model comes with detachable rear canvas canopy and a seated Women’s Auxiliary Air Force driver.


EA056 “Austin Light Utility” (Eighth Army Version)

Complete with female ATS driver this desert Tilly fits into Monty’s H.Q…. a familiar sight on the wartime streets of Alexandria and Cairo.


DD146 “Austin Light Utility” (Normandy Version)

Painted up in “Mickey Mouse” colours of black and olive drab and sporting the Allied star this little Tillyand its ATS driver are ready to disembark on the beaches of Normandy. H.M. Queen Elizabeth II then Princess Elizabeth drove one of these during her wartime ATS service.


Note: Just 250 of each vehicle have been produced.


AVAILABILITY:   RAF026 and EA056 Early September

                                DD146 in Early October




K&C has received quite a few requests to have a “desert” version of our popular “Field of Battle” Bedford Truck… and here it is…

We’re produced just 150 of this 8th. Army adaptation… so if you want one grab’em while you can! Remember just 150!!!


AVAILABILITY:   Early September



During the “DESERT WAR” waged between 1940-1943 across the vast expanse of the North African coastal plain the frontline moved almost constantly… From one week to the next the battle see-sawed between Rommel’s vaunted AFRIKA KORPS and Britain’s EIGHTH ARMY. This often meant that fixed positions like towns, forts and airfields often changed hands on a regular basis…

K&C’s latest Afrika Korps release reflects that kind of fluid military situation… and that explains the unique mix of Allied and Axis buildings…


AK059 “Control Tower”

Raised high above the ground, from this vantage point, you can see the entire desert airstrip. Our German Control Tower comes complete with searchlight and machine gun as well as a desk and a field radio inside the hut atop the wooden trestles. A camouflaged corrugated tin roof shields at least some of the hut from the blinding sun. A nazi flag hangs limply on one side of the tower.

DIMENSIONS:       LENGTH:        140mm

                                WIDTH:           140mm

                                HEIGHT:         270mm

                                                        335mm (with flag)


AK060 “Water Set”

Two Afrika Korps take a well-earned and thirsty “water break”.


AK061 “Soldier drinking from the Jerry Can”

Water is always a precious and life-giving necessity in the desert… Here this AK trooper drinks his fill.


AK062 “Fuel Transporter”

Another bare-chested Afrika Korps soldier brings up some much-needed fuel for a vehicle.


SPECIAL NOTE:  German Forces in North Africa (and elsewhere) were always careful to mark their “jerry cans” with a white cross (to denote drinkable water)… Everything else in a jerrycan was definitely some kind of fuel.


AK063 “Field Marshal Albert “Smiling Albert” Kesselring”

This senior officer was one of Hitler’s best and most able commanders. Never a Nazi himself he could just as easily command an air fleet in Goring’s Luftwaffe or a whole army fighting in the field. A superb organizer and tactician his reputation for good humour and common sense won him a special place in the hearts of the men he commanded.

In November 1941 he was given control of “Luftwaffe Sud… the Southern Command of the Luftwaffe with responsibility for Italy, Sicily, Greece and North Africa. Under his leadership Rommel received more aerial supplies and additional aircraft. He visited the North African front on several occasions.

He died in 1960.


AK064 “Leutnant Hans-Arnold Stahlschmidt”

This officer, holding his life jacket, was a member of the Luftwaffe’s most famous fighter squadron in North Africa Jagdgeschwader 27”, (JG27 for short). During his short career he shot down 59 British aircraft in the desert.


AK065Leutnant Gunter Steinhausen

Steinhausen is taking a break from flying duties and is in the control tower for a few hours. This ace shot down 40 British aircraft (mostly Hurricanes and P40 Tomahawks) before being himself shot down by an RAF Desert Air Force Spitfire. He also flew with JG27.


AK066 “Desert Dispatch Rider”

Bringing the latest orders and instructions from Afrika Korps Headquarters.


The desert can be boiling hot during the day and freezing cold during the night… At other times it can even be the reverse with flash floods and torrential rain into the bargain.

Many actual wartime photos show Rommel’s men wearing their heavy wool greatcoats in the middle of the day… And here they are


AK067 “AK rifleman in Greatcoat marching”

Wearing the AK desert brown coat and carrying his K98 Mauser this infantryman trudges across the sand.


AK068 “AK rifleman in Greatcoat on Guard Duty”


AK069 “AK rifleman in Greatcoat marching”

An alternative (or addition) to AK067.


AK070 “AK Feldwebel marching”

Another marching figure with shouldered MP40 Schmeisser and… a determined look.


AK071(SL) “Hans-Joachim (Jochen) Marseille & his Bf 109”

“The Star of Africa and, according to fellow German Air Ace General Adolf Galland, “one of the finest fighter pilots the world has ever seen”.

By the time he was killed in a flying accident in September 1942, Marseille had shot down 158 enemy aircraft, most of them in North Africa in an amazing sixteen month period.

Another member of JG27 and flying the Messerschmitt Bf 109 “F” Marseille reached the zenith of his flying career when on September 1, 1942 he shot down 17 enemy aircraft during 3 combat sorties in a 24 hour period! This unique and memorable feat earned him “The Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds”.

During his all-too short career in North Africa he flew four different Bf 109 F models and it is one of these K&C has chosen to portray.

This particular one features the colourful partly blood red tail complete with “kill” markings and light weathering.

Just 999 of this very special STRICLY LIMITED Jochen” Marseille Bf 109 are being produced. It comes with a detailed (and numbered) summary of Marseille’s career and in a specially-designed box.

It is sure to be a much sought-after piece and will fit into any “Desert War” collection. A standing figure of Marseille is also, of course, included.


AK072Afrika Korps Kubelwagen

Yet another much-requested addition to our Desert series… The desert Kubelwagen. This great looking little run-around sports the special bulbous desert tires and has an MG34 machine gun pole mounted in the centre of the vehicle. A seated driver and assorted equipment can be seen as well.

The perfect way to get around the desert (or a desert airfield).


AK073Afrika Korps Airfield Hut”

Obviously, one of the Allied Quonset/Nissen Huts obtained as a “spoil of war” by the Germans and put to good practical use!


AVAILABILITY:   Mid September




As usual, to help make room for all the new stuff we have to, sadly, let go of some of the older stuff…


a)      Battle of the Bulge”

BBA022 “Walking Wounded”

b)      Normandy44”

DD077War Correspondent Ernie Pyle”

c)      Berlin38”

LAH079 “LAH Recce Truck”

LAH089 “Feldmarschall Werner Von Blomberg”

d)      “The Crusaders”

MK007Siege Tower

MK050 “Gruesome Trophy Set”

MK054 “Sir Walter De La Mer”

MK055 “Robert of Abbotsinch

e)      “The Age of Napoleon”

NA048 “Standing Firing”

NA049 “Standing Ready”

NA050 “Kneeling Firing”

NA051 “Sergeant Attacking w/Pike”

NA054 “Lunging w/Bayonet”

NA067 “Black Watch - Kneeling to Repel”

NA068 “Black Watch - Wounded Highlander”

NA098 “Gun Crew”

NA099 “Gun Corporal with Sword”

f) Normandy44”

WS099 “German Tank Crew”




Now, that’s quite a little list but if you look at the prices they are all great value… grab ‘em while you can.

And that’s that for another 30 days or so… We thank you for your continued support and business and we never forget how important you and our K&C collectors are. Very best wishes!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country