By the time you guys get to read this I should already have returned from Australia. As some of you may know K&C is a firm believer in “getting out to meet the dealer… meet the collector”. Over the years we’ve found it’s a great way to “connect” with our core base and get to hear what they would like to see and collect.


At the same time we also find out what they don’t like and how we can improve and expand our service and products. It’s this two-way traffic of ideas… thoughts… comments and suggestions that help us to keep going forward and exploring exciting new areas in this great hobby of ours.


And talking of “new areas” to explore here’s the latest update…



August promises to be another bumper month for both dealers and collectors with a varied batch of releases… and a couple of surprises…


A. “Luftwaffe In Action”

After seeing this headline you might be forgiven for thinking there’s more German aircraft appearing… Well, not just yet… but we’re still talking fighting airmen in battle.

This time, it’s the men of the Luftwaffe Field Divisions. By 1942 the huge losses in the Army’s manpower meant that the Wehrmacht had to seek out additional troops. One huge potential source was Goering’s Luftwaffe.

Already over-manned and under utilized the Luftwaffe appeared to have “men-to-spare”. Goering insisted however that he would only allow these airmen to be trained and used as ground forces if they could be retained under his overall command and they could then be designated as “Luftwaffe Field Divisions”. Eventually some 21 divisions were raised and 5 fought in France during the Normandy campaign. Our latest “in-action” figures contain 14 fighting airmen in 9 different small sets and individuals.


LW018 “Section Leader”

Utilizing his camouflaged tent cover as a smock this feldwebel observes enemy positions.


LW019 “Machine Gun Team”


LW020 Panzerschrek Team”

This weapon was one of the “scourges” of Allied armour in Normandy and afterwards. Here, our “gunner” takes careful aim at an approaching Allied tank while a rifleman looks on.


LW021 “Kneeling Officer”


LW022 “Attack Set”

Three assorted Luftwaffe riflemen.


LW023 “Advancing Set”

A young NCO, pistol in hand, and a rifleman advance cautiously.


LW024 “Lying Firing Rifleman”


LW026 “Searchlight”

A seated Luftwaffe airmen manning a portable searchlight.


LW027 “Spotter”


Available Now!



Providing some much need heavier support are two adaptations of a very useful half-track…


WS131 Sd. Kfz. 251/22 “PakwagenAusf. D (Summer)

This camouflaged half-track mounts the well-known and deadly Pak.40 anti tank gun.

Our model is very representative of those taking part in the Normandy campaign and beyond.

In Wehrmacht markings our 251/22 has a 3-man crew to man the gun.


BBG022 Sd. Kfz. 251/22 “PakwagenAusf. D (Winter)

After we made the first summer version we thought “this could look equally good as a Battle of the Bulge vehicle”. And so, we designed three new figures, made a few changes and did a completely different winter/snow paint scheme. Here it is… a wee bit early for BoB but a great add-on!!!


AVAILABILITY:   Summer Version— Available Now!


                                Winter Version— Mid August



As mentioned in last month’s DISPATCHES our Confederate releases in 2009 would be in two halves… Here’s the second…


CW048 “Helping A Friend”

A trooper dismounts to examine a fallen comrade… “Is he alive or dead?” His forlorn horse looks on.


CW049 “Battlefield Surgeon”

A Confederate Army doctor tends a seriously wounded cavalryman propped up against his dead mount.


CW050 “Carried Off”

Two Cavalrymen carry this wounded officer to the nearest Aid Station.


Overlooking the field of battle are, of course, the senior officers…


CW051 “Lee & Stuart”

The South’s most famous General receives a report from his almost equally famous Cavalry commander, J.E.B. Stuart.


CW057 “Jackson & Longstreet”

Two of Lee’s most trusted and respected subordinates… General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and James Longstreet.


As a dramatic backdrop for these senior officers we have…


CW055 “General Lee’s Belongings”

His camp bed spread over with a fresh uniform… a portable table with the general’s hat, revolver and binoculars and… Lee’s own Campaign Chest topped with his personal eating and drinking utensils.


CW056Officer’s Tent

A typical officer’s tent helps complete the scene…




D. “Streets of Old Hong Kong

And here’s something else…


HK178 “Happy Day”


HK181 “God of Wealth”




E. “And Now For Something Completely Different…”

Over the years K&C has recognized the importance and value in providing collectors with “scenic” and “architectural” pieces that can offer an adaptable setting for figures and vehicles over a wide historical time span.


Well, here are the first two structures of what promises to be an ongoing series of buildings that can enhance and enrich many different collections…

K&C has designed an entire Middle Eastern Desert Village that can be utilized in many exciting ways and variations… The initial two releases are…


SP031 “The Gateway”

A typical Middle Eastern brick and dried-mud entrance to a village or small town. Above the open gate is a walkway for watchmen or guards to patrol.


SP032 “The Shop House”

Again, another very typical structure so redolent of North Africa and the Middle East as a whole.

SPECIAL NOTE: All of these new pieces have been designed to be used in multiple positions providing collectors with a constantly changing choice of settings for their figures, vehicles or accessories. Take a closer look…


Look out for more soon!


AVAILABILITY: First two pieces Mid August



September is CHICAGO SHOW” month and, as usual, there’s a fairly large selection of “goodies” coming your way just in time for it…



Over the coming months we will be releasing quite a few new AFRIKA KORPS sets to build up our Axis forces in North Africa… Here are the first two…


AK050 “Panzer III Tank”

A brand-new version of a now-retired, early AK release. This model has lots of extra detail, a great sand-weathered paint finish and comes with a half-body crew figure in the turret. It is in the marking of 15th Pz. Division.


AK051 “Afrika Korps Guardbox Special”

A neat little set of a typical German Sentry box and another all-new sculpt… a standing guard with rifle slung. Perfect to protect lonely desert airfields and other AK installations.

And at a great price!


AVAILABILITY: Early September



When we retired our veteran LAH Parade figures recently we already had these new versions in the works…

Six LAH officers and men, restyled and resculpted, complete with marching-style back packs to fill out the ranks of any BERLIN’38 collection.

Plus there is a neat little display set as well.


LAH103 “Nazi Eagle on Plinth”

In cities like Munich, Nuremburg and, of course, Berlin, street architecture was utilized by the Nazis to help “frame” their displays and rallies.

A pair of typical “Germanic” eagles in Golden/Brass colour surmount simple but elegant stone columns.

Dimensions:   Height: 21.5cm Base: 4.4cm x 3.8cm


LAH113 “LAH Officer At Attention”


LAH114 “LAH Marching w/ Sword”


LAH115 “LAH Presenting Arms”


LAH116 “LAH Marching w/ Rifle”


LAH117 “At Ease”


LAH118 “At Attention”


AVAILABILITY: Early September



From pre-war Nazi Germany we travel through the Alps to Mussolini’s Fascist Italy.

This new series echoes K&C’s BERLIN38” and begins with a modest release of eight figures and a fighting vehicle.

For too long toy soldier and military miniature makers have neglected Germany’s Axis Ally. Well, not now. Although this first release is mostly parade, the inclusion of a small armoured assault gun points out that K&C will not confine our Italian forces to solely a “parade” role in any collection.


IF001 “Mounted Mussolini”

The Italian Dictator in a familiar role as “First Corporal” of the Fascist State. “Il Duce” wears a beautifully tailored gray/green uniform and sits proudly on one of his favourite steeds saluting the troops.


Special Note: A standing saluting Mussolini is also in the works for later release.


IF002 “Consul General of the Chaplain’s Dept.”

The Church played an ambivalent role in Fascist politics… Some of the hierarchy were only too happy to join any movement that would combat the Communist and Socialist opposition. Our figure portrays a senior churchman giving the Fascist salute.


IF003 “Marching Officer”


IF004 “Marching Standard Bearer”

The Fascists borrowed many design features for their badges, banners and flags from Imperial Romeas we can see here.


IF005 “Marching Rifleman”

This soldier is wearing “mixed rig”… typical of Italian Forces in both the war in Ethiopia in 1936 and North Africa. It was quite usual to see the gray/green jacket worn with the lightweight Khaki trousers and gray/green leggings.

The Italian sun helmet was also widely worn by all ranks.


IF006 “At Attention Bugler”


IF007 “At Ease Soldier”

This particular pose is very Italian… relaxed but ready!


IF008Officer with Map”

A senior officer (a Colonel) in all gray/green uniform, black shirt and ski cap consulting his map.


IF009Semovente M40-75/18”

A neat little, self propelled gun in action somewhere in North Africa between 1940 and 1943. Two-tone desert camouflage and sitting commander, note the captured Bren Gun replacing the Italian Light Machine Gun.


SPECIAL NOTE: More Italian Forces, including action pieces, are already in the works for release in 2010.


AVAILABILITY: Early September



It’s a gigantic historical leap from Mussolini’s Fascist Forces back in time to Medieval Knights but we’ll make it anyway…

Templar Knights belonged to a holy military order that was founded in 1120 to protect pilgrims making their way to and through The Holy Land.

Taking lifelong vows of chastity… poverty and obedience they were famous for their fighting skills and battlefield prowess. Knights journeyed from all over Western Europe to join the order and for almost 200 years they were a powerful force throughout the period of The Crusades.


MK062 “Sir Arthur De Mountford

An Anglo/ Norman knight from the mid 12th. Century.


MK063 “Wounded Templar Set”

One “Templar” supports a seriously wounded other…


MK064 “Standing Saracen Archer”


MK065 “Mounted Charging Saracen with Sword”


MK066 “Mounted Templar with Banner”


MK067 “Crusader Archer Set”


MK068 “Fighting Priest with Axe”

Not all Medieval clerics believed in “turning the other cheek!”


MK069 “Standing Man-at-Arms”

A Scottish soldier on Crusade.


MK070 “Dressing for Battle

A knight is made ready for combat assisted by his kneeling squire. On a small nearby table rests his dagger, helmet, a flagon of ale and his shield.


MK071 “Crusader Tent #1”

An all-new version of a typical medieval tent which K&C produced many years ago.


MK072 “Templar Grand Master”

Jean de Falaise… ruthless, clever and a devoted Templar.


MK073 “Templar Standard Bearer”

Duke Thierry de Caen-Bayeux, nephew of the Grand Master and killed at Acre in 1186.


MK074 “Crusader Tent #2”


MK075 “Crusader Tent #3”




E. “A Bridge Not Too Far!”


SP030 “Footbridge”

Representing a metal and stone footbridge that perfectly joins two sections of K&C’s recently released jetty (SP029) to make an impressive display for a wide range of historical periods and ranges.


Approx. Dimensions:     Length:    20cm

                                        Width:      11.7cm

                                        Height:     10cm


AVAILABILITY: Early September



As usual more than a few retirals and… couple of surprises…



BBA001 “Rifle Section”

BBA002 “Support Section”

BBG006 “Crossing the Road”



BR051 “Mounted Indian w/ Booty”



CW007 “On Guard”




DD083 “Kneeling Firing Rifleman”

DD084 “Standing Firing Tommy Gun”

DD085 “Standing Firing BAR”

DD086 “Running Forward Rifleman”



EA011 “Field Marshal Alexander”

EA012 “The Best of Enemies”

EA014 “Indian Army Machine Gunner”



FoB027Br. Lying Firing Rifleman”

FoB033 “Fr. Lying Firing Rifleman”



SP027 “Tank / Artillery Bunker”


If you don’t have any or many of these grab ‘em while you can!



And that’s it for one more month. All the best to you and yours… many thanks for your continued support and business!

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country