AUGUST is upon us and for me the holidays are over… 12 days in France attending a friend’s wedding and visiting my favourite city… Paris! Ah such is life… Anyways enough of quaffing fine French wines and scoffing down delicious Foie Gras and back to Toy Soldiers…



a)      “Vive La Garde! Vive L’Empereur!

Well, they’re here and ready for inspection. 7 great new action figures of The Emperor’s favourites “Les Grognards“The Grumblers”. Resplendent in their tall bearskins and handsome blue tunics the “Old Guard” always take the high ground in any serious Napoleonic collection…


NA151 “Guard Performing Bayonet Drill”

A Guard NCO demonstrating the correct bayonet defense position.

Note the white gloves.


NA152 “Guard at Attention”

Standing watch in the “classic” position.


NA153 “Kneeling Firing”


NA154 “Standing Firing”


NA155 “Standing To Repel”


NA156 “Loading Rifle”


NA157 “Marching with Rifle”


All of these new pieces are perfect add-ons for collectors who like to buy “multiples” to enhance their displays.


b)      “Long Live The Emperor!”

NA158(SL) “Napoleon & His Generals”… Strictly Limited!

Here is the great man himself pondering the situation before him… By his side, three of his most trusted commanders… the bespectacled Marshal Louis-Nicolas DAVOUT… General DORSENNE resplendent in his Imperial Guard uniform and… General of Cuirassiers Jean-Joseph Comte d’ HAUTPOUL. Delivering dispatches is a standing, saluting Aide de Camps. Completing this scene are a camp table, chair and basket of maps and the Emperor’s Tent forming a backdrop.

Just 999 of this superb scene are being released and we feel it will be eagerly sought by Napoleonic collectors around the world.





This series has been a pleasant surprise for K&C… originally we thought it would only sell in Europe but its success elsewhere has shown that both dealers and collectors like to seeing something different and unique in their toy soldiers and military miniatures…


FoB042Bedford OYD Truck”

These Bedford General Service Trucks were produced in their thousands from 1939-1945 and they “soldiered-on” in the British Forces right up until the early sixties.

Our model is in early-war markings of the British 3rd. Infantry Division. Vehicle includes driver figure.


FoB043Polizei ADGZ Armoured Car”

This is one of the most unusual German armoured cars of the Early-War period. Originally built in Austria these were used on SS Police duties in the Polish campaign. Some were also used in France and most ended up on anti Partisan duties on the Eastern Front later.

This 8-wheeled monster comes with no crew figures but is still a great looking model.


FoB044Polizei in Action”

Apart from the Feldgendarmes—the famous “Chained Dogs”, other civilian police either volunteered or were drafted into special Field Police units as backup. This little 3-man set works well with the previous armoured car or on its own.



                FoB046 “Naval Officer Directing”

To help restore order and organize evacuation on the beaches of Dunkirk Royal Naval Landing Parties were put ashore. This officer, with pistol drawn, points the way.


FoB047 “Sailor at Attention”

This Matelot fully armed is part of the Landing Party… note his older 1914-1918 web equipment.


FoB048 “Communications”

Another sailor, this time with “shore-to-ship” radio set and rifle.


FoB049 “Naval Lewis Gunner”

A veteran “old-salt” complete with light machine gun.


FoB050 “Sailor Advancing”

One more Matelot with Lee Enfield rifle at the high port position.


FoB051 “Military Police Sergeant”

This standing MP shouting orders amidst the chaos.


FoB052 “RAF Sergeant”

Standing, saluting RAF NCO complete with kitbag and backpack awaits evacuation.


FoB053 “Field Marshal Lord Gort

Commander-in-Chief, British Expeditionary Force was ordered by Churchill to return to London. Here he stands… ready to go.





Two more different series are releasing new additions this month… Normandy 44’s Waffen SS and… our Crusaders & Saracens range. Here’s what’s coming up….

a)      “Somewhere in Normandy…”

WS109 “Summer Schwimmwagen

This is a brand-new version of an old, long-retired favourite“The Schwimmwagen amphibian. A pair of Waffen SS Panzer Grenadiers on a reconnaissance mission are side tracked when one of them gets an urgent call-of-nature.

Even in the midst of battle a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! A little touch of reality in the world of toy soldiers and military miniatures!!!



WS121Sd.kfz 250/1 Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen

How’s that for a mouthful! A long title for a great little half track. This all-new German fighting vehicle is packed full of action… and character… Inspired by an actual German combat photo our “Panzer Lehr” half track is covered in extra equipment and supplies. Inside it are three full figures… driver… gunner… and spotter. Looks like they’ve just spotted some enemy…


WS122 “Advancing on the Enemy”

Perhaps supporting the half track are these three Waffen SS troopers edgily moving forward… They belong to the “Hohenstaufen” Division and work equally well in anArnhem situation.


WS123 “Machine Gun Team Forward!”

Moving forward to take up a new gun position is this two-man Waffen SS MG42 gun set.


WS124 “Flame Thrower Set”

Much requested and… much feared… the Flame Thrower team. As the leading trooper prepares to “torch” the opposition his bodyguard covers his back.


Special Note: All of the last three sets work well in Normandy, Arnhem or Fall of Berlin displays or diorama settings.


AVAILABILITY: Early September



From the war-torn Europe of the mid 20th.Century back to the war-torn

lands of the Middle East during the early Crusades… with our latest Crusaders & Saracens.


MK054 “Sir Walter De La Mer

This Norman-Irish Knight charges into battle with battle-axe ready to strike.


MK055 “Robert of Abbotsinch

A Scottish Knight who fought alongside Richard the Lionheart and was one of his standard-bearers.



MK056 “Duke Boris of Saxony

One foot firmly planted on a treasure chest of plundered booty this Knight is living proof that religion was not the only reason to go on a Crusade!



MK057 “Sir Roger De Tolkinghorn

A fighting foot Knight of Richard’s entourage.



MK058 “Duel to the Death”

His horse dead this dismounted Knight fights for his life against a lightly armed, but still deadly, Saracen.



MK059 “Mounted Saracen Archer”

Fast and skillful Saracen mounted archers created havoc among their more heavily armoured (and slower) Crusader opponents.



MK060 “Kneeling Saracen Archer”

This archer lets loose at the enemy.


MK061 “Loading Saracen Archer”

This Saracen reaches for another arrow to continue his deadly task.







  AK017 “Check-Point”



BBA013Jes’ Make Sure He’s Dead!”

BBA014 “Mine Laying Surprise”

BBA017 “Helping a Buddy”



DD056 “Paratroops”

DD074 “Reach For The Sky!”



EA013 “The Mine Sweepers”

EA016 “Desert Vickers”



FoB035 “Surrendering Senegalese A”

FoB036 “Surrendering Senegalese B”



WS084 “Winter Sledge”



WS100 “The Fuhrer’s Last Fighter”

WS101 “Sd. kfz.252 Transporter”




And so ends another “Dispatches”… I hope you find more than a few things to excite you and your collectors. In the meantime here in Hong Kong we’re going to have a production meeting to discuss lots of ideas and suggestions for next year!

Best personal wishes and… as usual… great sales!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country