April 2016


A new month dawns and a fresh batch of releases come forth...

So without further ado – let us get into them...




A)     “Winter is a little late this year”

As most of you guys know normally our “Winter Germans” appear in October, November and sometimes December.  This little batch came a bit later than we anticipated however ... better late than never.


BBG098     “The AS42 Sahariana

This Italian-made vehicle had been due to appear in March but also with Chinese New Year a few items were delayed... But, here it is now...

A small batch of these Desert Recon vehicles were dispatched to Russia and served with the German 2nd Fallschirmjager Division on the Eastern Front... Hence the MG42 machine gun sitting alongside the Italian flak gun ... The vehicle also is painted in typical German camouflage of the period and has a light “frosting” of snow. 

BBG106     “Fallschirmjager Radio Operator”

Listening into his “man pack” field radio this soldier is armed with both pistol and Gewehr 43” semi-automatic rifle. 

BBG107     Fallschirmjager Sniper”

Another German para also with the “G43”, this time fitted with a sniper scope.  All of these “winter” FJ’s are well-wrapped up in their padded field smocks and trousers against the worst of the Russian winter or perhaps the freezing cold of the Ardennes Forest.

BBG108     “Over there, Fallschirmjager

This Fallschirmjager NCO is indicating to his men where he wants them to reposition to…


BBG109     “Falling Back, Fallschirmjager

One Fallschirmjager assists his wounded comrade back to a safe location.

AVAILABLE : Early April


Two important add-ons to our earlier release of WW1 Russian Imperial Infantry.   

FW208       “WW1 Imperial Russian Flagbearer”

Carrying one of the Imperial standards over his left shoulder this officer marches proudly forward. 

FW209       “WW1 Imperial Russian Officer Marching”

Another advancing officer with sabre drawn.

AVAILABLE : Early April

B)     “Sitting Soldaten

WH048      “WW2 Wehrmacht Sitting Soldiers”

A set of 4 sitting German riflemen in various poses and suitable for inclusion with many of K&C’s fighting vehicles trucks, tanks and half-tracks or just sitting by the road side.

AVAILABLE : Early April

C)      “GOOD ‘N’ TASTY ” from “Streets of Old Hong Kong”                      

HK242       “The Chinese Bun Maker”

A great little set with the female cook and her offerings of traditional buns and dumplings...

AVAILABLE : Early April


One of K&C’s most popular “warbirds” has been the FOCKE-WULF FW190A... the infamous “Butcher Bird” ...Since its original release back in 2010. There have been many requests to produce a second version... After analyzing these suggestions and ideas K&C selected by far the most popular... “The Winter FW190” and this is it...

LW062   “Focke-Wulf 190A-4” (Winter)”

A snow - camouflaged FW190 belonging to 1/JG.54 as it would have appeared above the Eastern Front during the winter of 1942-43.

Usually these aircraft were painted with a white-washable paint that began to lose its brightness almost immediately after its application. Our model replicates this style of weathered appearance. A seated pilot figure is included.

PLEASE NOTE: Just 250 of this aircraft are being released.

AVAILABLE : Late April


As most collectors know a collection of figures looks great but add a few relevant accessories and a display really comes alive...

SP029   “The Jetty”

The return, thanks to K&C dealers and collectors, of an old favourite... This works great for our Gallipoli-bound ANZACS... our “Streets of Old Hong Kong”...Even “Dunkirk” Tommies and French Poilus !

SP019        “Table & Chairs”

Perfect for Napoleonics”... “WW1”... “WW2” you choose what battle field or campaign works best for you.



One of our best “action” range of figures and most popular – 10 all-new figures battling for their lives up on Lone Pine during the “Gallipoli Campaign.”

GA022       “ANZACS Under Fire, Gallipoli 1915”

Two lying prone Aussies inch their way forward under withering Turkish machine gun fire.

GA023       “Fighting Fists, Gallipoli 1915”

A Turkish soldier struggles for his life as this enraged Australian uses his bare fists to win the fight.

GA025       “Turkish Bayonets, Gallipoli 1915”

Two “Johnny Turks” charge forward with their rifles and bayonets.

GA026       “Turkish Grenadier, Gallipoli 1915

A Turkish rifleman throws his German-made “Potato Masher” grenade at the attacking Australian infantry.

GA027      “Defending the Line, Gallipoli 1915”

Out of ammunition this “Johnny Turk” swings his rifle at a reeling backward ANZAC.

GA028      “Kneeling Loading Rifleman, Gallipoli 1915”

This kneeling Aussie “chambers” another round into his Lee Enfield.303 rifle.

AVAILABLE : Mid-Late April

G)     “BERLIN ’38 & 45’

LAH197    ” Himmler & Heydrich... The Deadly Duo” (black version)

Two of the most dangerous characters in the Nazi Hierarchy... and the most well-known (after Hitler) ... Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler and his deputy, SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich. Here we see the infamous pair in their pre war black SS uniforms... Himmler, in front saluting, Heydrich following close behind. Between them they led the dark, evil empire that was the SS and Gestapo until Heydrich’s well-deserved assassination by Czech patriots in Prague in 1942.

LAH207       ” Himmler & Heydrich... The Deadly Duo” (Grey version)

Following the outbreak of hostilities in September 1939 the SS changed over to the feldgrau colour of uniform from their traditional all-black, pre war ones.  Himmler and Heydrich again step out in their long grey greatcoats somewhere in Berlin during the early part of the war.

LAH198       “Hitler... Deep in thought”

For the Third Reich in the spring of 1945 desperation and defeat were staring them straight in the face... In the West, the Americans, British and Canadians were advancing steadily...In the East the Russians were almost within artillery distance of Berlin itself.  Hitler had plenty to think about ... including his own demise...


H)     “Robin Hood’s Fiendish Foes ...LAW & ORDER...Nottingham Style”

When we launched our new “Robin Hood” range of medieval figures one of the areas we wanted to explore was “The Baddies”.  As you know we recently released the mounted (and villainous) “Guy of Gisborne” one of Robin’s arch enemies.

Sir Guy, however, no matter how personally brave or highly skilled a fighter he was could not hope to do battle with “The Rogue of Sherwood Forest” all on his own. He would definitely need some help... Enter, the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men...

RH015       “Prepare For Battle, The Adventures of Robin Hood”

One of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s Men-At-Arms prepares to unfasten his long Norman-style shield.

RH016       “Sergeant-At-Arms” w/Mace, The Adventures of Robin Hood”

Another of the Sheriff’s senior Men-At-Arms moves menacingly forward with a skull-crushing mace at his side.

RH017   “The Axeman, The Adventures of Robin Hood”

In addition to his broadsword this Sheriff’s Man-At-Arms carries a vicious-looking battle axe.

RH018       “Sword-In-Hand, The Adventures of Robin Hood”

Standing foursquare, sword in hand... and looking for trouble.                    


Costume Note : All four of the Sheriff’s men wearsurcoats in the colour and style adapted from the 1952 “Robin Hood” film starring Richard Todd.. (the first Robin Hood movie I can remember seeing and enjoying as a kid!) ACN



I)        “Fresh Adaptations!”

Three small releases of previously released figures... with slightly different colour schemes.

TRW096   “Kneeling Officer with Pistol & Carbine”

TRW097   “Capt. Tom Custer”

WH058     “Fresh Milk Today !”

AVAILABLE : Early April      


Not too many retirals... but definitely some things you may want to purchase while existing stock last :

AK088     AK Feldwebel

LoA001     Lieut. T.E. Lawrence

LoJ002      The Shepherds

LoJ009       The Goat Herder

LoJ011       In The Carpenter's Shop

LoJ014      Roman Auxiliary w/ Shield and Spear

LoJ016       Marching Roman Auxiliary

MK122     Wounded Crusader Knight

PnM004    Vertical Pikeman

PnM005   Advancing Pikman

PnM006    Standing Pikeman

PnM020X  King Charles I

PnM022    Parliamentary Drummer

PnM024    The King’s Drummer

PnM-S01   Crouching Pikeman PLUS Present Pikeman

PnM-S02   Vertical Pikeman PLUS Advancing Pikeman

WS203     NCO w/Binos

WS205      Soldat Looking Right

WS208      Soldat Pointing

WS227      The Apple Thief

WS291      Flak Panzer 1A

WS292      Flak Panzer Gun Crew



Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country