APRIL 2014


Hi there!  It seems like only yesterday I was preparing to go off to the annual “Westcoaster” and now, after a hectic 2 1/2 weeks stateside it’s back to Hong Kong and writing this month’s “Dispatches”… So, here goes


1.      Being Released in April –

Russia has three important releases this month…two for WW2 and one for a place that is very much in the news at the moment – The Crimea!  Let’s begin there…


A.     “Cannons for the Crimea”

This latest “Crimean War” release shows one of the coastal Artillery pieces utilized by the Russians to defend their mighty fortress of Sevastopol, the home port of the Tsar’s Black Sea Fleet.

For month after month British and French forces laid siege to this great port city.  Opposing them were many batteries of defending cannon among them these large guns mounted on heavy steel swivel carriages firmly ensconced behind the high, thick walls of the city’s many fortresses.


  CR015    “Coastal 8 inch Cannon”

         This swivel-mounted gun comes complete with its semi-circular angled stone base.


   CR016   “Russian Artillery Officer”

         Wearing a traditional forest-green frock coated uniform this Russian officer observes the enemy positions before giving the order to “fire!”


   CR017   “Battery Pennant Bearer”

         This Russian gunner proudly carries the battery’s pennant.


   CR018   “Gun Crew Set #1”

         Two Russian artillerymen in action!  While one holds a cannon ball the other prepares to ram it home.


   CR019   “Gun Crew Set #2”

         An additional pair of Russian gunners – One with a lighted fuse pole and another with the moving spike to help rotate the gun.


AVAILABLE :       Mid April

B.      From the Tsar’s Russia of the mid-19th Century to Stalin’s Russia in 1941…

         After “Operation Barbarossa” erupted in the June of 1941 Hitler issued his infamous “Commissar Order” that authorized German troops to kill every and any Soviet political officers that fell into their hands…


WS270     “Goodbye Commissar”

         A Wehrmacht officer, pistol in hand, pushes a “political officer” towards his unfortunate fate…the Russian, still defiant, already suspects the worst!


WS273     “German Sniper”

         This standing Wehrmacht rifle expert takes careful aim.


WS274     “German Officer being shot!”

         Elsewhere, a Wehrmacht officer reels backwards…A female Russian sniper has found her mark – “One bullet…one dead fascist!”




C.      “Moving to the Western Front…”

          From the vastness of the wartime Soviet Union to the more confined spaces of Northern France…


DD125      “US Military Policeman”

          An always useful USMP directing traffic somewhere near Normandy, June 1944. 


DD225      “US M20 Armoured Car”

          Fast, agile and always ready these speedy, lightly-armed vehicles were often the eyes and ears of battlefield commanders throughout the European Theatre of Operations.

          This “summer” version of the M20 comes with a standing vehicle commander plus a partial body M20 driver.


DD226      “Sitting Machine Gunner”

          In support of the reconnaissance vehicle the infantry have provided the heavier .30 caliber machine gun.


DD227      “Tommy Gunner”

          Backing up the machine gun is a standing U.S. infantryman with the Government-issued M1928 Thompson Sub-Machine Gun.


          From American GI’s in action we move to a few British Commandos on yet another covert mission somewhere on the enemy occupied coast of France…


       DD231     “Dead and Gone”

         A commando has “taken-out” a lone German sentry…Here he drags the body away to conceal the evidence as other Germans wonder “What happened to Fritz?”


  DD232     “Kneeling with Rifle”

         Crouching down, this Commando is on the alert for the approach of any other German sentries or patrols.


  DD233     “Kneeling with Sten Gun”   

         One more Commando, kneeling this time, with the ubiquitous Sten gun at the ready.


DD234     Sten Gun with Silencer”

         Commandos used all kinds of weaponry…One of the most useful was the Sten Gun equipped with a “silencer”.


DD235     “A Quick Knee to the Groin”

         The polite way of saying…”a swift knee to the balls!”  Fighting in a non -conventional manner demands utilizing all methods of hand-to-hand fighting…none of them nice…as these two figures amply illustrate.


AVAILABLE:  Mid to Late April


D.     “…Meanwhile back on the Eastern Front!”

One great little tank and three great looking girls…pity they are all so lethal – at least to Germans!


        RA054    “Russian T-70 Tank”

These small, recce, tracked vehicles were perfect for scouting in advance of the heavier T34’s and Josef Stalin tanks.

Introduced in late 1942 and early 1943 captured versions were also utilized by the Germans.

Our model comes with a partial body tank commander.




RA055     “Standing Guard Female Sniper”

         The Russian Army of WW2 was the only army to employ women in a full combat role.  This female sniper with her hessian-camouflaged rifle edges closer to the enemy.


RA056     “Steady, aim…Fire!”

         These two female soldiers are working as a sniper team…The sitting woman observes the enemy and selects a suitable target…Her comrade takes careful aim and gently squeezes the trigger!


AVAILABLE:         Mid to Late April


E.      “Little Battle at Little Big Horn”

Here’s another great little two-figure “action” set portraying the life and death struggle between one of Custer’s corporals and a Cheyenne Dog Soldier.


TRW053  Fight to the Death”


AVAILABLE:  Mid to Late April



As to be expected there’s a fair number of retrial's this month and quite a lot of variety among them…take a closer look…


Standing Hoplite


Hoplite on Guard


Hoplite Officer w/Sword


Hoplite Soldier w/Sword


Hoplite w/Long Spear (Horizontal)


Hoplite w/Long Spear (45 Degree)


Hoplite w/Long Spear (Vertical)


Turkish Soldier Standing Firing


Turkish Soldier Kneeling Firing


Turkish Soldier Kneeling Loading


Turkish Soldier Standing Ready


Shrine Offering


Celebrating Chinese New Year


Forbidden delights


Gleesome Threesome


French Line Infantry Standing Firing


French Line Infantry Biting Cartridge


French Line Infantry Loading From Pouch


French Line Infantry Standing Ready


French Line Infantry Prepare to Repel


French Line Infantry Kneeling Firing


Mexican Pioneer


Juan Seguin, TX


John Davis, KY - Standing Firing Rifle


General Manuel Castrillon


Bomb-damaged French House


And that, as we like to say, is that for another calendar month.  However, I would like to add a very big thankyou to all those K&C collectors who came by to see us and talk with us at the recent Westcoaster”.

Thanks also to those K&C dealers who took part in the show…I hope you had a good one!

Adios for now and best wishes, great sales and happy collecting to one and all.



                                                                                        Andy C. Neilson

                                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                                        King & Country