Consignment Terms for Treefrog Treasures Website

Prior to the Sale:

From Seller to Treefrog Treasures:

1.    Items already offered on the Treefrog Treasures website are not eligible to be offered in the consignment area.

2.    Seller will set the price of each item (with final approval of Treefrog Treasures).  King & Country, First Legion and John Jenkins Designs items may not be offered below original price on the Treefrog Treasures website under terms of dealer agreement between those Manufacturers and Treefrog Treasures.

3.    Seller may provide photos and/or a description of the item if desired. (See Terms of Sale options below.)

4.    All consigned items will be shipped to Treefrog Treasures at seller’s expense.  Treefrog Treasures needs approve the consignment of any item prior to shipment.  Unexpected shipments will be refused.

Upon Arrival at Treefrog Treasures:

1.    Upon receipt, Treefrog Treasures staff will carefully inspect all items to check for damage and to confirm the condition is as described by seller.  Any damage incurred in shipment from seller to Treefrog Treasures is the responsibility of the seller.  If damage has occurred in shipping or if there are any issues such as paint chips or obvious repairs not mentioned in the description by the seller Treefrog Treasures staff will immediately inform seller and seller will have the choice to:

2.    Have damaged item returned to seller at seller’s expense

3.    Have Treefrog Treasures sell damaged item at a discount from original price.  Seller would set the discounted price with Treefrog final approval.


a.    Once the condition and final price have been confirmed by both seller and Treefrog Treasures, the item will be eligible to be added to the website.  At this point, although the seller retains possession of the item until it is sold, Treefrog Treasures will treat the same as the products they provide, vouching for and guaranteeing the quality and condition, and providing the buyer with peace of mind that the item has passed Treefrog Treasures inspection and that Treefrog Treasures will stand behind the product to their satisfaction.


4.    Once the item has been inspected, Treefrog Treasures staff will:

a.    Take pictures of the item (if seller has not provided pictures or if item is not in mint condition and a stock photo cannot be used)

b.    Create a product webpage for the item including photos and description (if provided by seller).  At their discretion Treefrog Treasures staff may revise or add more details and information to the description to assist with the sale of the item.

Actively Selling:

1.    Treefrog Treasures will hold the inventory in our warehouse for up to 6 months until it is sold.  After 6 months Treefrog Treasures will re-evaluate whether to continue offering the item for sale on the website.  If we do not feel the item is saleable the unsold item will be shipped back to the seller via the shipping method of the seller’s choice and at the seller’s expense.

2.    Treefrog Treasures will handle any inquiries from buyers regarding the item for sale and may contact the seller for additional information if necessary.  Seller will not need to personally interact with potential buyers and can be anonymous.

3.    Seller retains possession of the item until it is sold by Treefrog Treasures.

After the Sale:

1.            All details of the transaction with buyer will be handled by Treefrog Treasures including customer service, payment, and gathering contact information from

buyer to ship the item.

2.            Any credit card transaction fees incurred from the sale of the item will be absorbed by Treefrog Treasures.

3.            All packaging material and shipping cartons will be provided by Treefrog Treasures.

4.            The cost of shipping the item from Treefrog Treasures to the buyer will be handled under the same terms and conditions as regular Treefrog Treasures orders and will not be charged to the seller.

5.            Treefrog Treasures staff will contact the seller to let them know the item has sold.

6.            Any follow up communication with buyer will be handled by Treefrog Treasures staff.

7.            Any damages that may occur during shipping from Treefrog Treasures to the buyer will be the responsibility of Treefrog Treasures, including but not limited to replacing the damaged item or offering a refund or partial refund.

Terms of Sale: Payment terms are determined by staff time involved for each item and if the seller prefers cash or store credit.

Payment by Monthly Check:

1.    Mint condition items priced over $30 that have stock photos available:

a.    60% to seller, 40% to Treefrog Treasures

2.    Non-mint condition items or items without stock photos priced over $30 necessitating photography by Treefrog Treasures staff:

a.    55% to seller, 45% to Treefrog Treasures

3.    Items being Initially Listed for $30 or less will be under separate Terms at 50% to seller and 50% to Treefrog Treasures.

4.    If Consignee wants Treefrog Treasures Staff to research Listing Prices, those items will incur another 5% fee in addition to the above percentages.

5.    On approximately the 1st of each month, sales will be tallied and checks will be sent to sellers as applicable from the previous month.  Payment will be made for items sold within the past month with $50 minimum in total net sales for a check to be sent.


Payment by Store Credit:

1.    Mint condition items that have stock photos available: 70% to seller, 30% to Treefrog Treasures.

2.    Non-mint condition items or items without stock photos, necessitating photography by Treefrog Treasures staff: 65% to seller, 35% to Treefrog Treasures.

3.    If Consignee wants Treefrog Treasures Staff to research Listing Prices, those items will incur another 5% fee in addition to the above percentages.

4.    Store Credit would be applied to seller’s Treefrog Treasures account immediately upon payment from buyer of applicable sets.  No minimums apply.  Treefrog Treasures will email seller once the credit is applied to their account.




1 – Potential Consignee sends in List to be approved for Consignment.

2 – Items on list are approved or declined for eligibility.

3 – Consignee does the research and sets the prices for the items or opts to pay Treefrog Staff for their time to research the items.

4 – After all details are set, Consignee can then ship the items to our offices.

5 – Shipments will be processed in the order in which they are received.