Here you will find links to the following categories of information on military miniatures. Click on the links to go to the relevant pages.


A brief overview on the history and types of military miniatures created for collectors.


Here are links to companies currently making military miniatures for collectors. There are separate lists for manufacturers carried by Treefrog Treasures and additional manufacturers.

For collectors of W. Britain toy soldiers produced since 2006 we have a special section of essays about individual figures placing them in their historical and cultural context. The series is entitled Battle Lines. To find out about these essays click on the link below:

Battle Lines: "Every Soldier Tells a Story"



Click on any of the links below to go to the online collections of military miniatures. On these sites some of the collections will be listed under under galleries or photos.

Collections: A through E

Collections: F through N

Collections: O through Z

Organizations & Discussion Groups:

Links to organizations of military miniature collectors and online discussion groups.

How To:

Here you will find links to information on creating and modifying military miniatures including sources of materials such as paints and diorama scenery.  

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