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Anglo-Zulu War

General overview of the war from Wikipedia.

Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society

Promotes research and educational activities related to the war.
Sponsors a re-created Zulu village at Rorke's Drift.

Anglo-Zulu War Research Society

Reviews and news of books and publications on the war.

Anglo-Zulu War of 1879

Historical overview from War Times Index , which is an archive of information
devoted to the wars of Queen Victoria.

Art Prints of the Zulu War

Fine Art prints depicting battles & personalities.

History of the Anglo-Zulu War

Site compiled by Zulu War expert Ian Knight. Information on the
Zulu Kingdom, King Shaka Zulu, a historic overview of the war, Zulu battlefield
tours, and articles on the films Zulu and Zulu Dawn.

Keynsham Light Horse

Group documenting memorials and headstones of those who fought in the
Anglo-Zulu War. Includes geographical and regimental indexes and photos.

Osprey "Essential Histories"

Available title:

The Zulu War, 1879

Osprey "General Military" Series

Available title:

Zulu War by Ian Knight & Ian Castle

South African Military History Society: Military History Journal

Includes articles (some full-text online) about the Anglo-Zulu War. The
link will take you to the journal's index. One article includes excellent
analysis of historical inaccuracies in the film Zulu.

Victorian Military Society

International scholarly group dedicated to study of the Victorian soldier and his era
from 1837 through WWI. Publlshes journal "Soldiers of the Queen."
Includes selected full-text articles online.


Campaigns & Battles:


Eshowe (Wikipedia)

Two month siege of British army by Zulu forces.


Gingindlovu (Wikipedia)

Gingindlovu (

Battle between Zulus and British relief column attempting to end
siege of Eshowe.


Hlobane (Wikipedia)

Disastrous battle for the British. Border Horse unit was wiped out.


Intombe (Wikipedia)

Zulu victory near British garrison at Luneberg.


Isandlwana (Wikipedia)

Isandlwana (

Zulu victory over mixed British and native forces. Only 50 survivors.


Kambula (Wikipedia)

Kambula (

Turning point of Zulu War. Massive defeat of Zulus attacking British camp.

Rorke's Drift:

Rorke's Drift (Wikipedia)

Rorke's Drift (British

Rorke's Drift & Victoria Crosses

The most famous of the Zulu War battles: the heroic defense of the British
garrison by 139 soldiers against thousands of Zulus. Basis for the movie Zulu.
Includes very useful forum discussion group.
Check out the Rorke's Drift diorama by Joe (the Lt.) of the Treefrog Treasures Forum.


Ulundi (Wikipedia)

Ulundi (

Decisive victory of the British over the Zulus.

Osprey "Campaign" Series

Available titles:

Zulu War, 1879
Rorke's Drift, 1879
Isandlwana, 1879


Branches of Service:


Osprey "Warrior" Series

Available titles:

Zulu 1816-1906
British Infantryman in South Africa 1877-81

Frederick Hitch, VC

Site dedicated to a Victoria Cross winner at Rorke's Drift.




Osprey "Elite" Series

Available titles:

The Zulus
British Forces in Zululand

Osprey "Men-at-Arms" Series

Available titles:

The South Wales Borderers
The Zulu War
British Infantry Equipments (1808-1908)
British Army on Campaign (3) (1856-1881)
Queen Victoria's Enemies (1) Southern Africa
Zulu War: Volunteers, Irregulars & Auxiliaries

Thin Red Line

Color photographs of replica of uniform worn during the Zulu War by a Colour Sgt.,
24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regt., 1879.


Equipment & Weapons:


Osprey "Fortress" Series

Available titles:

British Fortifications in Zululand, 1879


Martini-Henry: Rifles & Carbines

Site devoted to the rifle used by British forces during the Zulu War.

The 577/.450 Martini-Henry

A history of the rifle including its use in the Zulu War.

The Martini-Henry Rifle

Good historical and technical overview of the weapon.


Museums & Historic Sites:

Byeways and Battlefields

Provides tours of battlefields in the Kingdom of the Zulu.

Historik Orders Ltd.

An online gallery of war medals. Here is a direct link to those from the
Anglo-Zulu War.

Soldiers of the Queen

A virtual museum of Victorian era British military photographs. Includes
the wars fought in South Africa.

Royal Regiment of Wales (24th/41st Foot)

Museums of 24th Foot that fought at Rorke's Drift.



Bluejackets: Royal Navy of 1878-1918

Re-enactment society that includes the Naval Brigade of the Zulu War.

British Collectibles (Militaria) Ltd.

Sells reproduction badges, belts, insignias and helmets of the 24th of Foot,
the regiment that fought at Rorke's Drift.

Diehard Company: 2nd Warwickshire 24th Foot

British based re-enactment group covering Crimean, Zulu, and Boer Wars.
Includes animated 1879 drill manual.

1879 Group

Recreates 24th Foot of South Wales Borderers at Rorke's Drift.

80th Regiment of Foot (Stafford Volunteers)

Recreates the Victorian soldier of the 1870s. The unit fought at Myer's Drift,
Zululand in 1879.


This company sells reproduction helmets and uniform accessories of British Colonial
wars including the Zulu conflict of 1879.

Regimental Quartermaster

Produces uniforms and equipment for Victorian Era re-enactment groups including
the Anglo-Zulu War.

17th Lancers Display Team

Their re-enactments include one of the cavalry units that particpated in the Anglo-Zulu War.
Based in New Zealand.

Usuthu! The Anglo-Zulu War Group

Living history group for Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift. Members
include descendants of soldiers who fought in the war. Articles & photos.


Wargames & Toy Soldiers: Miniature Armies:

Battle of isandlwana, 1879

Rules for recreating the battle with miniature wargame figures.
Historical simulations for teachers and students. Check out the
home page for other wars and battles. Includes paper soldiers to
print and cut out.

Colonial Wargames

Includes materials useful for gaming Rorke's Drift.

Joseph Quintini Collection

Here you will find photographs of the Anglo-Zulu War toy soldier
collection of Joe Quintini, known as "The Lt.", as part of the photo gallery
of Treefrog Treasures.

La guerre anglo-zouloue de 1879

French wargaming site on Anglo-Zulu War.

Le petit psilete illustre: Afrique

Includes galleries of painted wargame figures from Zulu War.

Redoubt Enterprises 25mm Colonial Wars Range

Metal figures for use in wargames. Includes Anglo-Zulu War figures.

Trevor's Colonial Wargames Page

New Zealand wargaming site. Includes Isandlwana.

Anglo-Zulu War at Treefrog Treasures

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