River Explorers on the Root.

On Memorial Day weekend 2017, While Julie was suffering the early summer heat of San Antonio, representing Treefrog Treasures at the Texas Toy Soldier Show, the shipping gents, Aron and Jeff decided to make the most of a long weekend and went exploring on the Root River, just south of our shop near Chatfield, MN.  Growing up on tales of Huckleberry Finn and Tom  Sawyer, Lewis and Clark, Crockett, McKinney, and Boone,  Aron and Jeff decided to become river explorers themselves for the weekend. Continue reading “River Explorers on the Root.”

The American Civil War and its Link to Baseball History

Ahhh! Spring time in beautiful America. Minnesota to be exact. you know, this time of year always conjures up thoughts of two things for me, Baseball and The American Civil War. Baseball for obvious reasons; Spring training fever, My Minnesota Twins still have a chance.. the sound of a bat hitting a ball… I also think of the American Civil War this time of year.  The first shots were fired on April, 12th at Fort Sumter, and the South surrendered at Appomattox Court House  4 brutal years later  on April 9th.

Did you know, the game and the Civil War are inexorably linked?  Soldiers were learning to play this newly formed game in between battles to relax. Often times on the very same fields they watched their brothers in arms fight and fall.  After the war was over, many took this game back to their cities and towns and started town ball teams and baseballs popularity grew!

I play 1st base for the Rochester Roosters, a 19th Century vintage team that plays by many of the same rules as the Civil War soldiers.  We travel around the Midwest educating people about the history of the game and the role the Civil war played in helping spread the early game.  Not a game goes by that the discussion does not turn to Gettysburg, the sacrifices of so many, the turning point, the “what if’s” and of course, the myth that Abner Doubleday invented baseball!  That historical honor goes to Dr. Daniel Adams (Doc Adams) and his committee including Duncan Curry and William Tucker.  Gettysburg now celebrates this link by holding an annual 19th Century Base Ball festival at Gettysburg in Mid-July. It’s the perfect mix of two of my favorite passions.

Until coming on board with Tree frog a couple months ago, I had no idea just how deep and interesting the toy soldier hobby was.  At Treefrog, you can not only pick up multiple books on the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War, but you can buy figurines to recreate the engagements depicted in the books.   I look forward to meeting many of you over the coming years. Who knows, maybe one day there will be a set of Civil War soldiers engaged in a game of vintage baseball that you can add to your scenes!

Jeff and the Tree frog Crew

3-23-2017 Rivet Newsletter

We have wrapped up another great Trunk show, this time, in Colorado! Thank you everyone who came out to visit with us! This weeks Rivet has  news about recently released King & Country as well as upcoming John Jenkins Designs. View it all right here, and be sure to subscribe if you’d like to get the newsletter in your inbox each week!

Mel Neal, Richard Walker and Frank Ward