Rivet Newsletter 8-25-2016

The Rivet this week has new consignment items for you to browse and a bunch of items that just got retired and are down to the last one in stock! First Legion also announced another production run of their extremely popular M4 Sherman in 2nd Armored Division markings. Check out the whole newsletter by clicking this link!

m4 sherman tank wwii
First Legion NOR048

The Shannon Reuss Tribute Set

This is a press release by Andy Neilson of King & Country.

A Toy Soldier Tribute to Shannon

wwii nurse figure shannon reuss
King & Country DD292 “The Shannon Set”

As most toy soldier enthusiasts already know ‘toy soldier collecting’ is primarily, a male-oriented hobby … Relatively few females are collectors themselves or are even involved in the past time on a professional basis.

Shannon Reuss of Treefrog Treasures was that rare exception. Together with her husband Pete she began what became Treefrog Treasures back in 1999. Then, as a young stay-at-home mother, she decided to turn some of her energies to a sales and marketing venture … selling farm-related toys from her home in Illinois.

Before long the small start-up company was growing and looking to expand their product lines into toy soldiers. Not long afterwards one of her customers suggested Shannon look at another small company based in Hong Kong called … KING & COUNTRY.

So began a great working relationship and friendship that continues to this day. During the years that followed both companies grew and prospered.
The Reuss family soon after made the move back to Minnesota, where the business is currently located.
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Rivet Newsletter 8-18-2016

The weekly newsletter has some exciting announcements from W. Britain, Thomas Gunn Miniatures and John Jenkins Designs. You can view the whole thing by clicking right here!

woodland indian toy soldier
W. Britain 16041 – “Art of War” – Bushy Run Set No.3

Rivet Newsletter 8-11-2016

Hot on the heels of King & Country’s monthly Dispatch comes the first release in August. This one’s got all the diorama accessories you need with bronze statues, plinths and a highly versatile Mid-East wall. Also new in the shop are some great John Jenkins Designs items, foremost of which is the latest entry in his WWI era aircraft, an Albatros DIII. There’s also a lot of new-to-you consignment items that span the history of the toy soldier hobby. Check it all out right here with a single click!

british desert jeep rommel desert fox
King & Country’s LRDG Attack Jeep EA115

Toy Soldiers Marching Through History – The American Civil War

Brother Against Brother

One of the most popular historical topics for the production of toy soldiers is the American Civil War. The varied units from across the United States represent lots of different uniform types and the larger-than-life personalities that defined the era make for toy soldiers that differ greatly in appearance and poses from one another. Let’s take a brief look at the history of the war and then explore some of the excellent miniatures available for the War Between the States.

custers 7th wolverines
7th Michigan Union Cavalry Slashing

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Rivet Newsletter 8-4-2016

This newsletter features the monthly King & Country Dispatch for August 2016, which has all the new figures from King & Country for the next month! Also in this edition, new Summit Collection military statues and brand new figures from First Legion. Check out all the new stuff by clicking right here!

vietnam tank
First Legion VN024 US M48A3 Patton Tank & Commander

Rivet Newsletter 7-28-2016

Hello again, and welcome back! Here’s this week’s edition of the Rivet newsletter, with lots of great releases from your favorite toy soldier manufacturers and ‘new’ items on our consignment shop to help round out your collection.

roman toy soldiers
Thomas Gunn Miniatures’ Glory of Rome!