2-9-2017 Rivet Newsletter

The Rivet this week is a bit sparse, but there’s still great news–Thomas Gunn Miniatures continues to expand their range of ancient warriors with more Romans and Spartans! There are also new items in from King & Country. See more details in the Rivet Newsletter!

Spartan General by Thomas Gunn Miniatures

2-2-2017 Rivet Newsletter

We break down the K&C Dispatch, and have New Releases across the board from lots of manufacturers including Alymer and First Legion. The Rivet Newsletter, your source for toy soldier news, is now available!

Polish Winged Hussars from First Legion

1-26-2017 Rivet Newsletter

We’ve got show news for you, so come and visit with the friendly Treefrog staff! There’re also upcoming items from John Jenkins Designs and a host of new W. Britain pieces available for pre-order. Not enough you say? Well there’s more in the Rivet Newsletter!

King Richard III by John Jenkins Designs

1-12-2017 Rivet Newsletter

The newsletter this week is jam-packed with upcoming releases. All your favorites plus some folks we haven’t heard from in some time! History Works Del Prado has all new 1:32nd scale German armor rolling out and new items have arrived from our South American friends at Beau Geste. Read all about it in this week’s Rivet Newsletter!

Panzer III by History Works

1-5-2017 Rivet Newsletter

The first newsletter of the year has items that are not to be missed… 2017 is starting with the bang of (toy) cannons! King & Country’s Dispatch is here and a huge assortment of new and sale priced consignment items are now available. We’re also pleased to announce a new team member here at the Frog. Read your Rivet Newsletter now!

The Great Escapers

King & Country January 2017 Dispatches


January 2017

 WELCOME to the very FIRST “DISPATCHES” of 2017 and … a belated Happy New Year to each and every K&C collector and dealer wherever they are around the world.

As most of us are just getting over the “Festive Holidays” some of us are already preparing for “CHINESE NEW YEAR” the number of releases is relatively small compared to most normal months.

So, without further ado let’s get into them ….

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Happy New Year! Final 2016 Rivet Newsletter

With 2016 quickly receding into the rearview mirror we can look back and be glad the election is over, the sky is where we left it on November 7, and people are continuing to collect toy soldiers. It was our first year without our co-founder, Shannon Reuss, but she remained with us in countless ways, every day, from the little things we do with and for customers to the continued focus and future direction of the company as more than just a toy soldier store. She built a community of collectors and for that we are grateful.
I am also grateful to now be a part of this enterprise and hope that I can help us all live up to Shannon’s vision for Treefrog. With Pete, Julie, Aron and Jesse; the team here remains committed to giving you the service you expect, the figures you want and the comradeship that makes it, well, fun. On New Year’s day, when the rest of the house is sleeping off the night before, and nary a cell phone or video game is chirping, roll up your pajama sleeves, get down on the floor and play with your toy soldiers, that is what they are for after all (I’m doing Napoleonic this year). Now smile.
We’ll see you soon in 2017, online, on the phone, by post or at a show.
-Richard Walker


It’s time to put a cap on an amazing year of toy soldier collecting, and this week’s newsletter has tons of great announcements to carry us into 2017. First Legion, John Jenkins Designs, and British Toy Soldier company all have new pieces for your approval. Read the final 2016 Rivet Newsletter for more details!

Happy New Year!

Christmas 2016 Rivet Newsletter

I look out my window at the snow blanketing the Minnesota landscape and I feel a sense of peace. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, there is time to stay warm inside with a cup of hot cocoa in my hand and my toy soldier Christmas sets on my shelves.

Life is good! As Christians prepare for the ‘Christ Mass,’ may the joy of the season warm your heart and bring you peace and hope. On behalf of my partner Richard Walker and my excellent staff (Julie, Jesse, Aron, Ben and Nate) we wish you all the best!

-Pete Reuss

Check out the special Christmas Rivet Newsletter.

Peace and Joy