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    The 54th New York Schwarzer Jaegers in action.

    The Schwarzer Jaegers, consisted exclusively of Germans, many of whom had seen service in Germany, or, had already served three months under President Lincoln's first call for volunteers, was recruited by Col. Eugene E. Kozlay, during the summer of 1861, in New York City, as the " Black Rifles." They were uniformed in black and silver like the regiment after which they were named, " Lutzow's Schwarzer Jaegers."

    The regiment received its numerical designation of Fifty-fourth New York Volunteers on October 15, 1861, and on December 1, 1861 it was assigned to Steinwehr's Brigade, Blenker's Division, all composed of Germans, at Hunter's Chapel, Va.

    The 54th saw numerous action during the Civil War, including Gettysburg.

    Figures by Trophy.

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