Hi to All.... can someone point me in the direction of a list of ALL the 1/32 (54mm) Model Plastic Soldiers produced by ITALERI or is it possible we can compile a listing in this thread ? I have seen some kits are not being produced anymore and others are becoming quite scarce. It would be nice to know what has actually been produced. I have visited their website and it does not have much as far as a listing goes. all the best, marc

#6855 - French Hussars
#6861 - Scots Greys (British Light Cavalry)
#6862 - French Dragoons (Chevalerie De Ligne)
#6867 - French Line Guard Artillery
#6872 - French Imperial Staff (Napoleonic Wars)
#6873 - Allied General Staff (Napoleonic Wars)
#6879 - PAK 40 AT Gun with servants (WW2)
#6886 - French Supply Wagon