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    While 1863 was a watershed year for the American Civil War thanks to the Union victories at Gettsyburg and Vicksburg, it should be remembered only sixty days before Gettysburg the Confederacy had scored a smashing victory against a Union Army led by “Fighting Joe” Hooker at Chancellorsville. This important battle is commemorated by our new Hooker figure and a vignette of the famous last meeting of Confederate Generals Lee, Jackson and Stuart before the battle began.

    With Union General O.O. Howards arrival on the field at Gettsyburg on July 1, 1863, the senior commander up to that time, General Abner Doubleday, was moved over to command the Union forces facing Confederate General Heth. Later that day Army of the Potomac Commander General George Meade arrived, assuming overall command of Union forces and confirming the opinion of his most trusted commanders that this was indeed ground worth holding! July 1st had not been a good day for the Union forces and one can only imagine what sort of conversation might be transpiring between Meade, Howard and Doubleday in our newest set?

    And what would have happened on the July 2, had Union General G.K Warren not furiously signaled for urgent reinforcements to come to the little hill (Little Round Top)? Or if Sickles had not moved his troops out in front of the Union lines? Decide for yourself using our new leaders, signalman and boulder set that having a striking resemblance to those at Devils Den and Little Round Top.

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    #31192 "Hold This Ground" - Planning the Defense - Meade, Doubleday and Howard with accessories - 8 Piece Set - Limited edition of 500 pieces

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    #31172 "The Last Meeting" - Lee, Jackson and Stuart the night before Chancellorsville - 3 Piece Set - Limited Edition of 500 Pieces

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    #31174 - Union General G.K. Warren and #31206 Union Signalman with Signal Flag (Image obviously not to scale - for all you wise guys out there!)
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