JJDUK will be attending the London Toy Soldier Show in June; for show details please see here;
We are also lucky enough to have a few more pictures from our visit to see John in Hong Kong which we will be sharing in this thread, as well as a preview of our June show Exclusive figure.
We hope to keep adding updates between now and the show, and then post images from the event afterwards all in this same place.
(Please feel free to join in with this last part if you attend!)
We hope to add lots of content, so please be sure to check back once a week or so.

To get us going, our Burnaby's arrived a few days ago, and first ones should be with our customers tomorrow, as anyone who has been following my posts on here will know, I have become a little attached to the romance and death of Burnaby, immersing myself in his books, and studying the heres and whys, and feeling both a sense of sadness and admiration for the man who seemed to live life at full throttle, only to throw it all away. I certainly do not disagree with the view that he was irresponsible, a hothead and possibly worse, however I also view him with rose tinted spectacles, and am amazed at the man. On news of his death, Queen Victoria is said to have fainted.

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and two more different images in our Gallery, HERE.