I went to the Old Toy Soldier in Schaumburg, IL, USA this afternoon and made my purchase of Figarti's new WW2 P-38 airplane model of one of the main P-38 planes that #1 ace Richard Bong flew which had the photo on the engine of his girlfriend "Marge" who he later married. I was unable to place this big model airplane that is a good 21 inches relative to it's wing spand and at least 15 inches long where I had first wanted to as it would not fit! However, I did some revising of my display areas and placed it on a 28 x 22 inch display area wall shelve. Actually it was my wife who gave me the idea of where to put it finally. In any case, this model WW2 P-38 looks splendid. The diorama has background of blue poster board paper, a Palm tree, some playbox sand to simulate a compacted dirt runway & in the far right the book "High Aces" about Dick Bong & Tommy McGuire the two top USA Aces of WW2. This was my only purchase at the OTS Show, but I am very happy with this one special set that has special meaning to me as I recall hearing about Major Bong since the 1950's when I was a boy growing up in the same state (Wisconsin)that Major Bong also was born in.
See #3 photos below.
"Iron Brigade" / Gary

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