Recently Howard Woods wanted some vehicles to go with his vast Bersheeba Diorama, and asked Andy if he would make a German Staff Car, but the answer was "not planning on that one!"

He than got hold of the Kaiser's Staff Car which Ithen repainted in desert colours to fit in nicley with his Turks.

When researching the Aussies in Palestine and Vehicles I came across an image taken by photographer Frank Hurley:

Two armoured Rolls-Royce cars operating in the Jordan Valley in conjunction with the Australian Light Horse. The serial number of the vehicle on the left is LC345 and on the right is LC344.

I showed this to Howard, who then though they would be a great addition to the range, so again asked Andy if he would make one, but the answer was again "not planning on that one! BUT why not ask Obee to repaint the 8th Army RR Armoured Car ?"

So my latest project has been just that... making a WW2 car, into a WW1 version.

The simple task was the repaint... well match the paint, and then add the dirt and grime. Then I noticed the Jerry Cans..... not invented until WW2, so they had to be 'surgically removed'. The single one on the mudguard was easy, just popped off with a fine knife incision, and then removing the lug.

I attempted the two joined to the case on the other side, but they wouldn't budge What can I do ???

CAMOUFLAGE was the answer, so I made a 3 sided box from fine plastic sheet, added strapping, painted to look like wood, and then covered the cans... Hey Presto... no Jerry Cans.

I then had to add an ammo box to the empty running board, and paint the serial numbers, and finished....

I would have liked to have a new vehicle commander, but that may have to wait until something more suitable come up, or a casting I can paint from another maker, but he does fit in with WW1.

Howard has given his approval on seeing the images, and will be a VERY happy collector when they arrive next week.... when the volcanic cloud from Chile blows away from Melbourne and post can fly in....

Hope you all like the work, and see what can be done with these wonderful cars.