King & Country

I don’t know about the rest of the world but Hong Kong in August is very
hot…very sticky…and very busy!

As I wrote in July’s DISPATCHES there’s a ton of exciting new releases
coming your way in the coming months…here’s the latest info ----


Many of you already know of the success of K&C’s “1776” series. Just a
few months ago we brought out a range of Scottish Highlanders, which have
been very popular with dealers and collectors alike.

Now we’re adding on a whole batch of American Continental Infantry to
oppose them. No less than nine dynamic, all new figures are being launched.

All of them are in the dark blue tunic with buff facings of the 1st New York
Regiment --- one of the Continental Army’s most decorated fighting units.

Available, as usual, as individual pieces these all-action figures provide
great variety and buyer flexibility for the collector.

At the same time, following many requests, we’re also releasing an extra
Black Watch Highlander to add to the earlier redcoats. This one is kneeling
firing rifle. Please refer to the attached photos and price list for

AVAILABLE: Mid August --- Place your orders now.



To make the most of any collection it makes sense to display it
well. Our upcoming release of a four-section German Pontoon Bridge is the
perfect way to show off figures and vehicles in a realistic setting.

We’ve designed and manufactured a magnificent 2 foot long,
four-sectioned Pontoon Bridge. During the invasions of Poland, France and
the Low Countries and Russia permanent bridges were often demolished shelled
or bombed before they could be captured and put to German use. The Wehrmacht
became world leaders in developing and constructing a wide range of
temporary emergency bridges to literally fill the gap.

Our hand-painted sturdy polystone and metal structure is a typical
example. Utilizing four large inflatable rubber rafts with wooden planking
and safety barriers you can see similar versions spanning French rivers and
Russian water obstacles in books and documentaries of the period.

Our bridge looks great with our classic German Infantry, Cavalry and
light vehicles crossing it.

AVAILABLE: Mid September


If you’re going to have a Pontoon Bridge you’re going to need
Assault Engineers to build it! We’ve produced 3 great new sets of classic
German Infantry Engineers of the early-mid war period. They provide the
ideal complement to the bridge.

WS44 Three Assault Engineers paddle their way cautiously across an
enemy defended river. Set includes their inflatable rubber raft.

WS45 A German Engineer Officer directs three of his men constructing
the bridge.

WS46 An Assault Engineer NCO on traffic duty directs our all-new
German Dispatch Rider. Set also includes the directional signpost.

AVAILABLE: Mid September


Last September at the Chicago Show we launched this colourful and
exciting series. This September we’re providing the first “add-ons”.

Five new sets of Infantry and Armour will provide reinforcements for
“The Desert Fox.” Included in the new releases is the long-awaited
SdKfz.222 German Armoured Car. We featured a version of this in the
background of the original Afrika Korps ad a year ago. Now, a brand-new
upgraded version will be available.

Tank-wise there’s a great new dessert PANZER IV model (long barrel
version) complete with extra turret shield protection and 3 crew figures.

On the Infantry side we’ve got a 3-man German mortar crew plus a
4-man machine gun fire support team. Finally add an Afrika Korps motor
cyclist set and you’ve got 5 great new additions to a great range of
figures and fighting vehicles.

AVAILABILITY: Late September.
A lot more details in the September DISPATCHES


As I write this all the master sculpting and casting has been
completed for our second release of Napoleonics due to be launched Mid
October in time for Christmas. More details in next Newsletter.


I know most of you like to know when items running low and/or are soon to be
retired. Here’s the latest info…

(a) DD14 JEEP & TRAILER - This popular set has been around for
several years now but it’s time to retire it. It’s great value and quality
--- only 54 sets left.

(b) DD22 PATTON COMMAND CAR -Again one of our best sellers and
always popular with collectors. Just 39 sets available.

(c) DD24 GENERAL LEE Tank - Famous for its starring role in the
Humphrey Bogart movie “SAHARA”. Our model comes with 2 x half body tankers
and a sergeant who looks a lot like a famous movie star…maybe they’re
related. “Here’s looking at you kid!” Just 58 sets left.

(d) DD27 SHERMAN “EASY-EIGHT” Tank - A great seller and a
great model. If you want some “Easy-Eights” don’t leave it too late ---
only 65 sets available. Look out for a brand new “classic” Sherman A4

(e) DD30 “PRIEST” SELF PROPELLED 105 GUN - This really is
going, going gone. Good looking model with a fully evaluating gun (unlike
the recent Britains effort) Just 69 sets left.

(f) DD20 Three kneeling watching and waiting 82nd Airborne

(g) DD21 Three standing Airborne troopers ready to move out.

(h) SF03 AFGHAN HUMVEE with 3 U.S. Special Forces and a Taliban
Prisoner. Only 27 sets available.

Please note we will be doing an all-new HUMVEE for release next


Previously many of our retired items sell out almost as soon as we
make the announcement --- American Civil War…Roughriders to name just a

For collectors the value goes up when it’s no longer available.
Avoid disappointment for yourself and your regular K&C collectors. Place
your order NOW!

On that urgent note I’ll bid you all a fond adieu…

Thanks for your continued support.

Andy C Neilson