APRIL 2008

April is here and a young man’s fancy (and a few older ones too) turns to… toy soldiers and military miniatures I hope!

Spring is just around the corner and already the “Westcoaster” is just a fond but distant memory. Next stop is Chicago.

So, let’s get down to basics…


a) As announced in March’s “DISPATCHES” our latest additions to our “1776” series features “THE HESSIANS”.

When the revolution in the American Colonies began Britain found herself, as usual, quite unprepared. Global commitments stretched the Army to breaking point and reinforcements were urgently required to deal with the upstart rebels… But where to find them?

George III and his Government utilized their Royal links to the House of Hanover to seek help with the many princely states and duchies of Germany.

For a hefty price many of these penniless states were only too happy to rent out their armies in the British cause. The House of Hesse provided a large proportion of these German mercenaries to fight (and die) in the Americas.

K&C’s latest “1776” release portrays a typical Regiment of Hessian Grenadiers wearing their long pigtails and tall mitre Grenadier caps.

Again we are releasing a total of thirteen individual Grenadiers that allows collectors to assemble as large (or as small) a display as their collection (and pockets) will allow.

BR062 “Officer w/Telescope”
BR063 “Sergeant Pointing”
BR064 “Standing Firing”
BR065 “Kneeling Firing”
BR066 “Standing Ready”
BR067 “Standing Loading”
BR068 “Standing Drummer Boy’
BR069 “Marching Rifleman”
BR070 “Advancing Rifleman”
BR071 “Marching Flagbearer Officer”
BR072 “Officer w/Pike”
BR073 “Mounted Officer”
BR074 “Making Ready”

b) “Hitler’s Paris Visit”

From Germans of the eighteenth century to Germans of the twentieth… Following the defeat of France in June 1940 Hitler made his one and only visit to the French capital. Early one morning the Fuhrer and his entourage toured the deserted streets of Paris “sightseeing”. The few pedestrians and policemen were amazed to see a small convoy of large German Mercedes staff cars stop and view many of the city’s most famous landmarks. They were even more amazed to see Adolf Hitler among the “tourists”.

WS106 “Hitler’s Paris Visit”
An all-new, second version of our older “Hitler’s Staff Car”.
This upgraded, more detailed set is also larger than the first version. The set includes a standing, saluting Fuhrer… his personal SS driver… two seated Nazi officers plus two SS bodyguards (one with Schmeisser) perched on the back seat of the Mercedes. An outstanding set and a definite “best-seller”.

WS107 “German War Correspondents”

Three SS War Correspondents following the Fuhrer’s progress through Paris (or elsewhere). One saluting officer… one movie cameraman and… one“snapper” with his favouriteLeica”. A great little set… and useful too!


From a peaceful Paris we go back to the battlefield with a whole batch of “early-war” Waffen SS in action. Clad in their distinctive camouflage smocks and helmet covers these particular troops are perfect for Blitzkrieg action in Poland… The Low CountriesFranceYugoslaviaGreece and, of course “Operation Barbarossa”, the invasion of Russia.

Six different sets of individual and small groups of figures will be available…

WS110 “Riflemen in Action”
WS111 “Over There!”

WS112 “Open Fire”
WS113 “MG34 Gun Team”
WS114 “Marching SS Officer”

Confident, cocky and highly dangerous this SS officer is sure of himself and his men.

WS115 “Marching SS Trooper”


c) And back to World War Two!

Last month I forgot to mention a great new German armoured fighting vehicle… WS108 The Panzer 1 Ausf.F.

Initially designed as an infantry support tank many of these small tanks ended up as training vehicles. However, some reports mention them taking part in both the attack on the West in May 1940 and “Operation Barbarossa”, the invasion of Russia in June 1941.

Our Pz. Kfw. 1 Ausf F is in 2-tone camouflage and comes with 2 black-clad crew figures and great for any early-war display.



a) “Remember The Alamo!”

It’s a big jump from Second World War Europe to Texas in 1836 but we’ve made it. And here’s the proof… our latest additions to our “Alamo” series.

These new additions make some welcome add-ons to this “signature” series…

RTA035 “General Manuel Castrillon

One of Santa Anna’s generals… this mounted figure observes the action through his telescope.

RTA036 “Mexican Soldier with Ladder”
Running forward this “soldado” carries his own ladder.

RTA037 “Wounded Mexican”

This poor soldier has been brought to his knees either by grape-shot or a well-aimed musket ball.

RTA038 “Fighting Duo #1 — James McGee, Ireland

The first of these dueling doubles… the enemy are already over the wall and it’s a fight to the death!

RTA039 “Naval Cannon & Musket Set — William Wells, GA & George W. Tumlinson, MO”

Many of the artillery pieces used in the Alamo were “dismounted” ship’s cannon… this set comes with two gunners (one wounded) and an extra Musket, satchel and powder horn.

RTA040 “Swinging Rifle — James Buchanan, AL

Either out of ammunition or no time to reload this Alamo defender uses his weapon as a club.

RTA041 “Fighting Duo #2 — Andrew Kent, KY”
The second of our “fight to the death” doubles…

RTA042 “Mrs. Dickinson & Daughter”

Santa Anna spared no male survivors of the battle however he did release, unharmed, several females and children. Susanna Dickinson and her small daughter are probably the most famous.


SPECIAL NOTE: Just a little side note…Gordon, Helen and me were recently in San Antonio visiting “KING’S X” during the March 6 anniversary of our Alamo battle. Imagine our delight when rock star Phil Collins dropped into the San Antonio store to pick up a whole collection of our Alamo series. It turns out is Phil is a real “Alamo Buff” and had come to Texas specially to take part in the celebrations and commemorations. Although I always seemed to miss him when he visited the store on one of his 4 visits in just 2 days Gordon and the K&C team met him every time! And they’ve got the pictures to prove it…!

b) “From Texas to Tanks”

It’s another big leap from the Alamo to Normandy but we’ve made it anyway… K&C is proud to announce its latest tribute to the American GI’s of the Second World War… with 7 brand-new US Army releases…

DD088 “GI Tank Crew”

3 U.S. tankers that go great with our new “Classic” Sherman or any of our other U.S. vehicles.
One standing sergeant, one kneeling NCO and one lying mechanic. Very useful!

DD093 “Classic Sherman”

There are certain fighting vehicles that are essential to any WWII collection and the M4 Sherman is one of ‘em!

Over the years K&C has produced no less than 8 different versions… now, it’s number 9 and it’s a “CLASSIC” welded hull, early mark model of the most famous Allied tank of WWII.

This latest addition to the Sherman collection comes with a couple of unique features…

Firstly, it’s relatively free of the battlefield “clutter” seen on many wartime M4’s… It does however have 2 different loads of extra supplies that can be placed on or off (you choose) the rear deck of the tank. This allows collectors to buy one (and hopefully) more of this model to make different displays. The tank also has two crew figures (driver and commander) in open hatches to add the “personnel” touch…


c) “The Big Red One”

One of the most famous American fighting infantry divisions of the War… the 1st Infantry Div. better known as “The Big Red One”.

Six great looking two-man action sets featuring the GI’s of “The Big Red One” as they would have appeared in Normandy in the days and weeks following the invasion…

DD095 “The Rescue”

One GI pulls his wounded buddy to safety.

DD096 “Over There!”

A veteran NCO points out an enemy position to one of the new guys in the platoon.

DD097 “Two-Man Patrol”

A sergeant with “Tommy Gun” leads a rifleman cautiously forward… the enemy are nearby.

DD098 “Alive & Dead”

A crouching rifleman approaches a dead Waffen SS trooper.

DD099 “I Need More Ammo!”

While his kneeling officer provides covering fire… a BAR gunner shouts out for extra ammunition.

SPECIAL NOTE: All of these new figures can work together or separately to form some very exciting display possibilities.

d) And Now For The Opposition…

The one and only ’88… the scourge of Allied infantry and armour alike. From Alamein to Anzio and onto Arnhem the mighty 88 was the artillery piece of the Second World War. Equally adaptable as an anti aircraft gun or in the anti tank role the 88 came in several different “guises”. Our K&C latest version is one of the most different…

WS103 “The Flak 18 (sf1.) aufZugkraftwagen

This 12-ton monster mounted the 88 on an armoured half track prime mover body. Our model, one of K&C’s biggest, comes with a crew of 5 Wehrmacht artillerymen and is 3-tone camouflaged in the style of typical mid to late war European Theatre of Operations and perfect for a Normandy style scenario.

IMPORTANT: Planned Production Number for this item is just 750 models. Order Now!



As usual, we have a delightful little “Streets of Old Hong Kong” set to finish up with…

HK167 “Street Lantern Set”

A giant decorative street lantern being painted by two skilled craftsmen.



Well as usual a few old and not so old favourites are being put “out to pasture”… Check them out quickly you know they’ll go fast!


AR040 “Standing Ready”

AR042 “Kneeling Ready”

BR054 “Supply Wagon Set”


LAH061 “Oath Taking Ceremony”


NA013 “French Grenadier Officer Marching”

NA016 “French Grenadier Drummer”

NA088 “Scots Grey on Collapsing Horse”


BAR001 “Mounted Chieftain”

BAR002 “Attacking w/Axe”

BAR011 “Standing Warrior”

BAR012 “No Mercy”


IC027 “Chinese Gate”

And that my friends is that… for another month.

Best personal wishes and… great sales!

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director