I’m sitting writing these notes with less than a month to go before the Chicago Show! As most, if not all of you know, there are many great toy soldier shows held in the States and Europe and I enjoy all (or as many) as I can attend. The Chicago Show has to be the biggest and best… they’ve got the room trading… the extra 4 or 5 days when you get to eat, sleep, drink “toy soldiers” with lots of dealers, collectors and… competitors. Plus you’ve got the Sunday event down in the ballroom and all adjacent areas. Enthusiasts, dealers and manufacturers come from all over the world to this great event and K&C and myself are proud and very happy to be associated with it.

The K&C “Advance Guard”… Gordon, Patrick and me arrive in Chicago on Tuesday 23rd September. We should be set up in our Display Room at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg by the following day, Wednesday. Helen, our Managing Director and “Fourth Musketeer” arrives on Thursday… Let battle commence!

              So, what new ammunition do we have



As previewed in August’s “DISPATCHES” we have the following:



WS109 “Summer Schwimmwagen

This is a brand-new version of an old, long-retired favourite“The Schwimmwagen amphibian. A pair of Waffen SS Panzer Grenadiers on a reconnaissance mission are side tracked when one of them gets an urgent call-of-nature.

Even in the midst of battle a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! A little touch of reality in the world of toy soldiers and military miniatures!!!


WS121Sd.kfz 250/1 Leichter Schutzenpanzerwagen

How’s that for a mouthful! A long title for a great little half track. This all-new German fighting vehicle is packed full of action… and character… Inspired by an actual German combat photo our “Panzer Lehr” half track is covered in extra equipment and supplies. Inside it are three full figures… driver… gunner… and spotter. Looks like they’ve just spotted some enemy…


WS122 “Advancing on the Enemy”

Perhaps supporting the half track are these three Waffen SS troopers edgily moving forward… They belong to the “Hohenstaufen” Division and work equally well in anArnhem situation.


WS123 “Machine Gun Team Forward!”

Moving forward to take up a new gun position is this two-man Waffen SS MG42 gun set.


WS124 “Flame Thrower Set”

Much requested and… much feared… the Flame Thrower team. As the leading trooper prepares to “torch” the opposition his bodyguard covers his back.


Special Note: All of the last three sets work well in Normandy, Arnhem or Fall of Berlin displays or diorama settings.


AVAILABILITY: Early September… in time for Chicago!!!


B). “Death To The Infidel!”

From the war-torn Europe of the mid 20th.Century back to the war-torn

lands of the Middle East during the early Crusades… with our latest Crusaders & Saracens.


MK054 “Sir Walter De La Mer

This Norman-Irish Knight charges into battle with battle-axe ready to strike.


MK055 “Robert of Abbotsinch

A Scottish Knight who fought alongside Richard the Lionheart and was one of his standard-bearers.


MK056 “Duke Boris of Saxony

One foot firmly planted on a treasure chest of plundered booty this Knight is living proof that religion was not the only reason to go on a Crusade!


MK057 “Sir Roger De Tolkinghorn

A fighting foot Knight of Richard’s entourage.


MK058 “Duel to the Death”

His horse dead this dismounted Knight fights for his life against a lightly armed, but still deadly, Saracen.


MK059 “Mounted Saracen Archer”

Fast and skillful Saracen mounted archers created havoc among their more heavily armoured (and slower) Crusader opponents.


MK060 “Kneeling Saracen Archer”

This archer lets loose at the enemy.


MK061 “Loading Saracen Archer”

This Saracen reaches for another arrow to continue his deadly task.


AVAILABILITY: Mid September… still in time for Chicago!



A). Back to the “Streets of Old Berlin38”

As virtually everyone knows BERLIN ‘38 is one of K&C’s most popular and controversial ranges. Whether you love it or loathe it… it sells! And here are the latest additions…


LAH087Der Fuhrer’s New Staff Car”

When K&C redid the big Mercedes 6 wheel Staff car for “Hitler’s Paris Visit” it was always our intention to release an alternative “Parade” version… and here it is… Similar in composition to our first version, the Fuhrer stands saluting while accompanied by his personal SS driver, an SS adjutant, an SS General and two seated bodyguards… all new sculpts and, of course, a brand new, larger, more detailed Mercedes.


LAH097 “The Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Regimental Band”

A full 21-piece marching Regimental Band of the premier SS regiment “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”.

Led by their Drum Major this large set is sure to be the centre-piece of any BERLIN38” collection.

When you buy this complete 21-piece set K&C also adds on the extra-special LAH098 “Schellenbaum Carrier”ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The complete band comes in its own special box.

In addition, for those collectors wanting to build an even bigger musical display or those building up their band piece-by-piece we offer the following musician figures on an individual basis…


LAH097A “Side Drummer”


LAH097B “Bass Drummer”


LAH097C “Cymbalist”


LAH097D “Bell-Lyrist”


LAH097E “Bassoon Player”


LAH097F “Flautist”


LAH097G “Saxophonist”




LAH097I “Tuba Player”


LAH097J “French Horn Player”


LAH097K “Trombonist”


LAH097L “Trumpeter”


LAH097M “Drum Major”


LAH098Schellenbaum Carrier”




B). “From Berlin To The Bulge!”

Every winter, for the last few years, we’ve introduced several sets of figures and fighting vehicles that can be used forBattle of the Bulge” or Eastern Front displays and dioramas… This year is no exception…


BBG015 “Winter Schwimmwagen

Not quite as ubiquitous as the Kubelwagen, the Schwimmwagen was still a fairly common sight on German battlefronts on the East and Western Fronts.

This new model has the top cover up and has been given a thin coat of whitewash over its original grey exterior. A well-wrapped up driver and a standing Feldgendarme complete the set.


BBG016 “The KONIGSTIGER or KING TIGER”(with Henschel Turret)

This is K&C’s third version of the almost 70 ton monster and the most accurate and detailed yet! Substantially larger than the first two versions the new “big cat” has the alternative Henschel Turret” as opposed to the earlier “Porsche” one.

The superb, faded three-tone camouflaged and battle-worn King comes with 3 crew figures and its own special box. This is sure to be a much sought after piece and a great Christmas present!


BBG017 “King Tiger Tank Riders”

Three kneeling and sitting Panzer Grenadiers in a variety of Winter uniform… perfect for the KT or indeed any other suitable period German fighting vehicle.


BBG018 “Winter Scout”

A lone Panzer Grenadier, MP44 held ready advances to the front.


BBG019 “German Medics Set”

A Medic and a helpful soldaten carry a wounded comrade to the nearest aid station.


BBG020 “Waiting and Smoking”

A single standing Panzer Grenadier who can be used on top of a tank or standing by the side of the road watching events unfold.




C). “Additional Air Drop for ARNHEM

When we last released all of our new “Market Garden” figures at the end of 2007 we knew we had to produce a tribute to the Polish Parachute Brigade who bravely fought alongside British 1st. Airborne at Arnhem. Here is a little taste of the first batch…


MG023 “Major General Sosabowski

Portrayed by Gene Hackman in “A Bridge Too Far”, Sosabowski had grave doubts about the entire operation right from the very beginning. This superb character study shows the General in his paratrooper Denisonsmock, wearing his distinctive blue/gray Polish beret and carrying his Browning automatic pistol.


MG024 “Bren Gun Team”


MG025 “Polish Para Sniper”

This expert rifleman uses the standard Lee Enfield .303 with a special hunting scope.


MG026 “Firing Back!”

Using a captured German machine pistol this Polish Para is on the attack.


MG027 “Sitting Polish Para

Taking a momentary respite from the fighting this paratrooper is still watchful… and ready, rifle in hand.


                AVAILABILITY: Mid October


A few surprises… so grab ‘em while you can…



AK021 “Machine Gun Set”



AR050 “Marine Drummer”



DD073 “The Souvenir Hunters”

DD078 “M12 155 Gun Motor Carriage”

WS098 “German T34”



NA094 “Chasseur a Cheval Trumpeter”



RO017-RE “Fighting Centurion”

RO019-RE “Fighting Aquilifer w/Eagle”

                RO020-RE “Fighting Aquilifer w/Flag”

RO022-RE “Marching w/Spear”

RO025-RE “Attacking w/Spear”



And that my friends is that… Looking forward to seeing some of you in Chicago but to one and all… Many thanks for your business and support we appreciate both… And, of course, best personal wishes!!!

Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country