MAY 2009


ONE OF THE THINGS we pride ourselves in at King & Country is delivering what we promise… when we promise it… Barring earthquakes… recessions… and other man-made disasters we try to do our level best to bring collectors something new and, we hope, exciting every single month of the year. I think it’s sometimes forgotten by some people and maybe even taken for granted by others but it’s the way we like to do business both for our collectors… and our K&C dealers.

In “Ancient Times” we focused all our energies on twice a year for major announcements and launches—usually coinciding with September’s Chicago Show or the March Westcoaster. Experience has shown us that a steady and reliable release schedule makes better business sense and ensures something for most collectors throughout the year… every year.

So, here’s what we’ve got for you this time around…



A. “Life at the Berghof

As previewed in last month’s “DISPATCHES” here is one of the “big hits” of the recently passedWestcoaster

In 1933, Der Fuhrer purchased a simple Alpine cottage in the Obersalzberg mountains of Southern Germany. Over the next few years this humble residence would be transformed into Hitler’s famous mountain retreat where he could relax among friends, confidantes and closest Party associates and henchmen.

Soon the Berghof became Hitler’s Southern headquarters, second only in importance to Berlin, in the Third Reich.

Here, for the first time in many, many years is a miniature scale replica of the Berghof’s frontage and patio, alongwith some interesting domestic additions…


LAH099 “Hitler & Blondi

Although not very fond of many human beings Adolf Hitler genuinely loved animals… especially dogs. Here, Der Fuhrer”, clad in his simple field gray jacket and black trousers, is accompanied by his faithful German Shephard, Blondi… Together they would perish in this Berlin Bunker in May 1945.


LAH101Berghof Waiters”

Most of the staff who looked after, served and protected Hitler at the Berghof were selected from his SS bodyguard regiment, “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”.

This unique little set comprises three of his SS mess waiters… one carrying the Fuhrer’s favourite chocolate cake… another pouring coffee… and a third overseeing the other two!

All three are dressed in short, white mess jackets and black trousers.


LAH102Berghof Table & Chairs”

Taken from actual photos… we’ve replicated the kind of table and chairs utilized at the Berghof. The set includes one table plus four chairs.


LAH112 “Hitler’s Berghof

Again using extensive photo archives of the real building we’ve reconstructed a two-piece miniature of the Berghof’s façade and outdoor patio.


Built in typical Alpine chalet style our model can accommodate several table and chair sets (LAH102) and numerous Nazi personalities… both famous and infamous.

Each two-piece set, crafted in sturdy polystone, comes in its own special box.


SPECIAL NOTE: Look out for more of those famous and infamous personalities in the coming months… specially designed for the Berghof!


Berghof Dimensions: 12.5” x 4” x 9.5” (328mm x 111mm x 253mm)


Berghof Patio: 14” x 10.5” x 3” (376mm x 276mm x 77mm)


Available Now!


B. “Return To The Trenches”

From the rarified atmosphere of the mountains to the grim hell of the Western Front in 1917…

In March we introduced our new 1917” figures of attacking British infantry and tank, this month it’s the turn of the opposition…

Just as British troops had adapted their uniforms… their equipment… and their tactics since 1914 so had their Imperial German Army opponents.

By 1917 the typical German Soldatenwas wearing the by now famous “coal-scuttle” steel helmet and a much simpler, more practical uniform. Many had even adopted the cloth leggings called “puttees” from the British troops in preference to their own traditional jackboots.

Their fighting skills however were just as deadly and efficient as before perhaps even improved by three hard years of battlefield experience.

These new K&C First World War Germans are determined to put up a fierce fight even as their British opponents approach their front-line trenches…


FW050Officer with Pistol & Field Telephone”

Mauser Pistol in hand this officer is frantically calling for reinforcements!


FW051 “Grenadier Set”

Two man-set complete with plenty of “potato-mashers”.


FW052 “Machine Gun Set”

As the gunner aims his Maxim ’08 Machine Gun his “number-two” brings up extra ammo.


FW053 “Kneeling Firing Rifleman”


FW054 “Standing Firing Rifleman”


FW055 “Advancing with Rifle & Bayonet”


FW056 “Standing Sniper”


FW05777mm Artillery Set (1917)”

Three “coal-scuttle” German artillerymen prepare to fire their field gun at the advancing enemy. Note the splinter camouflage paint scheme.


FW05877mm Artillery Set (1914)”

An alternative 1914 version of the 77 field gun with an early-war 3-man crew to match.


FW059 “Artillery Officer with Binos (1914)”

A great add-on figure to command the early-war field gun set.




C. “Back To The Streets… And In The Water!”

As usual, no “DISPATCHES” is complete without the latest “Streets of Old Hong Kongadditions… In this case we’ve taken to the water with no less than two great looking Sampans and their crew.


HK174 “Sampan Set #1”


HK175 “Sampan Set #2”


HK177 “Stray Dog”

Always useful in any scene!


Available Now!


D. “Shore Ahoy!”

Not previously mentioned, but coming on stream now… is our brand-new JETTY. With several of K&C series being water-related we thought it was about time we provided some kind of landing dock or jetty where our nautical items could berth alongside… and now here it is…



This handy structure is the perfect setting for our latest “Sampans” to moor alongside… at the same time it can also be used singly or in multiples to make a dockside scene for any of the naval vessels we are currently working on and about to release.

Constructed in mixed media of polystone and expanded polyurethane the structure measures length 15.25” (38cm), width 6” (15.5cm) and height 4.5” (11cm).

Have a look at some of our photos to see how useful it is with any kind of port display and diorama.





JUNE at K&C usually means… D.Day. And this month we’ve got something really special… a brand-new, never seen before, landing craft. It’s been a long time since we last ventured into these waters and it’s long overdue! So here it is…


A. DD107 “The LCA (Landing Craft Assault)”

This British designed and built LCA actually made up the bulk of the landing craft used to put infantry on the beaches on D. Day itself. All of the British and Canadians used these little craft as well as some of the American forces. Did you know that the US Rangers landing at Pointe du Hoc were ferried in by British LCA’s manned by Royal Navy crews?

To the best of my knowledge this is the first time such a unique landing craft has been released by any toy soldier/ military miniature company in 1:30 scale.

Our polystone and metal craft comes in typical two-tone British naval camouflage and is crewed by two Royal Navy matelots—one Cox’n and one Bren Gunner.

Its dimensions are: Length 16.5” (42cm) width 4.5” (11.75cm)


B. “What about the bloody infantry…?”

Well, a landing craft with no soldiers wouldn’t look very good, would it? So, we thought it might be a good idea to add a squad of British infantry and here they are… in action!


DD108 “Bren Gun Team”

This three-man section comprises… one standing Bren Gunner plus two riflemen.


DD109 “Medic & Wounded”

A tribute in miniature to the men who risked their lives to tend their wounded comrades often under fire. Here, a kneeling medic tries desperately to save a seriously wounded “Tommy”.


DD110 “Attacking!”

As one soldier sits wounded, another provides covering fire and the remaining “Tommy” runs forward.


DD111 “Moving Inland”

A lying prone Bren Gunner alongside a kneeling rifleman and an advancing “Tommy”.


SPECIAL NOTE: All of these first infantry releases are from the 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment of the British 3rd. Infantry Division that landed on Sword Beach on the morning of June 6, 1944.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: This is just the first part of a major two-part launch of British and Canadian forces that are being released in June and July of this year… more info next month.




C. “From France to the French…”

It’s a bit of a leap, historically speaking, from France in 1944 to France in 1806 but we’re going to making it anyway.

“Vive les Dragons a Pied!”

(“Long Live the Foot Dragoons!”)

For several years (1803-1806) Napoleon’s Armies suffered an amazing shortage of horses… This meant that some cavalry units and Regiments were forced to fight on foot. Perhaps the most famous were the Dragoons. Originally formed as mounted infantry the Emperor decreed that the Dragoons would be better suited to fight as dismounted soldiers than any of their cavalry compatriots.

Although they never liked losing their horses the Dragoons performed admirably in this new role for a limited period. After all, the Emperor’s orders were… the Emperor’s wishes! End of story…

K&C has produced no less than 15 different troopers of the famed 16th. Dragoons of the line. In their green tunics with rose pink facings only one of our figures is mounted the remainder are in marching, parade or action poses.

Take a closer look.


NA170 “Mounted Officer”


NA171 “Marching Drummer”


NA172 “Marching Officer w/ Sword”


NA173 “Marching w/ Rifle”


NA174 “Marching Set”


NA175 “Marching w/ Flag”


NA176 “Advancing Forward”


NA177 “Shouting Corporal”


NA178 “Standing Firing”


NA179 “Standing Ready”


NA180 “Ready to Repel”


NA181 “Standing Attention”


NA182 “Present Arms”


NA183 “Standing Officer”


Either individually or in multiples these new Dragoons provide extra colour and display opportunities for any serious Napoleonic collector.






AE004 “The Architects”

AE008 “Mummy Painter”

AE009 “Standing Guardsman”

AE010 “Marching Guardsman”



CW001 General Nathan Bedford Forest (Mtd.)”

CW003 “Stonewall Jackson (Mtd.)”

CW005 “Confederate Bugler”




DD070 “Lt. Col. Ben VANDERVOORT”



NA091 “French Cavalry – Officer”

NA092 “Chasseur Sergeant”

NA095 “Chasseur Trooper”



WS097 “Medic Evac Motorcycle Combo”



And so, another “DISPATHCES” goes by… we hope, as always, you’ll find something that pleases you and excites your customers.

Many thanks again for your continued support… loyalty… and business… All the very best!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director

King & Country