MARCH 2011


BY THE TIME you read this months DISPATCHES I will either be on my way to California and the WESTCOASTER or already fully ensconced at the Irvine Marriott busily unpacking boxes and setting up displays!


So, without further ado lets get down to business




Egypt and indeed the whole of the Middle East is in a state of flux at the moment so perhaps its just a coincidence that K&C is heading there at the same time



AE041 The Baker Set

A young baker tends his oven as he prepares to offer a selection of bread to his customers


AE042 Mother & Son

Visiting the market this mother and her young boy make their selection.


AE044 Fruit Seller Set

Surrounded by baskets of fresh fruit this woman offers a sample of her produce to a regular customer.


AE045 The Breadmaker

Another woman, perhaps the baker's wife prepares the dough ready for the oven.


Special Note: Look out for more Ancient Egyptian pieces in the next few months...


AVAILABLE: Early March


B). Sometime in 1945 Somewhere in Germany


The war is drawing to its inevitable end...Hitler's armies are in retreat everywhere... and the military situation is going from bad... to worse!  The last dwindling supply of reserves is being pushed into the frontline...



Weighing over 70tons this "behemoth" of a tank-killer was one of the last gasps of the once mighty German armaments industry. Mounting a massive 128mm gun less than 100 of these heavy metal monsters were actually produced. K&C's battle-weary version comes in a realistic two-colour, late war camouflage and is one of the "Henschel Production" models. It comes with 3 partial crew figures and is the largest, heaviest tank K&C has ever produced... it dwarfs even a King Tiger!


Special note: Just 750 of this special model are being produced.


WS181 Volksturm Old Man

In a desperate attempt to hold off the Allied Armies even this grandfather has been drafted into the "Volksturm".

Still wearing civilian clothes only his army 'ski cap', armband and weapons mark him down as a 'soldier'.


WS182 "Volksturm off to Battle"

Another 'old-timer' marches off... but at least he has a helmet, backpack and a uniform greatcoat!


WS183 "Tank Killer"

This veteran infantryman carries a bundle of deadly "Panzerfausts" (the cheap but effective German Rocket Propelled Grenade). His job is to help instruct and lead the "odds 'n' sods" of the Volksturm.


WS184 "Volksturm Heil Hitler"

Even at this late desperate stage of the war there were some Germans who still believed in the Fuhrer... another Volksturm "volunteer", still wearing his SA uniform salutes with one hand while clutching his Panzerfaust in the other.


WS185 "Panzerfaust Warriors"

The young and the old... a teenage "Hitlerjugend" member takes aim while his much older comrade gingerly "follows suit".


Special Note: This is just the first part of a double release of Volksturm troops... there's more coming!




C). Saracens & Scimitars

Back in February we had a select little group of Crusaders now in March it’s the turn of the opposition on camels for the very first time!


MK079 Mtd. Camel Archer firing down

MK080 Mtd. Camel Archer firing forward


MK081 Mtd. Camel Flagbearer

Superbly detailed and colourfully painted this magnificent flagbearer will have a unique place in any Saracen Collection.


MK082 Mtd. Camel Drummer

Another original piece that adds an extra dimension to these warriors of Saladin.




D). BERLIN 1938

Early in this release schedule we featured the "death-throws" of the Third Reich... Now we go further back to what the Nazis thought was their "golden era" before they set fire to the world... Berlin 1938...


LAH126 "The BDM Girls"

Two teenage girls from the "League of German Maidens"... the female equipment of the "Hitlerjugend".


LAH127 "German Red Cross Lady"

The Nazis took over virtually every organization in Germany after 1933... The German Red Cross was no exception!


LAH128 "German Nurse"


LAH129 "Old Veteran"

Still proudly wearing his campaign medals this retired old soldier gives the "Hitler" salute.


LAH130 "Hitlerjugend" (small)

LAH131 "Hitlerjugend" (medium)

LAH132 "Hitlerjugend" (tall)

 Three individual HJ boys ranging from 13 to 17 years of age... the elder being the "youth leader" of the group.




E). Display/Diorama Accessories

Three extremely useful display items that can help bring any diorama more alive...


SP040 "Sandbag Gun Position"

Two curved, adjoining sections of double sandbagged wall that can accommodate an artillery gun, a command post or even a parked fighting vehicle or tank.


SP041 "Sandbag Defense Line"

Two straight sections of double sandbags that can form a perimeter defense line and can adjoin the SP040 Gun Position.


SP042 "Oil Drums"

A useful and realistic add-on to any WW2 battlefield from North Africa to Europe and all points in between.




F). A Late Winter Surprise

This winterized model of the Polizei ADGZ Armoured Car was supposed to be available months ago but due to a packed production schedule we had to delay its release So apologies there.  We’ve added on two brand-new Winter Germans to accompany the vehicle.


This new set is a one-time release just 400 have been manufactured. First come, first served.


BBG043 Polizei ADGZ Armoured Car (Winter Version)

Set includes 2 infantry figures.





This April K&C is moving further into the Middle East and The North West (Frontier that is) in a big, big way…read on


A.     Napoleon in Egypt

For some time now K&C has wanted to do a Napoleonic range with a difference Now dont worry were not abandoning our existing series were just kind of extending part of it in a different directioninto the Middle East in general and Egypt in particular!


In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte launched an invasion of Egypt to extend French influence and power in that part of the Mediterranean and to block any overland access to India by the British.


At the same time Napoleon wanted to explore and investigate one of the worlds great ancient civilization. To help do that he brought, along with his army, a host of engineers, architects, historians, archaeologists and artists to record and research all aspects of Egypts amazing history and culture.


Relatively few toy soldier makers have ventured into Napoleons ill-fated Egyptian adventure until now And so K&C has Another reason for doing this is that K&C has already developed a broad and growing series of Middle Eastern-themed series that utilize some excellent display accessories Among them our existing Ancient Egypt Desert Villageand even our Life of Jesus.


Napoleon in Egypt seems to us like a very natural and fascinating addition. We hope you agree


NE001 Napoleon on Camel

Inspired by the famous painting by renowned Orientalist painter Jean-Leon Gerome this mounted Bonaparte shields his eyes from the blazing sun as he gazes upon the ruined wonders of an ancient civilization.


NE002 Arab Guide

Even back in the late eighteenth century there were always local people who were only too happy (for a fee) to show the foreign visitors around!


NE003 Flagbearer    

Clutching his regimental banner in one hand and his sabre in the other this subaltern accompanies his General.


NE006 Drinking Soldier

Amidst the sweltering desert heat this young French soldier gulps down a flask full of water or is it wine?


NE008 Kneeling Soldier

Another soldier kneels down to study an ancient stone tablet with some strange signs carved on it.


NE010 The Artist & The Dragoon

A military artist sits and draws some of the amazing structures before him A standing Dragoon, shaded by an umbrella, observes the artist at work.


NE012 Temple Ruins

Two handsomely carved stone pillars support a piece of an ancient carved keystone.


Special Note: Additional Napoleon in Egypt pieces have already been prepared to be released later in the year.

AVAILABLE: Early April



Were staying in North Africa for our next release…just moving almost 150 years later and into the Second World War.


Here is our second release of Italian Forces this time in action!


IF013 The Italian War Monument

Erected on the border of Libya (then an Italian Colony) and Egypt (on Mussolinis orders) this striking structure was built originally to celebrate Italys victory over the British. Unfortunately (for the Italians) it proved to be more a monument to Mussolinis folly in getting embroiled in WW2.


IF014 The Carro Armato M13/40 Tank

This medium Italian tank was a familiar sight on North Africas battlefields between 1940 and 1943.


It was utilized by the Italian Forces (as in this version) and also by the Australians and on a few occasions even by Rommels Afrika Korps. Its also part of K&Cs SERIES 250 with 3 different versions being releasedItalian, Aussie and Afrika Korps.


This Italian version comes with its own vehicle commander.


IF015 Officer with Binos

This particular officer belongs to the Trieste Motorised Division attached to the 10th Bersaglieri Regiment.


IF016 Sergeant with Sub Machine Gun

This Bersaglieri NCO is armed with the iconic Beretta sub machine gun.


IF017 Corporal

This attacking NCO is gesturing to his men to follow him.


IF018 Grenadier

IF019 Firing Rifle


IF020 Machine Gunner

This lying prone machine gunner has been fortunate to be using the German MG34, one of the best weapons in the Axis arsenal.


IF021 Kneeling with Rifle

IF022 Lying Prone with Rifle


Special Note: Figures IF016 to IF022 inclusive are all from the 10th. Bersaglieri Regiment one of the best fighting units in the Italian Army. They are dressed in the typical Mixed Rig of tropical khaki uniforms with traditional gray/green tunics. All of them wear the Italian sun helmet with black cockerel feathers a distinct regimental feature of all Bersaglieri Regiments.



AVAILABLE: Mid to Late April



During the fighting in Libya in 1941 the 6th. Australian Cavalry Regiment captured a number of Italian tanks (including M13/40s), which were taken over by Australian troopers and fought against their former owners.


To help identify these hybrid creatures large white kangaroos were painted on the hulls and turrets.


EA059 The Carro Armato M13/40

Aussie version complete with Australian tank commander.


EA060 Aussie Sign Painter

Aussie soldiers have always been happy to leave a little sign for the enemy to see what they’re up against.


Here’s a nice little add-on to EA059.


AVAILABLE: Mid to Late April


AK075 Carro Armato M13/40 Afrika Korps Version

The final version of the M13/40 from this Series 250 group is the Afirka Korps version Although all German forces usually much preferred their own weapons and vehicles in North Africa, because of constant lack of resupply, Rommel’s men made much use of both captured Allied fighting vehicles and, on occasion, Italian This particular M13/40 comes with an AK commander and carrying German recognition signs.





From the Middle East we go further East to India to be exact to the North West Frontier of India in the late 19th. Century the high noon of empire and one of its most troublesome spots The Khyber Pass!


At this time (and even today) this was a lawless, dangerous place especially if you wore a red coat!!!


For K&Cs second foray into the Sons of the Empire we have selected one of its most famous infantry regiments the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs. Its also a Regiment we featured over 20 years ago. Now, were returning with the first five figures of what promises to be a very exciting and colourful range within a range.





And heres a little surprise these new figures will be available in a choice of either MATT or TRADITIONAL GLOSS paint finish.


Why you might ask?


Well, in our humble opinion, it just seemed to suit the subject matter which has echoes of the traditional toy soldier but with a lot more detail in both the sculpting and the painting



SOE004 L.S.R. Standing at Attention

 SOE010 L.S.R. Drummer with Bugle

SOE011 L.S.R. Native Officer Saluting


SOE012 L.S.R. Mounted British Officer

Although all Indian Army Regiments had a mix of both British and Indian Officers All Colonials, Second-in-commanders, Adjutants and Squadron or Company Commanders remained British.


Our mounted British officer is a Major (in charge of a Rifle Company).


SOE014 L.S.R. Queens Colour Flagbearer


Special Note: As you will see from the missing numbers more figures will be released during several months later this year. Photos of all this year’s Ludhianas appear in the latest COLLECTOR.






At this year’s WestCoaster from 4-6 March we will be previewing our latest K&C Warbird The P-47 Thunderbolt which will be available this MAY So, we thought it’s only fair to share it with you guys!


AF012 The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

This is the biggest and heaviest K&C Warbird yet which is only fair because that’s exactly what the Jug was in real life the biggest, heaviest and meanest single engine fighter plane of WW2.


Our K&C model belongs to the 6th. Emergency Rescue Squadron of the 8th. Air Force and was based at RAF Bases in Southern England. As with all Allied aircraft during and just after D.Day it sports the highly visible black and white invasion stripes.


It comes with gear fixed down and pilot in the cockpit. Its colourful markings make it a great and historic addition to any aircraft collection.


Please note just 500 are being produced!






Not too many, as you can see, but definitely worth grabbing



DD093 The Classic Sherman


8th ARMY

EA029 The Crusader Tank



FOB040 Austin K2 Ambulance




And that my friends is that at least for another month.


Best wishes and happy collecting!




Andy C. Neilson


Co-Founder & Creative Director


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