Now it’s August and the run-up to the Chicago Show is upon us in just 7 weeks!  However, as usual, before all of that… there’s all of this


1.          Appearing In August…

A.    “More Classic Wehrmacht Reinforcements”

As most of you know this past year has seen a wealth of “classic” German WWII infantry in traditional “feldgrau” which are perfect for the early-mid war years.  Campaigns such as the Blitzkrieg of France and the Low Countries and “Operation Barbarossa” (the invasion of Soviet Russia) are the historical periods in which to set these figures and the many field grey vehicles K&C has produced to go along with them. Now, we’re adding a little something more…


WS229    “Sd.Kfz.10 Ausf.B Demag

        This medium-sized half track was one of the “workhorse” vehicles of the German Army during WW2.  Our field grey version comes with a driver and a detachable canopy allowing collectors to add extra figures and/or supplies inside.


WS231    Demag Passengers”

        Two more “classicWehrmacht infantrymen who fit easily into WS229 or perhaps other German vehicles.


WS232    “Pointing German MP”

        “Schmeisser” machine pistol in one hand this “chained-dog” points the direction with the other.


AVAILABLE :       Mid August


B.         “Preparing For D. Day”

DD189    “Valentine Mk. III Tank”

This third and final version of the K&C “Valentine” tank is in the markings of the British 11th. Armored Division.

Formed in 1941, the division was kept in the U.K. for home defense but eventually landed on Juno Beach on D.DAY + 7.  Thereafter it took part in the liberation of France before capturing the Belgian port city of Antwerp.  From Belgium it moved into Holland.  In March 1945 it crossed the Rhine and captured the German city of Lubeck before uncovering the horror of the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen.

       Our 11th.Armoured “Valentine” belongs to the 3/5 Royal Tank Regiment and appears as it would have in the months leading up to D.Day.

       A half-body tank commander figure is included.


AVAILABLE        :       Mid August


C.         “Fighting Napoleon”

From Britons fighting the Nazis in the 20th. Century to Britons fighting Napoleon’s armies in the 19th.Century…


NA256   “Duke of Wellington”

        A brand-new figure of the “Iron Duke” mounted on his horse “Copenhagen” viewing the enemy in the distance.  As his horse contentedly chews some grass, Wellington is already pondering his next move…


NA257    “Major General Pakenham

        This mounted senior officer is wearing the traditional cocked hat and simple “undress” uniform.  He commanded the British 3rd. Division at the Battle of Salamanca in 1812 during the Peninsula War.


NA258    “Lieut. General Stapleton Cotton”

        In 1812 Cotton commanded the Cavalry Division during the Peninsula Campaign.  He was well-known for his “splendid appearance” as a general officer of Hussars.  Our figure shows him pointing out to Wellington some enemy movement.


        From the higher echelons of the General Staff we move forward to a brand-new British cavalry regiment…in action – The 2nd. Life Guards.  It’s been too long since our last British Napoleonic cavalry…The Scots Greys (or if you prefer the 2nd. North British Dragoons), so now we’re making amends…


NA259    “Officer Charging”

        Sword held aloft this officer leads his troopers towards death…or glory.


NA260    “Charging Bugler”

        Atop his white charger this bugler/trumpeter sounds the “Charge!”


NA261    Guidon Bearer”

        Carrying the regimental guidon this man prepares to charge forward.


NA262    “Charging w/ Sword Down”

        Horse at the full gallop this trooper, in classic pose, is ready to meet the enemy.


NA263    “Charging w/ Sword to the Rear”


NA264    “Charging w/ Sword Forward”


AVAILABLE :       Mid August


D.        “Streets of Old Hong Kong”

More useful and colourful additions to this long-running series…


HK207    “Big Sister/ Little Brother”

        In the days before universal schooling young girls major priority in Chinese households was to help look after and care for their younger siblings.

        This young girl is doing just that!


HK211    “Tea Maid”

        At any hour of the day or night there is always room for a cup of tea.


HK216    “Mother & Child”

        As the mother gathers some fruit her young daughter wants some attention…


HK218    “Moon Gate Row”

        Several years ago we produced a small version of a typical 19th. Century row of Chinese shop houses. Now long retired.

        Here is the first of two redesigned, upgraded and upscaled versions for SOOHK enthusiasts!


HK219    “Red Gate Terrace”

       The second new terrace house…these two pieces can be joined to create a wealth of different layouts and configurations…we make the buildings – you have the fun!

AVAILABLE        :       Mid-Late August



E.         “Return to Normandy”

It’s the morning of D.Day…June 6 1944…Spread over Normandy are two American airborne divisions…the famous 101st. “The Screaming Eagles” and…the 82nd. “All-American”.

The men of both divisions have been scattered all over the Norman countryside and have to get together to harass the enemy and complete their allotted tasks…

K&C’s latest U.S. airborne comprise 12 individual figures from the two divisions.  All are carrying a mix of weapons and ready to perform a variety of battlefield tasks…


DD211    Kneeling Officer w/Map”

              This “101st.” Officer is wondering “Where the hell are we?”


        DD212    “The Scout”

An 82nd. trooper signals his men to halt…Has he seen some enemy activity?


DD213   “Kneeling Ready”

M1 Garand in one hand this 101st paratrooper crouches down on one knee.


DD214   “Kneeling Aiming Carbine”

As his buddies take cover this 82nd. trooper brings his M1 Carbine up to the shoulder.


DD215   “Lying Prone BAR Man”

       An 82nd. “BAR” gunner prepares to give covering fire.


DD216   “Cautiously Advancing”

       Glancing from side to side and careful not to make too much noise this 82nd. rifleman edges forward.


DD217   “Bayonet Fixed”

       This 101st. Para is taking no chances…


DD218   “Tommy-Gunner”

       Another 82nd. trooper calls out as he moves forward…his Thompson at the ready.


DD219   “Walking Rifleman”

       101st. Airborne


DD220   “Officer w/Carbine

       A carbine-carrying 82nd officer.


DD221   “Walking B.A.R. Gunner”

       “82nd.” Airborne


DD222   “Para Radioman”

       This 82nd. Radioman is trying to make contact with any other units in the vicinity.


AVAILABLE        :       Mid-Late August


F.         “Cool, Clear Water”

A fixture of any old European town was the public water fountain…


SP057    “The Corner Fountain”

       This little corner piece fits neatly into any corner space created by joining two of our facades or buildings at right angles.


AVAILABLE        :       Mid-Late August


G.        “Arab Ambush”

One of the most striking scenes of David Lean’s epic “Lawrence of Arabia” was when Lawrence and his Arab irregulars attacked a Turkish train.

With these new dismounted Arab warriors in full fighting mode you can attack a traina Turkish blockhouseor even a Foreign Legion Fort – they are that flexible… and the choice is yours.

Dressed in a colourful and authentic mix of typical Arab clothing we have 5 different dismounted Bedouin warriors and 1 sole British Military advisor.


LOA005                “Arab Standing Firing”

       This Bedouin has acquired a German Mauser rifle from somewhere (or someone) and is putting it to good use.


LOA006                Sitting Arab Firing”

       A favorite weapon of the Bedouin was the British .303 Lee Enfield.


LOA007                “Lying Prone Arab”

       Another Lee Enfield user…


LOA008                “Arab Machine Gunner”

       Sitting behind his British – supplied .303 Vickers Heavy Machine Gun.


LOA009                “Major Garland”

       Contrary to both movie and myth the Arab armies were supplied with more British Military Advisors than just T.E. Lawrence. Garland, for practical reasons, has adopted traditional Bedouin head dress.


LOA010                “Arab Loading Rifle”

       This fierce some looking warrior is chambering another round into his rifle.


AVAILABLE        :       Late August/Early September


       And that my friends is that except of course for our usual retirement list which has more than a few “goodies” for you to choose from…


2.          “BEING RETIRED”


The Kaiser


Officer w/Flag


Marching Rifleman


Standing Rifleman


Standing Officer


Private Hitler


Standing Firing Rifleman


Kneeling Firing Rifleman


Charging w/ Rifle & Bayonet


Officer w/ Pistol


German Machine Gun Set


Standing Loading Rifle


Kneeling Loading Rifle


Marching Officer w/ sword


Marching Officer w/ Flag


Marching Airman w/ Rifle


Standing Airman presenting arms


Standing Officer Saluting


Standing Airman w/ Rifle


Walking Officer


Standing at Attention


Luftwaffe General


Major Gunther Rall


Section Leader


Machine Gun Team


Panzerschrek Team


Kneeling Officer


Attack Set


Advancing Set


Lying Firing Rifleman


Luftwaffe Ground Crew


Galland’s Crew Chief


Hitlerjugend Panther Ausf. A




    Many thanks once more for your continued support!


                                                                        Andy C. Neilson

                                                                Co-founder & Creative Director

                                                                        King & Country